Thursday 30 March 2017

ToroDev in Partnership with Rwenzori Journalist Forum held a one day knowledge sharing workshop with the Rwenzori journalists on post election reporting and broadcasting on 23rd March,2017.

ToroDev in partnership with Rwenzori Journalist forum organized a one day knowledge sharing workshop on 23rd March, 2017 where 22 journalists mainly news editors and print reporters and reporters from the 14 local radio stations located in the 4 districts of Kabarole, Bundibugyo, Kamwenge and Kasese with others from different print and electronic media (New Vision, Daily Monitor, TV etc) attended the workshop.

The main objective of the training was to refresh journalists (news reporters,  news editors and print reporters) with the basic skills that will enable them  do their  watch-dog role in a professional way during post elections period. Also  to empower  and orient journalists with the requisite skills on how they can  report issues in a professional way especially during post election period, code of conduct, their roles and responsibilities and peace, conflict and development reporting  policies on health , education  etc aiming at improved service delivery etc.

Media  plays a vital role in providing information to people, media educates the public on public information and many citizen rely on information provided by media, so as ToroDev we want journalists to have a value in improving service delivery, we ensure development of communities and we are going to critically evaluate the role played by the journalists who have  attended the workshop, we shall form cluster to see how best we can  monitor services for improved service delivery.” Said Johnstone Baguma ED ToroDev.
ED ToroDev Mr. Baguma K. Johnstone giving his opening remarks during the workshop
Johnstone added I thank all journalists for the work done in engaging leaders to give accountability on different radio station ,however I call upon all journalists with in our region to use their professionalism to lobby and advocate for better services in various sectors .

This workshop aims at equipping you to clearly identify important issues that we need to concentrate on during the Post election period, especially code of conduct, developmental reporting, peace and conflicts reporting and how best to engage duty bearers to  fulfill in the pledges they make during radio discussions”. Said Mr. Tumwine Henry the facilitator of the workshop.
Mr. Tumwine Henry sharing with journalists during the workshop.
“During this period journalists should not insight violence among the citizens, especially in Kasese and Bundibugyo, we should promote peace not violence, we should write articles to encourage tribes to respect and love one another, so journalists mind what you report”. Said Miss Enid Ninsiima the facilitator during the workshop
Miss Enid Ninsiima  sharing sharing with journalist during the workshop.
“We appreciate ToroDev for taking us through some of the policies that are key in our daily work, we have knowledge and we hope to share and educate the policies for them also to understand them”. Said   Musimenta Kenneth from Jubilee fm

“We get political issues but same times we are stopped to follow them up due to fear to be harassed by the leader involved”. Said Ruth Katusabe reporter NTV.

“Same journalist are money minded and this has affected much  of this profession , they report issues according to who has called them for the story and how much  the work is played, but we thank ToroDev for this workshops we hope to change and improve in our professional work.” Said  Baguma Tobias fisher a reporter  voice of Toro.”

Honorable Rwabuhinga Richard LCV chairperson Kabarole district  while giving  closing remarks at the workshop he thanked ToroDev for the support and equipping knowledge  the journalists with knowledge  in peace and conflict reporting, developmental reporting , code and conducts and I believe our journalists are more informed now. Kindly go and practice what u have learnt today and develop our region, ToroDev thank you for supporting the Government of Uganda
Hon.Richard Rwabuhinga giving final remarks during the workshop.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all other development partners for the financial and technical support to run these programs.

Wednesday 29 March 2017

The role of Lower local Councils towards improving service delivery in communities

Uganda last held LC 1’s & 11’s elections in 2001 meaning it is over 15 years now Uganda has failed to conduct elections of LC 1’s & 11’s despite their role in the community. This is something that depicts the country’s democratic levels yet these people play big roles towards mobilization of our communities towards development.

These were words from Ms Nyaakato Rusoke the regional chairperson for the Forum for the Democratic Change (FDC) when she was hosted alongside the executive director Toro Development Network Johnstone Baguma Kumaraki, Haruna Kibirango the Kabarole district Democratic Party (DP) chairperson & Robert the FDC secretary for Kabarole district. The panelists were hosted to debate on the topic; Postponement of LC 1 & 11 elections in Uganda, what are the challenges?. They were hosted on 24th March 2017 at Hits Fm during the ToroDev supported ‘Orukurato’ program that is aired live every Saturday 8:00- 10:00pm.

LCI and LCII chairpersons play a vital role in our country and communities by engaging in different activities like settling grievances of land, domestic violence, theft, community roads maintenance and many others that contribute to enabling peace and development hence improving service delivery. Said Johnstone Baguma Kumaraki.

We know community leaders as people who mobilize communities for various development activities and now that we do not have legal leaders at village and parish level, the leadership is weakened and something needs to be done to increase participation of citizens in development of their communities. Said Haruna Kibirango, the Democratic Party chairperson Kabarole district.

There is need for a collective voice from the citizens of this country to put the issue of LC elections to the attention of members of parliament for it to be recognized as a vital issue in this country. The government is giving excuses of nit having money to carry out the exercise yet if they can allow the lining behind of the candidate, it can reduce costs involved in conducting the exercise and also avoiding unnecessary exercises which the government is spending on despite other important ventures like holding LC elections, added Ms Nyakato Rusoke.

The two hours live discussion attracted callers from the seven districts of Rwenzori region and over 50 called in; ‘’How can the government plan for people at ground level when they don’t have leaders at community level?’’, asked Yasin from Kamwenge district, ‘’ if the government is aiming at improving services at village level then  LC I and LCII election should be conducted ” , said Mr. Businge John a caller from Busoro in Kabarole district, ‘’village leadership is important for security of community members & development we request the government to do whatever it takes to hold these elections’’, said Margret Kisembo a caller from Ntoroko district, ‘’People should put pressure  on their leaders so that elections can be conducted and this will play a role towards development & improved service delivery at community level’’, said Monday  a caller from Kyenjojo district.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all our development partners for the financial & technical support.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

ToroDev held capacity building of newly elected district councilors in Kyenjojo district

The induction/capacity building training took place at Kyenjojo district council chambers on 9th & 10th March, 2017 and was facilitated by a consultancy firm; local government consulting group an arm of Uganda local government Association (ULGA) based in Entebbe, Uganda. The induction training targeted all district councilors from the 20 sub counties (including town councils) of Kyenjojo district and thirty four councilors attended the 2 days training where 12 were female while 22 were male.

 David Kugonza  on behalf of Torodev while giving the objectives of the induction training said; as an organization we have held a number of meetings with the district speaker, clerk to council & some councilors to understand better the gap that exist in the work o councilors and now we are here to bridge that gap. We want to support the councilors to perform their roles well especially on their legislative roles which seem to be major in council. ‘’We desire to see politicians working closely with the technical team in representation & legislation, planning & budget processes, monitoring government programs, advocacy, all aimed at improving service delivery for our people in communities’’, said David Kugonza Documentation & Communications officer, ToroDev

David Kugonza sharing the objectives of the training 
The deputy chief administrative officer Kyenjojo district Madam Enid Kajumba while officially opening the training on behalf of the Chief Administrative Officer commended ToroDev for the services in the district like facilitating the functionality of the district e-society centre something that has increased access to information and communication, inducted school management committees & PTA members, facilitated the recent district budget conference, initiated the CSO’s-District forum meetings where we meet quarterly plan & budget together on addition to discussing service delivery issues in the district, and now building capacity of newly elected district councillors. ‘’ we very much appreciate your efforts to support government programs and Kyenjojo district local government in particular and we also pledge to work with you at any time you need us’’, said Enid Kobugabe the deputy chief administrative officer Kyenjojo district. Enid urged participants to apply the knowledge and skills they acquire to improve services in communities before opening the 2 days capacity building/ induction training.

Enid Kobugabe Deputy CAO Kyenjojo giving opening remarks
Mr. Norman Birungi the main facilitator together with Mr. Orono Francis Xavier took the participants in a number of topics that were not limited to; decentralization, roles of councilors, leadership code of conduct, council rules & procedures, legislation development & management, planning & budgeting, legal drafting of bye-laws, lobbying & advocacy, monitoring & evaluation, communication and ToroDev’s David Kugonza shared the role of ICT in improving service delivery. The honorable members were urged to support the use of ICT platforms like internet, radios, twitter, facebook, whatsapp to reach their people and also communicate their plans as well as giving accountability to the electorates. Also they were advised to have facebook & whatsapp group pages to monitor government programs & services in communities hence easing communication amongst themselves especially those that use smart phones.
Norman Birungi a facilitator during the training

Francis Orono a facilitator during a session

‘’ We thank ToroDev for the knowledge & skills, I do observe that  we have been doing things the wrong way especially in implementation processes and our roles as councilors, from today we are going to do things the right way as we aim at improving services to our people’’, said Enock Kaahwa district male youth councilor representing Nyantungo Sub county.

‘’As a district chairperson I thank ToroDev for the detailed training to our councilors and also realize that since they are the voice & key people in development the fact that they represent all categories of people , iam sure the skills acquired will help them in lobbying, planning, monitoring and to legislate professionally to improve services in communities’’, said Mr. Kaija William
Mr. Kaija William the district chairperson sharing with participants during the training

Some of the trained district councilors in a group photo after the 2 days training

‘This training has helped us to understand our roles and responsibilities and also  what to do in the council especially in the standing committees, we promise to use the skills  to plan, lobby & advocate for improve service delivery’’,  Said honorable Jane Ahaisibwe councilor representing Butiiti Sub county.

The district speaker Hon. Ronald Karamagi while closing the 2 days training appreciated ToroDev for extending such important knowledge& skills to the councilors of Kyenjojo. He said a lot has been learnt in these 2 days and further acknowledged that to some extent they have been doing things the wrong way especially while conducting council sessions which will not be repeated with effect from today. He called upon other civil society organizations with a motive of developing communities like ToroDev to come and support to fill the gap that exist in other sectors.

We are grateful to all our development partners SIDA, NED, SPIDER,  ICT4DEM, CIPESA & Kyenjojo district local government for the financial and technical support