Friday 10 November 2017

ToroDev held a rural radio debate in Kakabara trading centre Kakabara sub county Kyegegwa district to capture Women and Youths concerns on the state Health, Education, Roads and economic development.

Fifty women (50) women attended the rural radio debate and their issues and concerns were amplified live on listener’s forum program that is supported by ToroDev on Jubilee radio starting from 8pm-10pm on 29th October 2017 for leader’s intervention.Some of the issues raised include:

Education system is still alarming at primary & secondary levels, most UPE schools in Kakabara Sub County have limited staff, the infrastructures are not enough, performance is bad, as citizens we request duty bearers and inspectors of schools to inspect these schools”. Said Najuna Joseph during the rural debate. 

“Kakabara III and Kyegegwa health centre IV don’t have electricity they use candles at night. we request the district to work on electricity issues”. Said Kyamanywa Wilson during the rural radio debate.
Mr Mukonyezi Wilfred recording peoples concerns during the rural radio debate 
"There is a lot of environment destruction in Kakabara because people are not sensitized, wetlands have been destroyed due to agriculture this has caused a lot on climate change in the sub county. We request concerned leaders in Kyegegwa district to follow and handle this issues seriously” Said Agaba victor during the rural radio debate.
Victor added that we have failed to benefit in operation wealth we request program coordinators to come on ground and teach people about the program at village and community levels. 

“Most houses in Kakabara don’t have toilets this has contributed to poor hygiene in the whole sub county. People dump rubbish on the road side, some use road side to ease themselves and soon when rain starts we suspect to have an outbreak of cholera. In this case we  request district health officer and team to work on that”. Said Kandole Jonan from Kakabara during the rural debate.

“We have water challenges especially the piped water which takes four days off. We request duty bearers to lobby for boreholes for Kakabara trading centre”. Said Ibrahim from Mwisenyi Senyi Kakabara during the rural debate. 

“Our road that connects Kisamura  and Katamba is impassable  and this has increased transport  and farmers are struggling to transport their produce. We request duty bearers to work hand in hand with community leaders to solve such challenges”. Said Ayebale Christopher during the rural radio debate in Kakabara trading centre.

Comments from Callers: “We also have a big  challenge of lack of  water in Kichmaba Kabarole District”.  Said Kemanzi Maureen from Kirangara Kichwamba Kabarole distict. 

“Kakabara health centre III does not have enough drugs compared to the population in the sub county”. Said Sanyu William a caller from Kakabara Kyegegwa district.

“The road from Kakabara, Kibale to Mpara  is badly off  duty bearers should consider it too, said Michael Happy from  from Kakabara Kyegewa district. 

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA & all our partners for the financial and technical support.

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