Wednesday 27 January 2016

Kakabara Development advocacy forum defends the rights of Local citizens in Kyegegwa district.

ToroDev works closely with 15 advocacy forums located in 7 districts of the Rwenzori region. Advocacy forums are locally organized community groups that we partner with to advance the issues of public accountability at the sub-county level.

They are initiated with a number of objectives among them are; to defend the rights of the local citizens, be a voice to the voiceless and defend the properties of the minority.  Kakabara development advocacy forum has worked hand in hand with duty bearers and local citizens of Kikyendo village Migongwe parish Kakabara sub-county in Kyegegwa district to solve the issue of land which has been in court for over 14 years.

The forum   organized a meeting with duty bearers local citizens and the two complainants who had a case of land grabbing and  had wasted time in court for 14 years, the meeting was to bring the two complainants together to see how the case can be withdrawn from courts of law because the case had taken much of the complainants  time and it was getting so costly and no final decision was made. 

“As a forum we have organized this meeting to find a way of asking the two people who complained about the land and to ask them to handle issues outside court, am happy they accepted my call, all were positive”. Said Mr. Aheebwa Williams the forum coordinator.

The case was dismissed by the chief magistrates on 1st July 2011, due to lack of evidence from the complainants but Mr. Tibamwenda Suleiman decided to appeal against the magistrates ruling, but still there was no help, so I urge you to withdraw the case from court and solve the issues here with the help of the forum members and LCI”. Said Mr. Nkoojo Nyanduru a resident of Kikyedo village.

After this meeting a resolution was made and on 3rd January 2016, the two parties agreed to have 2 people from the meeting to escort them to the high court to close the file and make peace with everyone”. Said Mr.Tibamwenda John the complainant

 “ The two complainants were able to end the case and each complaint got back the land he was supposed to get in a peaceful way .We thank you people for the reconciliation, live at peace, know your boundaries, solve land issues peacefully , it is life and peace that matters as we live as human beings”. Said Mr. Rusoke Moses the chairperson LCI Kabale village.

The work of Advocacy forum is highly appreciated and I thank ToroDev  for supporting the initiation and activities of advocacy forums, they have made the case much easier and we are at peace, keep the good work”. Said Mr.Tibamwenda John the complaint.

We are grateful to our partners for the support.

Monday 25 January 2016

ToroDev supported radio talk shows promoting Civic education through Skits

 Elections are an essential part of the democratization process and the ability to participate in free and fair elections is one of the cardinal pillars of a democratic and just society. For any electoral process to bring meaning to the citizens there must be a level of satisfaction as afar as legitimacy is concerned because it is the foundation for democratic governance and promotion of integrity in any electoral process.

However, when citizens doubt the efficiency of any electoral process or its quality, then it sets a foundation and pattern for dispute of election results and loss of billions of public resources. Should these challenges consistently remain unanswered, it can build a disgruntled citizenry and result in serious consequences leading to riots, destruction of property and loss of lives as witnessed in some countries like Sudan, Kenya, etc. It’s against this background that ToroDev has come up this skits that carry information on civic education as we are nearing to election

ToroDev has recorded a number of skits carrying  information on civic education and are aired out on ToroDev sponsored talkshows on Hits Fm, KRC FM, Jubilee Fm, the skits  comprises information, about democratic governance, voters rights, political parties and encouraging peace before and after voting. 

The skits are aired out 15 minutes every Wednesday on KRC Fm at 8:00 pm, every Saturday on Hits Fm at 8:00pm and every Sunday on Jubilee Fm at 8:00pm, local citizens actively participated through call–ins and sending SMS during the play of skits to give comments.  
Family and money issues should not be involved in determining who to vote, since it’s a secret ballot we know what to do, voters should not bring chaos in families but keep argue less as longer as know what. The head of family, should not decide for his family members on whom to vote”. Said Kisembo Lawrence, caller from Fort-portal

We are grateful to our partners; SIDA, SPIDER, NED DRT, ICT4DEM & WOUGNET for the technical and financial support.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Candidates and their campaign agents urged to stop destroying posters of their opponents

Mr. Ssenyonjo Mukwano, the chairperson of Peoples Rights and forum for development based in Mugusu Sub County Kabarole district has reminded the campaigning agent of some candidates who destroy the opponents’ posters from public places to desist from the practice because in so doing one commits an offence & if caught, one will be charged in the courts of laws. Mr. Ssenyonjo said this while appearing on ToroDev supported live radio discussion that is aired live on Jubilee radio every Sunday 8:00pm – 10pm. ‘’The Electoral commission Act; advises any person destroying the candidates’ posters that it is an offence and that if a poster is in a wrong place, one can use the correct procedure to relocate them’’, said Mr. Ssenyonjo Mukwano

Mr. Ssenyonjo said, if one has decided to vote candidate x, even when a poster is destroyed it won’t change the choice of his/her candidate. He requested for fair laws to allow people support a party or a candidate of his/her choice since we are in multiparty system and urged candidates and their agents to  avoid using abusive language while looking for votes  so that we can remain brothers & sisters even after the elections have ended.

Meanwhile Mr. Mpoza Joseph the Democratic Party (DP) spokesperson for Kabarole district condemned the actions of the police that they sometimes get information of people removing and destroying other candidate’s posters but fail to act which makes voters think that they might be supporting the actions of these groups of people.
The 2 hours live radio discussion was joined by number of listeners through Sms, facebook and call-ins;
‘’ Some candidates agents remove posters to create for a sympathy vote to the people they support, I strongly condemn it’’, said Annet Birungi a caller from Rwengoma in Fort Portal, ‘’ when my candidates’ posters are destroyed, that does not change my choice of a candidate’’, said Gorreti Mucwankwanzi a caller from Bugunda, Hakibale Sub County Kabarole district.

We are grateful to our development partners; SIDA, NED, DRT, ICT4DEM, & SPIDER for the financial & technical support.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

The District Chairperson Kabarole calls for a peaceful Election period

The district chairperson Kabarole district Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga on 9th/01/2016 appeared on Hits Fm ‘Orukurato’ program and urged the people of Uganda and Kabarole in particular especially those soliciting for votes to desist from using words that incite violence.
 “I urge candidates and their campaigning agents to stop using words that insult their fellow candidates and promoting campaigns based on tribes, religion, clans, etc. The focus should be on a candidates manifestos and service delivery issues other than sectarianism’’, Said Hon Richard Rwabuhinga the District LCV Kabarole District.

Hon. Rwabuhinga  added that campaigns based on sectarianism were there many years back and today we need to behave as brothers and sisters because we automatically find ourselves sharing facilities like schools, health centers, roads, etc. These facilities will be shared by all tribes, clans, religions and therefore we need to stop anything that retards the development of our district and country as a whole.

Furthermore Hon. Rwabuhinga reminded candidates and their campaign agents that there will be another day after the election day of 18th February 2016 and obviously we shall need each other and requested both camps using insulting messages to avoid that and forge away on how we can move forward to develop our communities and nation as a whole.

Hon. Rwabuhinga cited article 79 of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda which gives the roles of Members of Parliament like making laws/policies and lobbying for their constituents & requested people to demand for improved roads, schools, health centers, safe & clean water from chairpersons LC Vs of their respective districts, municipal Mayors and chairpersons LC 111s at sub county levels since they are the planning authorities in the district. He said a member of parliament can lobby for a project but cannot dictate where and who should benefit because that is the work of the district council. Hon. Rwabuhinga urged people to stop demanding for such services from Members of parliament because that is not the reason they are voted into those offices.

 Hon. Rwabuhinga further more wondered how a district councilor can promise a bridge to a certain community yet he/she has no budget to fulfill that promise. He called upon candidates to tell electorates the truth other than lying them to help electorates make right choices and informed decisions for that particular period. He requested all candidates and their agents to use good language and called upon electorates to participate in voting for they will be determining the level of service delivery in their communities for the next 5 years.

During the discussion about 20 listeners participated live through call-ins & sms platforms & those who had questions directed to the chairperson were answered.

I appreciate the good work done by Hon. Rwabuhinga in improving service delivery, but we request him and other leaders to always follow up the pledges made by the president because he has a lot of work and sometimes he may not remember on time to fulfill his pledges’’, Said Margret Ategeka, a caller from Harukoto, Kabarole District.

“What leaders contribute to their electorates makes them popular in their communities and therefore, we need to continue demanding for improved service delivery from our local leaders to make our communities  better places to live in’’, Said Byaruhanga Tom a caller from Buhara, Kicwamba sub county Kabarole district.

We are grateful to our partners, SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, WOUGNET, ICT4Dem, HITS Fm and SPIDER for the financial & technical support.

Monday 11 January 2016

The power of your vote and being part of the voting exercise

On 30th /December 2015 duty bearers from Ntoroko district were hosted live on KRC Fm Manya Ekiragiro Kyawe  talkshow which is aired out every Wednesday from (08:00 to 10:00). The main topic of the day was; The Power of your Vote and being part of Voting.

The two hours talkshow was attended by Mr. Kabagambe Ahebwa Josephat NRM general secretary, Ntoroko District and Kakwezi Geoffrey special president advisor Rwenzori Region. 
Voting in elections is an inherent element of every form of democracy. Widespread participation of citizens in political processes is the cornerstone of democracy. Therefore, voting should be regarded as a privilege, which involves a certain degree of responsibility”. Said Kansengerwa Kaahwa, moderator of the talkshow.

Kaahwa added when we are voting we have an influence on every aspect of our lives from free access to education to homeland security and economic stability. By voting we are making our voices heard and expressing our opinion on how we think the governments should operate.
Voting is important and it has power to change something many argue that their vote does not really count. Some say that they do not know enough about the issues and therefore they should not vote. Others still say that they do not know where or how to vote or how to register even. The truth is that every vote counts! In order to make democracy effective we must be an active group of participants, not simply observers”. Kabagambe Ahebwa  Josephat NRM general secretary, Ntoroko District  said during the radio talkshow.

“The one who does not vote does not have the right to complain. Voting is one of the most fundamental civil duties. Even if none of the political parties running in elections or candidates represent our views comprehensively, we can always vote for a party or candidate who is the closest to our political perspective.”. Said Kakwezi Geoffrey special presidential advisor, Rwenzori Region. 
It is vital to vote in all elections starting from local election and national, then to general elections; nobody will impose any restriction on your choice in voting.  Voting is always a better form of expression of ourselves than not voting and constantly criticizing the current state of affairs”. Gamukama Waswa Abwooli  a caller from Kibuku sub county  Ntoroko District.

Voting not only represents your individual power as a constituent, but it highlights the power of your local community, city and state let us exercise our right and vote”. Kalvin Basemere caller from Ntoroko District.  
So, my fellow registered voters, go ahead and vote, do your research on the candidates, spread the word to encourage others to vote! This is our opportunity as Ugandans to come out in numbers to make a difference, which therefore will put a lot of pressure on the elected officials to step their game up to the maximum, let’s go out and vote”.  Kasaija a caller from Rwebisengo, Ntoroko District during the talkshow.  

Your voice does make a difference; for your quick 1 minute of action can affect the future of your city, state and nation. The choice is yours” Said  Kaahwa, the moderator of the talkshow.

During the program over 8 people called in to contribute on the talkshow. We are grateful to our partners, SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, WOUGNET, ICT4Dem, KRC Fm and SPIDER for the financial & technical support.

Friday 8 January 2016

We need committed duty bearers not a king in Ntoroko district.

On 6th January, 2016 duty bearers and concerned citizens from Ntoroko district were hosted live on KRC Fm  Manya Ekiragiro Kyawe  talkshow which is aired out every  Wednesday from (08:00 to 10:00). The main topic of the day was to share with citizens of Ntoroko about issue of having a King in their district, is it what aspirants especially MPs have to use to win votes, do people of Ntoroko really need a king, is it a priority?, do aspirants need to speak lies to win votes? What can be done to have committed duty bearers? 

The two hour talkshow was attended by Hon. Bale Zaidi the district councilor Nombe  Sub county, Ntoroko District, Kabagambe Ahebwa NRM general secretary, Ntoroko District and Muntu Willy Member of Ntoroko concerned citizen advocacy forum.

This is the campaign season and leaders are saying whatever they want in order to excite voters and win votes, as leaders we should not abuse, all we need is present and share our manifestos with our people and promise to improve service delivery”. Said Hon Bale Zaidi the district councilor Nombe Sub County, Ntoroko District.

 Hon Bale added; for any district to have a king this is something that the members of parliament have to discuss in parliament, it must be discussed fully, agreed on and passed by the parliament, the MPs have to sit down and discuss with clan members and see if they really support the idea of having a king, so when all is done and the parliament agrees it is passed, then a king is selected, it’s not a joking matter that anyone can come and make himself a king in a given community.

“I have fought against the idea of having a King in Ntoroko District, we don’t need a king but we need good leaders who will lobby for the people of Ntoroko and as people of Ntoroko the issue of the king is one of the lie that the aspirants are using to confuse the voters but we shall not agree to be fooled we need leaders who are capable to work for the people of Ntoroko”. Said Muntu Willy member of Ntoroko concerned citizen advocacy forum.

Willy added there is nothing to benefit from Kingship and there is nothing economic local citizens can get, so we shall not accept aspirants to confuse voters promising them to get them a king. There are better things to focus on than wasting funds and resources on kingship.

I appreciate the work done by ToroDev to allow us debate with duty bearers, to me, I urge leaders to speak the truth during this period of campaigns, what hurt me is leaders are speaking things which can’t happen just because they want to win people hearts, leaders should let people understand their manifestos, they should not use the issue of kingship to lie to people of Ntoroko”. Said Karuhanga Amos  Caller and the Coordinator of Ntoroko concerned citizen advocacy forum.

Amos added all we need is a leader who is ready to cause a change in service delivery, who will lobby for us, work hand in hand with the citizens to bring a change in all sectors we don’t need a king but capable duty bearers to cause a change in Ntoroko

 “We appreciate the leaders who have tried to lobby for us, like in Kanara we have safe & clean water and people no longer walk  miles looking for water”. Said Tom Kasade Harutoba a caller from Kanara Sub County, Ntoroko District

We need to monitor our leaders after voting them so that they will fulfill the issues they put in their manifestos if we want a change in service delivery”. Said Kasaija Patrick a caller from Rwebisengo town council, Ntoroko district.

During the program 10 people called in to contribute on the talkshow. We are grateful to our partners, SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, WOUGNET, ICT4Dem, KRC Fm and SPIDER for the financial & technical support.

Thursday 7 January 2016

The District Chairperson Kabarole Gives responds to questions raised through Tracfm and Presents Report For 2015

The district chairperson Kabarole district Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga on 26th/12/2015 appeared on Hits Fm Orukurato Talkshow to share a report on the district performance 2015 hinting on various sectors including; health, education and roads.
 “ I appreciate ICT platforms like Tracfm  which has given us enough information and evidenced data to use for planning and Budgeting for the  people of Kabarole but as a district council we have tried to do our best with the limited funds available. We have worked on a number of roads although much needs to be done especially in the sub counties where funds for road improvement is limited, for example 1 kilometer of first class road costs between 35-40 million yet our sub counties receive 6 million for road improvement in a quarter and sometimes in a year this has made our work difficult as Kabarole District.” Said Hon Richard Rwabuhinga the District LCV Kabarole District

Hon. Richard added  as Kabarole District we have  worked on Nyabukara-Harugongo road, Harugongo-Nyantaboma, Mukagera-Kyamukube and other roads in the sub counties of Rutete, Kibiito, Rwimi, Bukuku, etc,  the roads being improved are  7 meters wide and those that are not yet completed  are expected to be ready  by 31st March 2016.

Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga
 Furthermore Hon. Rwabuhinga apologized to the people of Kabarole due to bad roads in some areas but promised to lobby through members of parliament and the president to increase funds for roads in the sub counties. Hon. Rwabuhinga reminded the listeners that the President had earlier pledged to tarmac Fort Portal –Kijura road, Fort Portal Saaka road & Rwimi ,Kadindimo-Kyanga roads that he only needs to be reminded and it will be done when he comes to campaign this January 2016.

 Hon. Rwabuhinga hinted also on the education sector, in 2014 Kabarole district got 1971 first grades & 36000 second grades at primary level which was great improvement compared to 2013 this improvement is as a result of planned monthly exams for pupils, extra time teaching, involvement of parents in their children’s education, timely salary payments of teachers & teachers confidence instilled in their work.  More still the studying environment where classrooms have been constructed and text books in libraries provided have also contributed to improved performance.

On the Health Sector a number of maternity wards have been completed including Kidubuli maternity ward, Nyabuswa maternity ward, Bukuuku health centre IV and  provision of  functional ambulances to help in health centers in different sub counties .  Health workers in the district are at least available and committed to work although there are some who are not yet serious with their work but requested to change when i personally had a meeting with them. It’s great that Kabarole district emerged 3rd among the well performing districts in the whole country from the 31st position in 2014 to 3rd position in 2015 in terms of health.

During the discussion about 25 listeners participated live through call-ins & sms platforms & those who had questions directed to the chairperson were answered.

I appreciate the good work the Hon has done to improve service delivery, but we request him to work with our leaders to lobby for us electricity in Kaina parish, Rwimi sub county, Kabarole District”. Said Kusasira a caller from Rwimi Sub County, Kabarole District.
Thank you Hon for the good work you have done but please next year consider Kitini- Buhesi road which has a lot of pot holes and this is affecting the transport in that area”. Said Byaruhanga.

 We are grateful to our partners, SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, WOUGNET, ICT4Dem, HITS Fm and SPIDER for the financial & technical support.