Monday 2 March 2015

His excellence, the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, fulfills the pledges he made among the people of Rwengaju parish , Busoro Sub County in Kabarole district. District.

On  21st / Feb 2015  representatives from Rwengaju Model Parish Development Forum( RMPDF), from Rwengaju Parish,  Busoro Sub county, Kabarole District were hosted live on Hits Fm to comment, discuss and share  feedback about the presidents’ pledges he made  to  improve services in  water, power and road sectors in Rwengaju Parish. 

"As members of RMPDF, we took a lead to follow up the pledges that were made by the president 2 years ago and of which were not fulfilled among the people of Rwengaju sub county of Kabarole district, our political and local leaders had failed to make a follow up, this  compelled us to go ahead as a forum  and make the follow up process of these pledges. The process also informed us as a forum, we took proactive actions, for the betterment of the people of Rwengaju sub county of Kabarole district”. As noted by Kusemererwa John the chairperson of Rwengaju Model Parish Development Forum.

John added the good spirit exhibited among the people of Rwengaju, yielded positive impact and we are happy to say that at least 26 km out of 48 km of the road has been worked on, and now the businesses are booming linking local farmers to market, the land is becoming more expensive because the roads have been constructed, this has made our agriculture, transportation, marketing and productivity and thus, reducing the high rate of accident because the road is big enough to have two cars pass and move well”.
Further still, before the 26 km road was not constructed, the whole parish had no serious business, the land was very cheap, the roads were very impassable, accidents were high, but we thank the leaders like honorable Nyakana Richard, the councilor of Rwengaju, Honorable Adolf Mwesige  area member of parliament,  Mr. Richard Rwabuhinga the LCV Kabarole District , and the LC11 of Rwengaju , they have played an enormous role in helping us a lot to chase and follow up the pledges the President made to the Rwengaju  parish, without their support, things would not be where we are now. Our leaders gave us a push and created for us links and connections to send our papers and letters to the president so as a forum we do appreciate them.

“The president also had pledged to give us water, we also followed it up and the process of surveying, mapping the whole parish, has been done and also the billing documents have been submitted to the president’ office and the procurement stage has been done. We are just waiting for the contractor to come and start working on the provision of safe and clean water”. Said Bob Kamba the chief mobilize of the forum

Bob added that we also asked for the police station, which was granted we are just waiting for the Sub County to construct the police post in Rwengaju, as soon as police officer will be near the parish of Rwenganju for security purposes. The DPC of Kabarole granted our request. 

About the power, a survey has been done, as well as the procurement process is done, we are just waiting for the contractor to come and start with putting up the poles and soon we shall have power in Rwengaju.
We are now getting information from leaders and taking it back to the grassroots people, people are now informed about what leaders are doing, and we are engaging leaders to provide and avail information about development which we get and take it back to people through radio public forum and meetings and we are working hand in hand with our leaders to see that everything is provided and done well.
The live radio discussion which was moderated by Mr. Kasigazi Williams Donanto is supported by Toro Development Network (ToroDev) in partnership with SIDA, Spider, NED,, CIPESA, DRT, ICT4Dem, Hits FM,