Wednesday 18 October 2017

Women, Youth and Duty Bearers from Kanyamukura village, Rwebisengo sub county, Ntoroko District attended a rural radio debate/magazine.

ToroDev held a rural radio debate/magazine in Kanyamukura village Ntoroko district to capture women and youth concerns on the state of service delivery in their area especially on Roads,Water, Health, and Education among others.

The views from Kanyamukura were amplified on 15th October 2017 on ToroDev supported weekly program “Listener’s Forum” that is aired live every Sunday starting from 8:00-10pm on jubilee FM a local radio station found in Kabarole district for leader’s intervention.

“The following were the key issues raised by the concerned citizens of Kanyamukura Village.
”Our roads are  impassable, slippery and they flood during rainy seasons, we have encountered this problem for many years but our elected leaders have not done a lot to lobby for the construction of the main road that connects to the town council.We request our elected leaders to consider this road in the next financial year”. Said Kabatuuku Jamimah a citizen of Kanyamukura Village.

Jamimah further said due to the nature of the roads pregnant mothers have suffered a lot when the due time reaches, some women have restored to avoid going for antenatal check ups and some have even refused to deliver in health centre’s because the roads can’t allow them to move freely to access services. We request the district to work on this road.

“We raised concerns as community members on the issues of Rebisengo to Kanyamukura road we wrote to the district duty bearers but they have failed to help us on that issue as leaders at a lower level we can’t do anything now other than waiting and reminding the leaders all the time” Said Kyomuhendo A LC1 chairperson Kanyamukura 2 in Rwebisengo.
Women,youth and leader who attended the Rural Radio Debate in Kanyamukura Ntoroko district
Leaders promised to work on Kacwankuna  road during the  last campaigns but up to now it’s in a sorry state which is even a problem to farmers .We request duty bearers to come back on ground and give accountability,” Said Kato Robert during the rural debate in Ntoroko district.

“The only primary school we have in Kanyamukura village has only  four class from 1-4 classes and after P.4 children walk long distances to access education in Rwebisengo town council which is a challenge to our children and this has resulted into high dropouts of both girls and boys who can’t afford to move to town council to access other classes on this note we request duty bearers and DEO Ntoroko district to lobby  for a better primary schools with all classes in this village”. Said Mutegeki Ronald.

“We don’t have any secondary school in Kanyamukura village student’s move 30km to access secondary school which is very costly. We request government to construct a secondary school in our area to solve school dropout challenges within our area”. Said Sight Tagga during the rural radio debate.
 A youth from Kanyamukura sharing  his views to the program moderator.
“Kanyamukura primary school the structures are badly off and they have cracks.We request district education department to work hand in hand with the head teacher to overcome this challenge.”Said Pastor Benjamin. 

“We don’t have a health centre in Kanyamukura village we walk long distances to access health services in Rwebisengo health centre IV. We request our duty bearers to lobby for a health centre in our village to allow patients’ access services nearer”,Said Kiiza penenna during the rural radio debate.
“In Rwebisengo health centre IV we don’t have an ambulance we request duty bearers and health department to lobby for an ambulance such that health services can be improved”. Said Misaki Jackson from Kanyamukura.

Jackson added that we have formed groups but we have failed to benefit from government programs like operation wealth creation and youth livelihood.We request sub county chief and community development officer to come on ground and teach people such that they can also benefit in these programs.

“We don’t have clean water in Butungama we are sharing water with animals. We request the government and water engineer Ntoroko to lobby for piped water and repair our boreholes”. Said Bugoge Ezra during the rural radio debate.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all our partners for the financial and technical support. 

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