Friday 30 October 2015

ToroDev Staff attend capacity Building trainings and conference

ToroDev Executive Director Mr. Jonhstone Baguma and the Communication and Documentation officer Mr. Kugonza David attended a four (4) days capacity building training   organized by CIPESA, the training was held in Kmpala from 12th, October- 16th, October 2015. More still ToroDev M&E consultant attended a district Budget Conference which was about spending priorities for FY 2016/2017 including those that will be forwarded for central government consideration the conference was held on 14th October, 2015.  The training was attended by M&E officer   ToroDev, the two days training was organized by The Human Rights Centre Uganda on the use of the Referral pathway and guidelines in addressing Human Rights Violation and Abuses.

Two (2) ToroDev staff gained skills in issues of Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) in programing and documentation, they also got to understand principles of Participation, Accountability, Empowerment, Rule of law, Non- discrimination and the Characteristics such as Inalienable, Inherent, indivisible & Universality while applying the above approach. Different topics were handled which will help the team to improve especially in reporting and documenting their organization work. “The knowledge gained from the training will help ToroDev staff to improve in reporting, documentation, data base management, it will help in fundraising (proposal writing), and it will also be shared with, other staff of ToroDev, the advocacy forums and other local NGOs ToroDev’ partners with”. Said Kugonza David the Communication and documentation Officer, ToroDev. 

ToroDev staff and other partner organisations in a training session

Sixty (60) people attended the conference and ToroDev M&E consultant represented ToroDev, the conference was held on 14th October 2015.“There has been improved collaboration between local governments and local NGOs which has improved the level of information and knowledge sharing, planning and budgeting, which results to proper resource allocation, accountability and improved service delivery. Said Florence Githinji M&E consultant ToroDev.   
The two days training was carried on 15th-16th, October 2015. Twenty six (26) participants representing local NGOs in Kabarole district.(RIDAFRICA, ToroDev, KRC, KANCA, AHURIO, RFPJ etc) attended the two days training. “The skills, knowledge achieved and reading materials got from the training will be shared with the 16 advocacy forums especially with the human rights defenders; this will help them to defend people’ right in a peaceful way and use the referral pathway and guidelines in addressing human rights violation and abuses”. Said Amanya Sheila M&E officer ToroDev.

We are grateful to our development partners for the financial and technical support.

Monday 26 October 2015

‘’Our leaders want to be popular not by providing services’’

Our leaders  today want to be popular not by providing services to citizens but by offering things that do not solve peoples issues/needs in communities, said Mrs Linda Irine Mugisa  the woman aspirant for the Kabarole District LCV seat during the Kabarole district NRM candidates 2015-2021 Barometer. The event was organized by Kabarole Research and Resource Centre, ToroDev & Ride Africa at Kabarole district public library grounds on 20th October 2015. Linda promised to promote the voice of the marginalized groups in the district, support youth & women empowerment & emphasized on promoting youth talents as a way of fighting youth unemployment.

Mrs. Linda Irine Mugisa speaking  during the Debate

ToroDev executive director Mr. Baguma Johnstone Kumaraki while speaking on behalf of organizers told the voters that had gathered for the political debate that civil society organizations aim at getting good leadership for all. ‘’We organize such platforms for people to hear from the manifestos of all the aspiring candidates and then make an informed decision for the next 5 years. It is not all about meeting with the leader but asking what one feels is important’’, said Mr. Baguma Jonstone. He urged the people not to be diverted by the small gifts (tokens) offered by candidates but focus on the candidates’ manifestos that articulates issues so that the next 5 years people do not regret.

The Executive director ToroDev Mr. Baguma Johnstone speaking during the political debate

The deputy director KRC Mr. Muzinduki said such a platform is organized because we are in elections period & as citizens we are tasked to elect from the many candidates and yet we cannot cast our votes right without hearing from the many aspiring candidates. Mr. Muzinduki said we should remember that we are in the multiparty politics; we need to accommodate all people from all parties and look at them as Ugandans.

Meanwhile the Fort portal municipality incubate Hon. Alex Ruhunda asked people to elect leaders that look thousands of kilometers far, ‘’as a leader you need to be looking far as you plan for your people, whatever I think of doing I think 100 years ahead’’ said Hon Alex Ruhunda. He urged the people of fort portal municipality to identify talents from their leaders other than just trying them in elective offices and after they have served one term they are voted out of those offices.

Hon. Alex Ruhunda speaking during the political debate in fort portal
The event had participation of voters, aspiring members of parliament from different constituents in the district and the aspiring LCV chairperson candidates for Kabarole district seat.

Wednesday 14 October 2015

ToroDev’s Communication & Documentation officer urges CSOs/NGOs operating in Kyegegwa district to strengthen collaboration

ToroDev’s communication & Documentation officer David Kugonza has urged civil society organizations operating in Kyegegwa district to boost their coordination & networking with the district so that peoples’ needs in communities can be tackled as a team. David Kugonza was highlighting on the objectives of the one day workshop on strengthening collaboration amongst CSOs & district local government of Kyegegwa on 29th September 2015 at Kyegegwa district council hall.
‘’ As CSOs/NGOs when we share information, share available opportunities, plans, budgets & account together, we shall be harmonizing our work by focusing  on areas which need  interventions than congesting our services in one particular place.

ToroDev's Communication & Documentation officer David Kugonza sharing the objectives of the meeting 
The one day workshop was attended by 40 people including women, youth & men; amongst them was the district planner, head of community based services, District community development officer representative, heads of district line departments and NGOs & CBOs operating in Kyegegwa district.

Members of District Local government & those from NGOs/CBOs attending the meeting
In his communication, the district planner Mr.Musinguzi Daniel thanked the NGOs fraternity for collaborating with the district especially at this time when the district is implementing its planning cycle ( DDP phase 11).
 Mr.Musinguzi Daniel highlighted the major challenges they face as a district in accessing & documenting information from CSOs like reports, strategic plans, and budgets. He encouraged NGOs to bring to the office of the district planner their strategic plans & budgets so that the district can know what they do and in what particular area which in the long run solves the problem of congesting services in a particular area.

 Mr. Daniel further encouraged NGOs to involve themselves in the district budget conferences that it is through such meetings that the district develop their budgets.

Kyegegwa District acting District Planner Mr. Musinguzi Daniel presenting his communication 
Meanwhile the district probation officer who represented the district community development officer Mr. Nyakabwa Augustine encouraged NGOs to improve on their reporting and asked them to at least report quarterly to the office of the community based services so that their activities can be capture in the district reports. He said when reports are submitted, as a district they can know how to help especially the CBOs and they will be getting feedback on how the NGOs fraternity has helped the district. Mr. Nyakabwa said we need to share information, work plans, budgets & increase our collaboration so as to avoid duplication of services.

The head of Community Based Services Mr. Nyakabwa Augustine presenting his report 
The one day workshop was organized by ToroDev in partnership with Kyegegwa district NGOs forum.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, SPIDER & ICT4DEM for the technical & financial support.

Monday 5 October 2015

Long distances contributing to children’s failure to complete Primary Level Education

Hapuyo sub county in Kyegegwa district has one government aided secondary school (Hapuyo seed school) and around 13 primary schools. The education standards have not been at a tune of what we may call improved service delivery the fact that there are challenges associated with achieving this. According to the Community development officer for Hapuyo sub county Ms Kasembo Jennifer, dropout rate is high in the sub county.
Ms Kasembo while speaking on the rural radio magazine segment on 16th September 2015 at her office in Hapuyo said, ‘’ when you take an example of Kyanyambale primary school in Hapuyo sub county, 50 girls & 52 boys registered for primary seven this year (2015) but only 13 girls and 19 boys have registered for primary living examinations that start October this year. You can see that the dropout rate especially for girls is very high’’, said Ms Kasembo Jennifer the community development officer for Hapuyo Sub County.

Walking Long distances by pupils about 30 kilometers per day has contributed to increased rate of school dropout, domestic violence which make children fail to attend school and also failing to concentrate while in class, negative attitude towards education by parents & children and failure by parents to play their role in providing for the needs of their children especially scholastic materials have all contributed to the education situation in Hapuyo sub county, said Ms Kasembo Jennifer.
Much as the district local government has tried to construct classrooms at some schools, Magoma primary school which has a population of around 600 pupils still lack classrooms having only 3 blocks which can not contain the congestion in classrooms and in Kyanyambali primary school which has a population of 802 pupils, there are only 13 teachers making a ratio of pupil to teacher at 62:1 which is against the national education minimum standards ratio of 45:1.

Meanwhile the Hapuyo sub county health assistant Mr. Bwambale Albert said, as a sub county we still have a challenge on teaching the community the importance of hand washing which stands at 26% in the subcounty and yet most diseases that affect people originate from our homes. Hapuyo Sub County which has a population of over thirty people (30.000) has one health centre (health centre 111) and patients walk long distances coming for health services. People get information especially on hand wash but they immediately forget, we need to engage our health team more if we are to achieve on hygiene & sanitation in homes, Said Mr. Bwambale Albert the health assistant of Hapuyo Sub County in Kyegegwa district.

As a community member, we have a problem of water where some water sources dry up during dry seasons & sometimes the water is not safe for human use, we request our leaders to extend the gravity flow scheme to our villages. Our children walk long distances to go to school and to our disappointment teachers absenteeism is high, sometimes they come late & do not concentrate in class to help our children learn,’’ said Ms Kasapuli Yusta a community member from Mbara village, Hapuyo sub county in Kyegegwa district.

The rural radio magazine segment was amplified on Jubilee radio on 20th September 2015, during the Listeners’ program that is aired live every Saturday 8:00pm-10:00pm on Jubilee radio a local radio station in Fort portal, Kabarole district

We are grateful to our partners for the financial & technical support in advocating for improved services to our people in communities.

Holding Accountability for improved service delivery

ToroDev  in partnership with Forum  for Katebwa Sub county NGO/ CBO advocacy, based in Katebwa Sub county, Kabarole  District held two (2) accountability meetings at parish level.
   The two meetings in Katebwa sub county were held in two parishes 22nd/ September 2015 in Busura Parish and on 24th/ September 2015 in Katebwa parish in partnership with forum for Katebwa Sub county NGO/ CBO advocacy. In Busura Parish 120 local citizens attended, leaders who attended included the chairman LC III Katebwa sub county, the District councilor Katebwa Sub county, the district women councilor, Katebwa Sub county, the health in charge of Kibate HC III,  the OC of Katebwa police station,etc

Many thanks to ToroDev for organizing the meeting, this is the third meeting am attending and I have been hosted on radio talk shows sponsored by ToroDev to give accountability and to share with people about development. I have been able to lobby for drugs for Kibate HC III, we have lobbied for the bridge and soon it will be put in place, we have lobbied for improved clean and safe water in Kibate parish and people have now clean water. Said Byakufa  Misitofa the LC III Katebwa sub county.

Misitofa added I do very much appreciate the work of Advocacy forum in improving services, at first I had refused to work with the forum because I was thinking it was going to fight against us political leaders but now am here to say that this forum has opened our eyes as leaders, we know what people want through the forum reports, we have been able to share and speak to people during the meetings organized by the forums, special thanks to Ezra the leader of the forum.
We are much interested in women and youth to attend the accountability meetings  because most times the two groups of people don’t get time to come and share their issues on radios, women don’t get the chance to meet their leaders.  The meetings are now organized at the parish level so that our women can find it much easier to attend and talk to their leaders in person, women and youth are now fully attending the meetings since they are held in their village next to their homes, this was recommended during the last year’s annual reflection conference that ToroDev organized in October 2014“. Said Amanya Sheila M&E Officer ToroDev

Amanya Sheila M&E Officer ToroDev sharing the objectives of why ToroDev organizes such meetings in Kibaate parish ,Katebwa Sub county in Kabarole District on 22nd/9/2015. 

We have fought against rape, violence in homes, these two crimes have been addressed and we no longer receive cases of such crimes as police we worked hand in hand with local leaders to see the crimes are reduced and we are now fighting against high school drop outs and early marriages by arresting the parents who don’t take their children to school”. Said Corporal   Batalingaya Frank the OC of Katebwa Sub County, Kabarole District.

Corporal  Batalingaya Frank the OC of Katebwa Sub County, Kabarole District giving accountability to the people of Kibaate Parish on 22nd/9/2015 during the accountability meeting

In Katebwa the action point were following up the sanitation of Kibaate HC III, to see that Kibaate HC III is providing the services of HC III not  of HC II,  the high dropouts, early marriages,  following  up the  requisitions  of the drugs by the in charge of Kibate HC III and follow up  Songya Bridge.

We are grateful to our development partners for the financial & technical support.