Friday 22 June 2012

Listeners Forum radio program help fix Ntoroko District Road

On Sunday 3rd June, 2012, local citizens from Ntoroko district appeared on the ‘the listener’s forum’ radio program on Better FM in Fort Portal to highlight the issues affecting their district in-terms of service delivery.

The Listeners Forum radio program is held every Sunday (08:00 – 10:00pm) on Better FM radio. It is sponsored by ToroDev and is aimed at improving accountability from local leaders for improved service delivery in the Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda. 

Ntoroko District Chairperson (Right) and ToroDev Staff (Left) during the talkshow
The local citizens from Ntoroko District who appeared on the Talkshow to discuss, “Good Governance and Service Delivery in Rwenzori Region; A case of Ntoroko District,” included Mirembe Amos, Rusoke Julius, Balinda Moses and Muntu.

The issues which were raised on the live talkshow included the poor state of the health sector in the district with limited medical staff, poor management of the Ntoroko fishing site, favoritism in the recruitment of the district staff, no electricity connection despite electricity lines passing through their district and the poor state of the roads. 

However, according to Byaruhanga Sight, one of the listeners of the radio program, who is also a local resident of Ntoroko district, the issue which raised most resentment from the district leadership was the Rwebisengo – Rwangara road which was responsible for the high road accident deaths due to many potholes. 

Byaruhanga while sharing his experiences on the impact of the ‘Listener Forum’ radio program during a one day evaluation workshop for the radio program held at St. Josephs Inn in Fort Portal on 21st June, 2012 indicated that there was a lot of concern on the road because it’s a lifeline of the district economy since it connects to the two Vandals (cattle markets) of Nyakasenyi and Kyabukunguru.

According to Byaruhanga, the NtoroKo District Chairperson fixed the potholes before the cattle market day which is always there on Thursdays of every week to avert a possible demonstration based on the comments of the participants on the radio program. At the end of every radio program, 30 minutes are always dedicated to the listeners to participate in the discussions through call-ins and SMS.

The Ntoroko District Chairperson also appeared on the same Radio Program on 10th June, 2012 to give accountability and clarify on the issues raised by local citizens in the previous radio program.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Corruption and Ignorance badly affecting the delivery of government services in Kabarole District, Western Uganda.

Toro Development Network (ToroDev) runs a live radio talkshow on Better FM radio, in Fort Portal. The live talkshow discusses issues of public accountability for improved service delivery in the seven districts of Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda. 

The radio talkshow is called “The Listener’s Forum” and runs every Sunday (08:00 to 10:00pm) for one year (January to December, 2012).

During the talkshow, local citizens participate through call-ins, SMS and live participation on the talkshow to demand accountability from their local leaders. Local leaders also participate on the live talkshow to give accountability to the local citizens.

Before, we call in local leaders to clarify on some of the issues on the live talkshow raised by the local citizens; we conduct a research to prove the claims of the local citizens.

Many times we have conducted our research, the state of service delivery in Rwenzori Region districts like in many other parts of Uganda is appalling simply because people are still ignorant with no skills and knowledge to demand accountability from their local leaders and also monitor public services. There are also high levels of corruption among public servants and political leaders leading to shoddy work.

The photos below show the state of service delivery in Kabarole district Sub-Counties of Hakibaale and Mugusu. 

Local Leaders from Kijura Sub-County Participating on the Listeners Forum Radio Program