Wednesday 31 May 2017

ToroDev Held Rural Radio Debate/Magazine in Nyantaboma parish Harugongo Sub County Kabarole District to record voices of women, youth and leaders focusing mainly on Health,Water,Education and Economic Development.

On 30th, May, 2017 ToroDev held rural radio magazine/debate in Nyantaboma parish  Harugongo sub county Kabarole districts to capture issues and concerns of rural women, youths and Duty bearers from hard to reach areas of Kyemengo,Bulyambuzi,Nyabukara,Nyabira and other villages surrounding Harugongo sub county Kabarole district
The main objective of holding rural radio magazine/debates is to capture the voices of rural women and youth in hard to reach communities and later their voices/ concerns to be amplified on jubilee radio for the attention of duty bearers to respond.
Concerns from 58 people 38 women, 18 youths and 2 duty bearers were recorded by talkshow moderator Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred and their voices will be amplified live on 4th June 2017 on Jubilee Fm during listener’s forum program that is sponsored by ToroDev that starts from 8:00-10:00pm every Sunday.
Shiela Amanya of ToroDev talking to Women before the start of the Rural Radio Magazine/debate in Nyantabooma
“We don’t have government aided primary school in Nyantaboma the one we have is at the sub county which is like 7 kilometers from Nyantaboma and its serving the whole sub county. We request the government to support education sector in Nyantaboma by constructing one secondary school and primary school because we can’t afford to pay school frees in privet schools. Said Aliganyira Jane from Nyantaboma Harugongo sub county Kabarole district.

Jane added that in Nyantaboma we lack water, people are drinking dirty water which is unhealthy to their lives and we have one borehole serving all villages around Nyantaboma which is a weakness in district water department. We request water Engineer to work on this issue of water that is affecting people especially women and children.

“The roads are in bad conditions especially from Nyantaboma to Harugongo and Nyantaboma to Nyabukara because of the lorries that come for lime stones which makes them impassable especially during rainy season and they develop potholes and this makes children suffer when accessing schools while using motorcycles and even accessing  health centres and also marketing of our produce. Said Katusabe Safinah, Kyemengo Harugongo Sub County.

“In Nyantaboma health centre III nurses report late and leave early and they don’t attend to patients and yet they stay around and we also have a problem of shortage of drugs and water which is affecting health services in our area, We request our leaders to lobby and improve infrastructures in the health centers more especially water which can help in women ward, “said Nyangoma Robina.
Participants during the rural radio magazine in Nyantabooma sharing with Jubilee radio moderator, Wilfred Mukonyezi 
“We have failed to benefit in operation wealth creation programs they release seeds late and people are not informed on time to pick them at the sub county and this affects famers who plant them and end up not benefiting. We request program coordinators at sub county levels to inform people on time when these seeds are released if people are to benefit’’, said Generous Twesige from Nyantaboma.

“We have limited school facilities such as desks, text books at Harugongo primary school compared to the number of children in the school. We request Kabarole district education department to lobby for school materials so that our children can get good education facilities especially those in government aided schools,” Said Sofia Kabahweza from Nyantaboma.

“There is lack of an ambulance at Nyantaboma health centre III for emergency especially to transport women who get complications   during labor time and this puts women at risk in most cases we always have to call to send for us an ambulance to take us to regional referral hospital .The government should help and support this health centre if they are to improve services,” Said Happy Beatrice.

“We have a challenge with water in Kyemengo village, boreholes we have been using are no longer working and this has affected children. There is increased dropout rate from school in this area where children loiter in markets and gardens during school days. We request the government to work on these bore holes so that we can be able to get water in Kyemengo’’, said Birungi Jane from Kyemengo Nyantaboma.

“We suffer losses during transporting our crops due to impassable roads and we are charged high costs to transport our produce to Harugongo market and this affects us a lot especially us who deal in agriculture as our main activity. We request Harugongo sub county duty bearers to lobby and work on Nyantaboma -Harugongo road,” Said Rose Marry Kisembo.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for financial support

Women and Youths in Kiguma Parish, Bukuku Sub county,Kabarole District reached for Rural radio Debate/Magazine on 20th May 2017.

 With continuous financial support from our donors National Endowment for Democracy ( NED) and SIDA, ToroDev  has continuously reached a number of women and youths in hard to each villages to capture their issues and present them to the duty bearers to take action and  to inform them to plan and make decisions  basing  on the facts gathered  from a big number of women and youths during these debates . 
In Bukuku sub county 35 women, 13 youths and 2 duty bearers (Youth Councilor) were reached and responded to issues regarding to health, education, water, road and economic development sectors, their voices were recorded by talkshow moderator Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred and their voices were amplified live on 28th May 2017 on Jubilee Fm during listener’s forum program which is sponsored by ToroDev that starts from 8:00Pm- 10:00 Pm every Sunday.    

The participant’s selection was mainly 70% women, 20% youth and 10% others including duty bearers and men. The following issues were raised and ToroDev Team will take another step of sharing a copy of these issues to different duty bearers in the first week of June.
“In Kiguma health center II, nurses are available but drugs are inadequate which is a challenge to people without money who are referred to private clinics to get the drugs in this case we request health management committee members to work hand in hand with RDC, duty bearers  and DHO in Kabarole to look into this issue seriously”. Said Ruhuna Grace from Kyaruhamira,Kiguma parish Bukuku sub county Kabarole district.
Women attending a Rural radio magazine/debate in Kiguma
Grace added another challenge is impassable roads that have caused accidents each day especially the road from Butebe to Kiguma and Butebe to Nyakahungu, Butebe to Mugusu the roads are impassable especially during rainy seasons they develop a lot of potholes which is challenge to the community especially those that deal in agriculture activity it lowers the price of the products.

“We have failed to benefit from operation wealth creation because we don’t know how it does its work since it was changed we need to be sensitized about this program and be educated on how it operates”. Said Kajumba Florence   

“Youth livelihood programs is not at its best in Kiguma parish , because we have failed to fully benefit in  the  program we have formed groups but they have failed to consider our groups at sub county levels , we request the sub county leaders to give us the procedure of getting these funds”.  Said Monday Joseph from Kiguma.

“We have limited school facilities in Kiguma such as laboratory equipments and text books for classes in Bukuku secondary school, we request Kabarole district education department to work with district duty bearers to lobby and solve these problem which are affecting our schools”. Said Kisembo John
Mr. Mukonyezi the moderator of Listeners forum program on Jubillee radio recording citizens voices
“We don’t have clean water in kiguma the tap they put in place are not working and all villages in kiguma parish are suffering with the problem of water such as Kabunyansaigi, Nyakahungu, Nyaruhamira Kihunge, women wake up when it’s still dark to look for water . We call upon the duty bearers to work on shallow wells, bore holes and Kiguma gravity water flow this will help to solve water problems in our area”. Said Harriet Kaberi from Kiguma.  

“In Bunyansaigi village we don’t have water the bore holes are no longer working and this has affected our children and women in the area who move long distances looking for water even at night which has increased insecurities in families. We request district duty bearers and sub county leaders to work on water issue which has become a problem for the last 2-3 years.” Said Nyangoma Suzan from Kiguma

“We don’t have electricity in Kiguma  and district leaders  have been promising  us  over and over  but nothing has been done for years now, kindly we call upon the duty bearers to fulfill their pledges because we trusted them with our votes, we need to see a change this term”.  Said Kugonza Sam from Kiguma.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for financial support

ToroDev held Capacity Building Training of SMCs & PTA Members in Ntoroko district on 26th/May 2017

The one day capacity building training of school management committees (SMC’s) & parents teachers association PTA’s took place on 26th May 2017 in two zones one at Kamuhigi Primary School where 11 schools were zoned and 62 participants out of 64 attended and the other zone was at Nyakasenyi Primary school where 9 schools were zoned, 51 participants attended out of 54 expected. The total number of participants were 112 SMCs from 20 government aided schools in Ntoroko district.
The key objectives of the training were mainly to impart knowledge and skills to members of School Management Committee members (SMC) and Parents Teachers Association members (PTA) to fully understand their roles and responsibilities, also to impart them with   basic skills in using ICT to improve the education sector, planning, budgeting, lobbying, advocacy, monitoring, supervision and to help them become collaborative, support systems for improving learning amongst students.

The capacity building training was facilitated by Ntoroko district education officer (DEO) Rev Kibonwa David, together with Bwambale Paul the area inspector of schools in Ntoroko district and other two officials from the Ntoroko district education department.

The world has come out from analog to digital and a lot of things are these days done using ICT especially phones and Fm radios, I argue you participants to get mobilized and start reporting issues to the education officials using your phones like calingl, whatapp and those on facebook you can share information with us to update us on what is happening in your respective schools” Said Rev Kibonwa David, the DEO Ntoroko District.
Rev. Kibonwa David DEO Ntoroko district during the training in Ntoroko district

 “ DEO added ICT can also help in monitoring and reporting poor service delivery issues and improved service delivery issues, for example if you worked as  a team to lobby and advocate let’s say for furniture or a facility from an NGO, duty bearers, or well wishers and at the end of the day positive results are yielded, it would be better if you share that impact story on radio talkshows to encourage others to do the same, we want to see improved services in each and every school, use all means to see a change is happening.

“In the near future  three- four months after this training  we want to see  capable members of SMCs in UPE actively participating in planning at sub county, district and school level,  participating in sub county and district  budgeting  meetings and conferences  and seriously using ICTs especially phones, and social media platforms to report service delivery issues identified in their schools”. Said Bwambale Paul the area inspector of schools in Ntoroko district.
Participants listening to a presentation
Paul added Am sure now everyone is aware of the roles & responsibilities you are meant to play as SMC and PTA because of the knowledge we have given you today we expect to see a change in schools that were not providing lunch to pupils, we want to see members planning together with parents to see kids pack food, we want to hear that meetings are held regularly to address challenges affecting  schools, we want to hear you speak on radios and in physical meetings lobbying and advocating for improved services in your schools.
Members made action plans to follow effective June 2017, some of the plans  included discussions on lunch provision in schools, parents  working hand in hand to make sure children have something to eat during lunch time, to sensitize parents to bring back children to school especially those that had dropout, holding regular PTA and SMC meetings to plan for the schools, attending radio programs to lobby and advocate for schools, use Phones to report and improve communication among others.

We thank our partners SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA, Ntoroko district Education department & all other development partners for the financial and technical support to extend services to our people.

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Education stakeholders called upon to play their roles in order to improve the sector

The Kabarole district woman member of parliament Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo has urged education stakeholders to play their roles right in order to improve the sector in the country. She said parents, teachers, duty bearers, and education departments in the districts need to work as a team especially in supervising the day today running of schools. Hon. Sylvia called upon parents to change their attitude towards education and urged them to support their children other than living the responsibility to government.

While appearing on ToroDev’s supported weekly program ‘Orukurato’ that is aired live every Saturday 8-10pm on Hits Fm to discuss education policy and plans within the sector, Hon. Sylvia called upon school administrators to work hand in hand with duty bearers especially in hard to reach areas to do the supervisory and monitoring roles to improve performance in their schools.

Hon. Sylvia acknowledged the existing challenges affecting the sector like; lack of enough infrastructure in some schools, furniture, lack of lunch for learners, understaffing, absenteeism of teachers and learners, drop-outs,etc. she said if such challenges are addressed the sector would realize positive changes.
Kabarole district woman M.P Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo
The Kabarole district woman member of parliament said, as government they have taken steps to address the challenges within the sector like limited infrastructure, intensifying in monitoring and supervision, provision of lunch, etc all aimed at improving the education standards in the country.
Mr. Mugisha Willy the director Rwimi Parents Nursery & Primary school in Kabarole district who was co-hosted with Hon. Sylvia said the education sector in Uganda faces many challenges but the most factors include; poverty in families, increased drop-out rates, lack of regular supervision by education team at the district, negative attitude of some parents towards education, etc all have affected performance in schools.

Hon. Sylvia said parents cannot support their children when they do not have income, same as children cannot concentrate in class when they are hungry. She said government under the ministry of agriculture has imported pest sides to deal with the army warm disease that has affected farmers in over 40 districts in Uganda. She informed listeners that government has plans of supporting farmers with tractors and irrigation machines in every sub county such that citizens can increase their incomes through the use of improved farming methods (mechanization of agriculture) hence increasing food production in the country. Hon. Sylvia urged education department at the district level to improve on school inspections and also advised them to work with school management committees and PTA’s  to mobilize more stakeholders within the sector all aimed at improving performance of learners.

 The two hours live radio discussion had participation of listeners through call-inns and Sms platforms; over 40 people got chance to call in but due to limited time allocated to the callers many listeners were still calling in to engage with their leader. ”The government should supply pest side in all parts of the country because pests have affected farmers crops in the whole country”, said Baguma Moses  a caller from Kabarole district, ‘’ Private schools have also played a role in improving education sector in the country they should also be helped by the government where they face challenges especially on the existing policies’’, said Tusiime Denis a caller from Rwenkuba ,Bunyangabu county in Kabarole district, “there should be a policy in all schools for administrators to provide lunch for learners while at school, this will improve performance in addition to supervision and regular meetings’’, said Samuel Bweyale a caller from  Kabarole district.

 We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA who have supported us financially to run these programs.

Tuesday 23 May 2017

ToroDev organized a 2 days capacity building training to orient & train new Citizens ‘Advocacy Forum leaders with skills in Financial Literacy, Resource mobilization & fundraising, Advocacy, RBM and ICT reporting.

ToroDev organized a two days capacity building training to impart advocacy forum members with skills in Advocacy, Financial literacy, Results Based Methodology (RBM) reporting and ICT documentation & reporting. The training came as a result of ToroDev realizing that many new forum members face challenges and lack skills in financial literacy, sustainability of the village saving groups initiated by the forum members ,lack skills in resource mobilization and fundraising , lack skills in report writing and documentation using ICT tools to improve communication and information sharing for improved service delivery.
During the training members were motivated, strengthened and encouraged to lobby for improved service delivery and demand accountability from local leaders especially using both traditional and modern ICT tools like FM radios, mobile telephony and online visualization, mapping tools and how to use MML
The members were also encouraged to mobilize local communities for development and bridge the gap between local citizens and their leaders using appropriate ICT tools like FM radios, mobile telephony tools, etc.
Anne Manyindo Facilitating during the capacity building training

The two days Training was attended by 40 advocacy forum members from 4 districts of Kabarole, Ntoroko, Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo.
The training was held on 18th-19th May 2017 at ToroDev resource centre and was facilitated by Anne Manyindo, Edward Itoote and ToroDev team

·          Forty (40 )  members of 20  advocacy forums attended the two days training
·         Knowledge and skills in Financial Literacy, Resource mobilization & fundraising, Advocacy, RBM and ICT reporting shared
·         Challenges affecting the advocacy forums shared and way forward to address them set.
·         Action points  developed
Participants in group work exercise

 Outcomes of the training after 2-6 months
·         Advocacy forum members having a clear articulation of priority public service delivery needs to duty bearers using both on physical and online platforms to lobby, advocate and share service delivery issues with the duty bearers.

·         After 2 months there shall be increased in number & quality of monthly online posts & physical engagements with duty bearers by civic groups from current 20 posts per  month to 40 posts per months

·         In 3-6 months there shall be increased number of projects initiated by the advocacy forums to sustain the work of the forums, each forum is meant to start up an income generating project by July 2017.
·         Increased monitoring, lobbying and advocacy skills by the leaders of the forums to improve service delivery.
Advocacy forum members listening to a presentation
 Key Action points proposed after the training
As Rwenzori Youth Leaders Network the first thing we shall do in the month of June is to sensitize students in Kabarole district on prevention of HIV/AIDS in secondary schools, we shall work hand in hand with the head teachers to have meetings with students at least twice a month”.  Said    Katutu Mary   secretary Rwenzori Youth Leaders Network

“As Bufunjo people forum we shall continue lobbying and advocating for improved service delivery in education and health sectors through physical meetings and radio talkshows where most members listen to FM Radio broadcasting, we further plan to seriously follow up the pledges made by leaders during campaigns to see that they are fulfilled”. Said Sunday James Manyindo from Bufunjo people’s forum

From this training we plan to start up a stationary shop in the month of June as one way of having an income generating activity which can generate money to sustain the work of advocacy forum in Mugusu Sub country”. Said Tibenda Stephen from Mugusu Sub County.

 “We appreciate ToroDev for the training and am happy that from the skills I have gained I will organize members of our forum to Start a village saving group in Rwebisengo Sub county as one way to have members come together”. Said Amos Karuhanga from Ntoroko District.
Jane Ahaisibwe from Butiiti sharing achievements & challenges of the forum
From this training we plan to use the skills to develop stories of change and share them with others on social media for proper advocacy and lobbying for improved service delivery in Kabarole District. We plan to work closely with journalists to improve in information flow”. Said Ategeka Christopher of Rwenzori Youth Leaders Network

We soon plan to go back and mobilize members and start up a piggery project by September 2017, at least we shall have 10 pigs as one way of sustaining the work of advocacy forums”.  Said Mutegeki Patrick of Harugongo Community Development Forum.

 “The skills gained from this training will be shared in meetings organized by School management committees and PTA which we commit to regularly attend to plan together on how to improve service delivery in schools by June 2017”. Said Kasweta John of Hakibale citizen group.

We shall continue advocating for better services in all sectors and write petitions and present them to the district leaders where necessary. The advocacy forums have played vital roles in monitoring services, lobbying & advocating for improved service delivery and demanding for public accountability from the duty bearers and as a result of their efforts services have been improved in different sectors”. Said Mukwano Senyonjo from,PRIFODE in Mugusu sub country during the training.
The coordinator PRIFODE, Ssenyonjo Mukwano sharing success stories from his forum
Conclusively the genesis of initiating the advocacy forum begun way back in August, 2012 after ToroDev trained 120 rural monitors in online advocacy, monitoring service delivery using online social media/ICT tools like Ushahidi platform for online documentation, visualization and  mapping. The 120 rural monitors after acquiring the skills went further to mobilize other members to form forums in their respective sub counties. And so far 21 forums have been initiated each with Minimum number of 50 members.

We are grateful to SIDA, SPIDER, NED, and CIPESA for the financial and technical support to have these programs.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Sixty two (62) Women and Youth from Hapuyo Sub county, Kyegegwa District Attend a Rural radio Debate/Magazine.

Under SIDA Project objective 2; fostering transparency and accountability through interactive engagements between citizens and leaders using a mix of ICT tools and traditional media  and under  NED Project activity of  engaging  70% of women  in the democratic discussions their contribution for following up newly elected leaders to improve essential service delivery in Uganda, ToroDev has  continuously been  holding  rural  radio magazines/ debates with an aim of  Increasing participation of marginalized groups (women & youth) from hard to reach areas and collect their views/concerns on the state of public service delivery, reach duty bearers and seek their response.

On 9th May 2017 ToroDev held another rural radio debate/magazine in Hapuyo sub county in  Kyegegwa district to capture women and youth concerns on the status of Health, Education, water, roads etc. The magazine/debate was conducted by Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred, the moderator of Listeners’ Forum’ on Jubilee Fm and ToroDev staff.
Mr. Mukonyezi the Listeners Forum Program moderator on Jubilee radio gathering peoples' issues on service delivery during a Rural Radio Magazine/Debate in Hapuyo Sub County
The views from 38 women, 21 youths and 3 duty bearers (Youth councilor, parish chief, and local council1) were recorded by listener’s forum program moderator Mr.Mukonyezi Wilfred and their voices will be amplified live on Jubilee Fm during Listeners forum talk show on 14th May, 2017.

“We request our duty bearers to lobby for the staff quarters and dormitories at Hapuyo secondary school to allow teachers and candidate students stay within the school premises  and this will be the only way to solve the issue of late coming of teachers and candidate students and hopefully improve their level of concentration in class”. Said Imelda  Rwaheru during the rural debate.  

“We have limited school facilities such as laboratory equipments, textbooks and limited number of Teachers at Hapuyo secondary school and yet it’s the only government aided school that is serving the whole sub county this has even resulted into the scraping off of “A” level section. We request duty bearers to lobby and solve this problem if we are to improve education sector in this area.” Said Kabonesa Rose from Hapuyo Sub County, Kyegegwa district

“In Kitalesa village the bore holes are no longer working and this has affected our children who move long distances looking for water and it has resulted into school dropouts and increased diseases like typhoid since we share water with animals we request water department in our district to work on our boreholes so that we can access clean and safe water and thanks to ToroDev for thinking about us, women”. Said Stella .B Hapuyo sub county Kwegegwa district

“As Government we need to protect our girls who walk long distances to access education, girls wake up very early and trek to school and go back home very late because of the distance between home and school, many of the girls have been taken advantage of by the Boda boda Men  who defile them and make the pregnant at the end of the day they drop out, I request fellow duty bearers to work hand in hand with the community so that we can  set up a community school.” said Rosemary Kaseregenyu LCI chairperson Kitalesa, Hapuyo sub county.
Rosemary also commented on operation wealth creation that community members have not fully benefited from it due  to poor quality seeds supplied after the season has ended and in small quantities which does not benefit the farmers much because whatever is harvested is consumed at household level, no income got.

“At Hapuyo health center III there is insufficient drug supply which gets finished within two weeks,  no clean  water source and other challenges, as women we request duty bearers to lobby for water source and more drugs  to serve all the people in need”. Said Nakacwa Silvia from Busege village Hapuyo sub county Kyegegwa district.

A woman sharing her views during the Rural Radio Debate in Hapuyo Sub County in Kyegegwa district
The roads are impassable with many potholes especially  Kidongo I  and Kidongo II, these roads are deadly during rainy season and this has  affected farming  and increased transport costs , we call up duty bearers to work hand in hand with district engineer to improve these roads in the next financial year”. Said Omuhereza Steven in Hapuyo Sub County.

Steven appreciated ToroDev for reaching to them especially the women and youth and challenges the leaders to plan according to these issues in their next planning meetings, I request ToroDev not to stop from playing our voices but also to invite the duty bearers live and address our issues on radio.

In the next financial year we request the government to supply more ARVs in Hapuyo health center111 and construct more health centers in the district to help people access health services. I appreciate ToroDev for giving us the chance to speak live on radio, I know leaders will soon hear our issues and they will act accordingly and hopefully in their next planning meetings they will address some of these challenges”.  Said Omuhereza Katusabe from Hapuyo sub county Kyegegwa district.

“We appreciate the roles played by ICT tools especially phones and radio, from the radio talkshows hosted on various radios we have learnt a lot, I have many times contributed through call ins on radios to question leaders hosted, ToroDev we request you to start an accountability talkshow on one of the radios here in Kyegegwa” said K. Lavey youth councilor Hapuyo sub county.

“As ToroDev we are working hand in hand with the duty bearers who are given copies of these issues  to address, we further invite them on radio to address them and present them to CSOs who present them during budget conferences and planning meetings to see services  are  delivered where needed”. Said Sheila Amanya ToroDev

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for the financial support.

Women and Youths reached during a rural radio magazine/ debate in Nyabagahya village, Migongwe Parish Kakabara Sub County- Kyegegwa district on 10th May 2017.

The rural debate was attended by 57 people (33 women, 21youths and 3 duty bearers (Youth, women councilors and LCI of the village).  Rural debate is a platform mainly for women, youth and duty bearers from hard to reach areas to speak their concerns and engage leaders in demanding for accountability for improved services in Health, education, water, road sector,etc
Our  target is 70% women, 20% youths, 10% duty bearers and men to give them a chance to speak and express their concerns, which are amplified live on radio, accountability meetings and social media for duty bearers to provide solution.
Women attending the Rural Radio Magazine/Debate in Migongwe Kyegegwa district
“Our roads are in a sorry state, slippery and with many dangerous potholes especially the one that connects Migongwe to Nyabagahya, people have  fallen  in deep potholes with stagnant water  and recently we almost lost an old woman who fell off the motor cycle, as women  who practice farming as a source of income we suffer during rainy season to carry food on our heads for about 15 kilometers”. Said Kyalisima Anna from Nyabagahya village Migongwe sub county Kyegegwa district.

Anna further said we suffer losses during transporting our crops, we are charged much costs to transport our produce. We request Kakabara sub county duty bearers to mobilize the community members to look for funds that can work on this road if the government has no fund.
“In this village we have never tested clean water, all we know is water from the swamp, duty bearers just make promises but don’t fulfill theses pledges. As women we request the government to construct for us at least one shallow well and one borehole in two villages”. Said Tusime Kyamanywa from Nyabagahya village Kakabara sub county Kyegwgwa district.
A woman expressing her concerns to ToroDev staff during the Rural Radio Magazine/Debate field exercise
“The only secondary school we have is in Kakabara sub county, 20 kilometers from where this village is, parents with children in high school hire motorcycles to take their children to school which is very costly and unaffordable, we call upon the government to construct a secondary school in our area  to solve a challenge of high dropouts especially among the girl child”. Said Jovat Kaffero from Nyabagahya village.

“We request the government to at least construct one vocational institution in Kyegegwa district to give a chance to youth to acquire vocation skills”. Said Jessica Tinyebwa

“We don’t have any health center in Nyabaghya we walk long distances to access drugs from Kakabara health center III we request the government and duty bearers lobby for a health center II at least in the next financial year”. Abia Kalyamaraki from Nyabagahya.
Participants of the Rural Radio Magazine/debate at Migongwe in a group photo with ToroDev staff 
“I encourage youths to form groups if they are to benefit  from the  youth livelihood programs I promise to work with the organized groups to see that they are suppoted with trainings, seeds and loans”   Said Ahebwa councilor Nyabagahy and secretary finance at sub county level

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for the financial support


Environment conservation should be promoted by planting trees

Community leaders need to mobilize community members to embrace good practices on environment like avoiding encroaching on wetlands, cutting down trees for charcoal, etc. tree planting should be a bye-law at village level if we are to promote environment conservation, said Timothy Muhairwe, the district forestry officer Kabarole district.

Timothy said these while appearing on ToroDev supported weekly radio talkshows on KRC Fm that is hosted every Wednesday 8:00pm-10:00pm on 3rd May 2017. The Kabarole district forestry officer was on ‘Manya Ekiragiro Kyawe’ program discussing the effects of climate change on agriculture in the region and Uganda as a country.

He said the quality and quantity of produce of agricultural products is linked to poor/bad practices on environment which have led to global warming and as a result we see prices of agricultural products hiking, inadequate supply of water which has severely affected people’s lives and animals.

He further said the unpredictable rainfall in the country has affected agricultural seasons where farmers are not certain when to plant crops which has affected food supply hence bringing food insecurity and scarcity not forgetting increase in prices of agricultural products in the country.

He suggested that duty bearers and community leaders should be empowered to monitor and supervise wetlands since some of them are occupied by people they stay with which has harshly affected the environment. Duty bearers should be encouraged to mobilize community members to plant trees which we hope will help to stabilize unpredictable seasons so that people can receive rains as expected to cultivate their crops for domestic and income, said Timothy Muhairwe.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for the financial and technical 

Monday 8 May 2017

ToroDev Held Rural radio Debate/Magazine in Mugusu Town Council Kabarole District on 6th May 2017.

With Support from National Endowment for democracy and SIDA ToroDev has been conducting rural radio magazine/debates to capture the voices of rural women and youth in hard to reach communities with an aim of sharing their views with duty bearers on radio and other traditional platforms like during accountability meetings organized at the parish level by the advocacy forums initiated by ToroDev.  
The views of 12 women, 16 youths and 4 duty bearers (Youth Councilor, Speaker, Local council 1) were recorded by talkshow moderator Mr.Mukonyezi Wilfred and their voices were amplified live on Jubilee Fm during Listeners forum talkshow.

The participant’s selection was mainly rural women, youth and duty bearers the focus discussion was on the state of service delivery in Mugusu sub county/Town council, for example what issues need to be addressed by the duty bearers in health, education, roads sectors?, what woman and youths expect from the elected duty?, how woman and youths plan to work with the duty bearers to see there is improved service delivery among others.

The issues discussed were recorded and broadcast live on Jubilee radio during the ‘listeners forum’ program on Sunday 8:00-10:00pm for the local leaders’ intervention, articles posted online (listeners forum face book page &ToroDev blogs), Phone SMS, calls used for mobilization.

We are here because we care of our mothers , sisters  and young  brothers who have difficulties  with sharing their key service delivery issues  on radio and other platforms due to lack of accessibility of the platforms and due to their busy schedules. We request women to share with our moderator the state of service delivery in their community”. Said Sheila Amanya M&E officer ToroDev.
Participants who attended rural radio debate in Mugusu town council/sub county  Kabarole district
The government should put much focus in supporting girl child as much as possible because it is the girl child that needs the most support, the girl child is more disadvantaged and nobody thinks of the girl child as someone who needs empowerment yet, she is the one who raises the society.” Said Kezabu Oliver a concerned citizen from Mugusu.
women in Mugusu sharing their concern with program moderator Mr Mukonyezi Wilfred during rural radio debate 
Olive we have so many challenges in the health sector especially in Mugusu health center III, our nurses don’t attend to patients, patients wait for many hours without being attended too, and we request health management committee members to work hand in hand with DHO to improve on supervision
 “Poverty is one of the reasons marriages fail in many homes, because men are not supporting their wives and this causes a lot of fights and domestic violence, radio talkshows should sensitize men to work and provide for their families instead of wasting time betting for soccer”. Said Annet Balinda. 

Annet added we request women and girls to be empowered with entrepreneurship skills to create employment we hope to see young women who have mastered a skill and have been educated too adding that, after the training, the Government should support the initiative and give the beneficiaries start-up loans of sewing machines with the focus on tailoring of clothes, beddings and bags in order for them to enhance their skills and make a living”. Said Kaheru Ma 
We have problems with our health center they lack health facilities such as drugs, water, latrines and the hygiene is bad  especially Mugusu Health centre III, we request duty bearers to lobby for our health centre clean  water source to improve”. Said Monica Resty from Mugusu town council Kabarole district.
Monica added that in Mugusu there is a problem of lack of piped water system; people are drinking dirty water which is hazardous.

“There are high school dropouts because parents are very supporting their children with school requirements, parents are too busy looking for money and they have no time for their children   The LC1 should follow up these children and meet their parents”. Said Kyakahuma Joseph from Kirara village Mugusu town council.

 Joseph  added that people in Kirara have failed to benefit in operation wealth creation the program coordinators and organizers have failed to coordinate the program well and they have failed to consult what exactly people need for their day today life and what will improve their living.
“Youth livelihood programs  is not at its best in Nyakihira village, because the seeds delivered are of bad quality,  they don’t grow well and the groups, that have benefited complain over low yield, wrong timing etc”.Said Mugisa Daniel from Nyakihira village Mugusu town council.

We have challenges with roads such as Mugusu to Kinyankende road, Mugusu to Butebe these roads have potholes especially during rainy season and they have affected farmers a lot  such as lowering prices for agriculture produces, we call up on town council  duty bearers to work hand in hand with  district engineer to  improve these roads”. Said Baito Richard  Kiraro Mugusu town council.

We have limited school facilities such as laboratory equipments and “A” level text books, in Kaboyo secondary school, we request Kabarole district education department to work with district duty bearers to lobby and solve these problem if we are to have impact in the education sector”.  Said Amanyire Olando a councilor from Mukiraro Mugusu town council.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for financial support