Friday 10 November 2017

ToroDev hold a rural radio debate in Kikuba village Kakabara sub county Kyegegwa district to capture Women and Youths concerns on the state of service delivery in Health, Education and Roads.

On 27th/9/ 2017 ToroDev held a rural radio debate/magazine in Kikuba village Kabara Sub County in Kyegegwa district to capture women and youth concerns on the status of Health, Education, water, roads operation wealth program among others.
The magazine/debate was conducted by ToroDev staff and Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred, the moderator of Listeners’ Forum’ on Jubilee Fm. The debate was attended by 55 women and their voices recorded by listener’s forum program moderator Mr.Mukonyezi Wilfred and amplified live on Jubilee Fm during Listeners forum program that is supported by ToroDev on  5th  November, 2017 for leader’s intervention. 

“We do not have clean water in Kikuba, village we request government to work hand in hand with duty bearers to construct for us at least one Borehole”. Said Doreen from Kikuba during the rural debate.
Doreen further added we walk long distances to access health centre in Kakabara and Rwibale which is too costly for us. We request the government to put in place government aided health centre.
“We have increased land wrangles in Kikuba due to the National forest Authority that has chased a big number of citizens from their land; a big number of citizens are now homeless. We request the government to support sub county land committees to solve this problem” Said Kyalimpa Janet from Kikuba during the rural debate.

Program modoretor Mr.Mukonyezi wilfred engaging with women of Kikuba during the rural radio debate.
She added that the education system is alarming due to increased number of school dropout, for example there are inadequate class rooms and desks in Kikuba primary school
“We formed women groups at sub county levels to support each other, but the bigger challenge is we have never benefited from government programs since most of us we lost our husbands, we request the district to consider our groups when support is released by Wealth Creation program”. Said Provia Nsemerwe during the rural debate in Kikuba.
“Our education system is not doing well due to limited number of professional teachers and especially in Kikuba primary school and our children  walk long distances to access secondary education which has caused an increase in  school drop outs, we request duty bearers  to work hand in hand with the government and the community  leaders to lobby for a secondary school Said Tumusime during the rural radio debate in Kikuba.
Participants in a group photo during  the rural radio debate/magazine in Kikuba.
“In Kikuba village we have failed to benefit in operation wealth creation due to poor quality seeds supplied after the season has ended this does not benefit the farmers much because whatever is harvested is consumed at household level, it does not generate income”. Said Monica Kabayonjo from Kikuba.  
During the program listeners also participated in live radio discussion and reacted on the amplified voices from the people of Kikuba village through calls in and the following were their comments:
“The government should improve on service delivery in water, education and road sectors in villages” Said Tumusime a caller from Kibito.
“Duty bearers should work for the people and use their powers and knowledge to lobby for support from NGOs to improve service”. Said David a caller from Mpara sub county Kyegegwa district. 

“Kyegegwa duty bearers have failed to play their roles well and this has increased underperforming sectors such as Education, Health and Roads among others”. Said Potinanta  a caller from Kyegegwa district.
We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA & all our partners for the financial and technical support.

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