Tuesday 25 November 2014

Kabarole district boss appeals for more funding to the roads sector

The District Chairperson Kabarole Mr. Richard Rwabuhinga has appealed to the central government leaders to increase funding to the roads sector to improve the livelihoods of the rural communities.

“Most of the sub counties in Kabarole district like Mugusu, Kicwamba, Buheesi, Hakibaale, etc get between UGX 6 to 8 million to support the road sector. What can that small amount of money help to improve the road sector in the entire sub county like Hakibaale? We are therefore appealing to our MPs and the responsible ministry to add us more money to improve the road sector.” Said Mr. Rwabuhinga.

While appearing on the ToroDev supported live radio discussion on accountability called orukurato on 22nd November, 2014, the Kabarole district chairperson also apologized to the people of Kabarole for the poor state of the road networks.

Richard Rwabuhinga
“I need to apologise because our roads are not in a good state for instance Nyabukara – Harugongo road which we recently tried to work on but because of the heavy rains, the machines couldn’t effectively work on them. Kiburara – Geme, Kitarasa – Busaiga roads also have many potholes.” Said Mr. Rwabuhinga.

Listeners participated in the discussion through live call-ins and SMS for instance Kabadigidi from Mugusu Sub County appealed to the district chairperson to go to Kigaya and see for himself the poor state of the road.

Akugizibwe, a caller from Hakibaale Sub County requested the district chairperson for assistance to work on Kahangi – Kiburara road which is in a very poor state.

Edward, a caller from Kabarole district thanked the chairperson for coming on radio to give accountability and advised him to appeal to the minister of Local Government, Hon. Adolf Mwesige to lobby for improved funding to the road sector. Other listeners can also participate online via the orukurato facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1451619451731153/

The orukurato live radio discussion which is held every Saturday of the week (08:00 – 10:00pm) and moderated by Kasigazi william is supported by ToroDev in partnership with Hits FM, SIDA and NED.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

“Insurance is not only for the rich” IRA Staff

The communications officer of the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA), Ms. Mariam Nalukuma has appealed to the local citizens in the Rwenzori Region, western Uganda not to view insurance as only meant for the rich. “with UGX 50,000 and above per month you can get an insurance package therefore, it’s important to note that insurance isn’t  for only the rich but for everyone” Said Mariam.

While participating on the orukurato live radio talkshow on Hits FM, Fort Portal on Saturday 15th November, 2014 (08:00 – 10pm), mariam also warned local citizens who are interested in subscribing to any insurance package of their choice to always let their next of kin know to enable proper processing of their claims especially in times of sickness incase of life insurance.

Mr. Sande Protazio
The live radio discussion which was also attended by the IRA Assistant Director of market research, Mr. Sande Protazio who sensitized the radio listeners on the meaning of insurance and types of insurance, “Insurance means putting in place measures to safeguard loss or accident. However, to put in place such a safeguard, you must pay a premium to an insurance company. There are many insurance packages like workers compensation, home owner’s policy, etc” Said Sande.

“In Uganda, our incomes are very low and also the saving culture is very low but when you are registered with an insurance company for a particular package it is like paying rent. Therefore, it’s important to register for an insurance package to assist in properly planning for any eventuality for instance life insurance helps you to gracefully age” added sande.

Sande further appealed to the local citizens to report any cases of failure by insurance companies to fulfill people’s claims to IRA so that they can be dealt with, “If you are registered with an insurance company and subscribed to a package and the insurance company fails to fulfill kindly give us a call so that we can deal with it. We appeal to insurance companies to also pay their claims.”

During the 2 hour live radio program, listeners participate through call-ins, SMS, online for instance Edward a caller from Kabarole called in the radio program to understand more on insurance for SACCOs and other accidents like earthquakes which Mr. Sande answered saying that SACCOs or groups can purchase an insurance package from many insurance companies with a reduced cost compared to an individual because the risks for a group are always minimal.
The live radio discussion which was moderated by Mr. Kasigazi Williams Donanto is supported by Toro Development Network (ToroDev) in partnership with SIDA, Mountains of the Moon University, Hits FM, BOU and GIZ.

Contact details of IRA incase of any claims complaints

Plot 5, Kyadondo Road, Nakasero. Legacy Towers, Block B, 2nd Floor
P. O Box 22855, Kampala Uganda
Tel: 0312-266364/0414-346712/041-4253564

Friday 14 November 2014

“Citizens are not well sensitized on the role of MPs” Rwamuhumbu

Mr. Rwamuhumbu Davis, an opinion leader from Kabarole district, Western Uganda has indicated that there is increased ignorance from citizens on the role of their leaders because citizens are not well sinsitised about the constitution.

Mr. Rwamuhumbu was participating on the Orukurato live radio discussion supported by ToroDev on Hits FM, Fort Portal which was broadcast on 8th November, 2014 (08:00 – 10:00pm). The topic for discussion was, “What are the roles of Members of Parliament”.

The discussion topic was in response to the tracfm poll question titled, “As a citizen of Uganda, what is the role you expect from your Members of Parliament? Available online at http://tracfm.org/p/view/1178/

Uganda Parliament
“Citizens are not well sensitized on the role of their Members of Parliament. The roles of MPs are in the 1995 Uganda constitution however; our leaders haven’t also taken keen interest to educate the local citizens on the constitution. When leaders are looking for votes, they promise heaven on earth.” Said Rwamuhumbu

Rwamuhumbu cited examples of the empty promises leaders tell the local citizens while looking for votes like construction of roads, bridges, hospitals and schools among others.

“An MP doesn’t construct roads, hospitals, schools, among other things. He/she can only lobby for bigger budgeting for sectors like road construction, health and education improvement, etc. He/she can also legislate better laws to improve service delivery” Added Rwamuhumbu.

Listeners participated through call-ins, SMS and online for instance Bataringaya, a caller from Kabarole district who indicated that the problem is not ignorance of the laws but poverty from the local citizens. Mwesige, a caller from Njara – Fort Portal Municipality called live and asked why most of the issues discussed by MPs in parliament aren’t implemented?   
The Orukurato live radio discussion which is moderated by Kasigazi Willy Donanto and supported by SIDA and NED.  

Tuesday 4 November 2014

It is important to have a budget, says expert

The Business Lecturer Mountains of the Moon University, Mr. Mawenu Vicent has appealed local citizens especially in the Rwenzori Region to have a budget to enable them reduce wasteful expenditure and hence improve on their livelihoods.

“It’s important to have a budget, it’s also important to have the discipline to stick to your budget because it will assist you control wasteful spending. It’s also important for people to identify and plan for their basic necessities of life early like feeding, clothing, housing, etc so that they can be able to fulfill them in time to have a better life.” Said Mawenu.

A sample of the Uganda Currency (UGX 50,000)

Mawenu was discussing a topic titled, “personal financial management” on Sunday, 2nd November, 2014 at the Listeners Forum live radio discussion on Better FM, Fort Portal which is supported by Toro Development Network (ToroDev).

The discussion which was also attended by Ms. Kenema Revocate – a researcher on financial literacy issues who appealed to the local citizens to develop a culture of saving to fight poverty, “we need to instill in ourselves a culture of saving and we don’t need to start with a lot of money for instance if you have UGX 10,000, you can start by saving UGX 2,000 and go on increasing because one by one makes a bundle.” Said Revocate.

Revocate further highlighted that the culture of saving in Uganda is still very low which has led to increased poverty in the country, “recent research conducted indicates that only 17 percent of the Uganda population keep their money in banks supervised by Bank of Uganda, 60 percent keep their money in their homes for instance under their mattresses which is not healthy and the excuse they always give for not saving is because they are poor, if they are poor then where do they get money to meet their basic necessities of life?.” Said Revocate.

To reduce poverty especially in the rural areas of Uganda, ToroDev in partnership with Bank of Uganda, GIZ and Mountains of the Moon University, Fort Portal has rolled out two live radio discussions on financial literacy every month of Hits FM and Better FM.

During the live radio discussions, topics on personal financial management, savings, investments, loans, planning for retirement, insurance, etc will be discussed and local citizens, leaders and experts on financial literacy will be participating in the discussions.

Leaders, citizens and media discuss accountability and service delivery improvement

Over sixty (60) local leaders, local citizens and media practitioners from the Rwenzori Sub Region participated in a reflection conference aimed at improving the convergence of appropriate ICT tools to improve accountability and service delivery especially on priority sectors like roads, schools, health and agriculture among others.

“The role of the District Information Officer is to Gather/collect, analyse, disseminate and store information on service delivery, Moblise public for participation in development programmes and activities and advise management on the need for media matters (e.g. ICT and communication needs.” Said John Thawite, the District Information Officer, Kasese

Participants who attended the conference
The two days residential conference held at Lisieuk Hotel in Fort Portal from 29 to 30th October, 2014 and was officially opened by the Kabarole Resident District Commissioner and officially closed by the Kabarole District Council Speaker. Some of the leaders who attended included the district information officers from the districts of Kabarole, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa, Bundibugyo, Kamwenge and Ntoroko.

Some of the key objectives of the conference included sharing success stories, identifying challenges and give possible recommendations for improved use of appropriate ICT tools to improve accountability and service delivery monitoring and advocacy, availing stakeholders with a clear understanding of the public policy framework in Uganda for improved service delivery and accountability; for instance, government planning, budgeting and decision making processes

Other objectives were providing a platform for engagement and networking between citizens, local leaders, journalists and civil society to ensure a healthy democratic engagement and participation in social economic and political development processes in the region and beyond. To advocate for appropriate policies which will sustainably ensure accountability for improved service delivery using appropriate ICT tools in Uganda.

The topics presented included; Understanding the Minimum National Service Delivery Standards in comparison with the status quo in the Rwenzori region districts, Channels for demanding public accountability and what laws/policies guarantee accountability  in Uganda, The role of citizen groups/advocacy forums in promoting public accountability, service delivery monitoring and engagement in other poverty reduction processes. Sustainability of Citizens’ Advocacy groups into socially and economically viable entities in the Rwenzori region. Embracing the convergence of new media technologies (web 2.0 tools and mobile telephony) and local FM radio in promoting democratic engagement processes and Public Policy formulation and lastly, Public Policy analysis/review and advocacy processes in Uganda.

Some of the Key presenters included Anne Manyindo from CARITAS – Fort Portal, Edward Itoote from KANCA, John Thawite from Kasese District Local Government and Johnstone Baguma Kumaraki from ToroDev among others.

The two days reflection conference which was organized by ToroDev was supported by NED and SIDA