Friday 24 April 2015

Campaign to mobilize funds for Heart machine!

Heart machine

On 18th April 2015 Mr. Asiimwe Bob a local citizen of Fort portal, Kabarole district and Dr Musinguzi  Edwin  a medical doctor of  Buhinga Regional Referral Hospital in Kabarole district, were hosted live on Hits Fm Orukurato talkshow to give un update  about  mobilizing for funds to acquire a heart machine for Rwenzori Region  
Mobilizing the funds for the heart machine in Kabarole came after the death of Hon Halima Wakabu the director of Green circle school in Fort portal Municipality in 2013.
The main reason for us to appear on this radio talkshow today is to  update people of Rwenzori Region how far the fundraising has reached, what next can be done to raise the funds  and what can be done to see that we have the machine in place?,  I think we  can mobilize  resources  through organising events like  charity walk, marathon, dinners, etc so that the required amount for the machine is collected”  Said Asiimwe Bob.

Bob added that since 2013 when the account was opened, there is currently a cash collection of 1.156.275= (one million one hundred fifty six thousand two hundred seventy five shillings). Three people deposited and these are Hon. Alex Ruhunda (one million Ugandan Shillings), and concerned citizens that is Mr Mwesige (100,000=) and Mr.  Richard (100,000=) 

Our lifestyles have  led to increased diseases especially heart related diseases and high blood pressure, our habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating habits, lack of exercising, too much relaxation, etc are the main causes of high blood pressure and heart diseases, we need to have this machine in place to reduce on the costs of traveling to Mulago”. Said Dr. Musinguzi Edwin of Buhinga Regional Referral Hospital in Kabarole district.’

Dr.Musinguzi  added the only way to fight the above disease  everyone need to  avoid smoking tobacco, avoid eating too much meat and oily staff, do regular exercises, stop covering food with polythene bags (buvera), do regular medical checkups and embrace the government proposed vaccination campaign If we are to succeed in fighting cancer.

 During the 2 hours program over 15 people called in and over 10 sent messages to contribute to the topic.

"If we can fully coordinate with our leaders, we cannot fail to buy the heart machine, lets work hand in hand with the leaders". Said  Edward  a caller from Fort portal.

"We dont have any doctor who can work on heart issues so even if we get the machine it will also require to have a medical doctor to operate".  James  a caller from Kamengo, Kabarole district
The 2 hour live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Kasigazi Willy Donanto and is supported  by ToroDev in partnership with SIDA, NED, DRT,SPIDER, ICT4 Dem, and Hits Fm

Political leaders have failed to fulfill the pledges they made to the people of Mwenge North, Kyenjojo District.

 Myeri- Katooke  road
On 19th April 2015, the chairperson of Katooke Peoples Forum Mr. Muzoora Godwin was hosted live on Better Fm during the listener’ forum to discuss about political leaders failing to fulfill the pledges they made. “Political leaders like the member of parliament Mwenge North Hon Muhumuza David pledged to construct several roads like Myeri- Katooke Road, Kinogero road, Nyakisi road, Katooke- Kyenjojo road etc but nothing  serious like construction or renovation has taken place since he came in power, we still have the muddy roads, full of pot holes and very impassable if you move to Myeri- Katooke  now you can see what  I am talking about”.  Said Mr Muzoora Godwin
Godwin added the road from Rubango-Kibaale- Kakangeyo to Misenyi in Katooke Sub County, Kyenjojo district, the contract was awarded to the water engineer of Kyenjojo district local government. He together with his contractors opened the road and stopped before finishing  the work, then went to Kisojo where he was to work on Kisojo- B - road, Misenyi then to Kanabisa bridge in Rwamukora, he did not finish the work and actually did nothing

Our leaders are supposed to monitor the work done by the constructors and they should try to fulfill the pledges they made as much as possible at least 70% during the term of office”. Said Katusabe Grace the caller from, Kyenjojo District. 
"Education in Katooke  has not been a priority with this ruling government there is a big gap in education system, the standard has failed to improve E.g Mukole, Iboroga and Rwamukora Primary schools were very good schools 8 years back  but as we talk when you reach there, one cannot believe the state the schools are in, the pupil teacher ratio is alarming not forgetting the congestion in classrooms which actually cannot yield positive result”. Said  Mugume Amos, a caller from Katooke Sub county   
 There is need to put more efforts in improving the education standards, get more building  to reduce congestion  and get more  trained teachers. As people of Katooke there is nothing we have benefited in these 5 years in-terms of improved service delivery”. Said Mr. Muzoora Godwin.

The 2 hour live radio program is sponsored by ToroDev in partnership with SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, SPIDER, ICT4DEM and Better Fm

Friday 17 April 2015

Citizens continued advocacy yields to extension of gravity water scheme to Mugusu Subcounty, Kabarole District.

A delegation of 17 people from Mweri village Kyezire parish Mugusu Sub County in Kabarole district on 13th/April/2015 held another meeting with LCV Kabarole district, Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard to demand for a 5km gravity water scheme extension to the village of Myeri.

The delegation was led by the chairperson People’s Rights & Forum for Development, forum based in Mugusu Sub County & supported by ToroDev, Mr. Senyonjo Mukwano, among the team was sub county district councilor Hon. Mugabo Clovice, Mugusu sub county chairperson Hon. Waako Christopher, woman councilor for Kyezire parish Hon. Kajobe Florence Good  ToroDev' communication and documentation officer Mr. Kugonza David among others.

As members of Rights & Forum for Development, forum based in Mugusu sub county with support from ToroDev in 2013 we presented a similar petition to the district chairperson  lobbying for  water extension in Magunga village, we followed up the progress and we are happy that water was  finally extended to Magunga village due to our intervention. As a forum we encourage, motivate and mentor other people to present their petitions to leaders in an organized form in order to have positive results, our leaders act when they see a big organized number of people than presenting petitions individually”. Said Mr.Senyonjo Mukwano the leader of Rights & Forum for Development, forum.

I take this privilege to welcome the concerned citizens and leaders from Mugusu sub county and I thank the district chairperson for accepting to listen to our outcry. We are here to lobby   for improved services in water sector, health, road, education and other services’’. Said Mr. Good Christopher.Chairperson LC1 Mweri village.
Mweri was not accessible, the roads were impassable and they had so many potholes but through the help of the district chairperson Myeri road was constructed, people now can move freely without any hindrance whether in rainy season or dry season”.Said Hon. WaakoChristopher who is the sub county chairperson indicated that
The water construction & extension services were in the district work plan but I request the district chairman to talk more about the issue of water. Honorable speaker requested responsiblecitizens to always involve themselves in advocating and lobbying for improved services in an organized and peaceful way like what Mugusu people are doing this will always produce positive results”. Said Hon. MugaboClovice the district councilor for Mugusu Sub County and the district speaker Kabarole district.

During the meeting the district chairperson for Kabarole, Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga welcomed the delegation. He acknowledged receiving the petition from Mweri delegation on Thursday 9th April 2015 in his office. ‘’I understand you have reported many problems that Myeri village is facing but i will first single out water problem which needs immediate intervention. As a district, we shall extend 1.5km to Kijongo village & 2 kilometers to Mweri village, the water extension will be done in the next financial budget/year (2015-2016) that begins in July 2015 water will be extended to the two villages without fail". Said Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga the district chairperson for Kabarole.

The Chairperson LC V Kabarole responding to the petition presented by the local citizen

We are closely working with every local and political leaders so that we can have improved service delivered in all sectors not only in water sector but also in education, health, agriculture and roads, we shall be presenting other petitions to other leaders lobbying for improved education, health, roads etc  in Mugusu Sub county, but now we thank everyone for sparing his or her time to come and we work for our community, when we keep doing this we shall see a big change in service delivery.  Said Mr.Kibonge K. Sam the Publicity People’s Rights & Forum for Development, forum based in Mugusu Sub County.
The above advocacy work has been made possible by ToroDev’s facilitated Citizens’ Advocacy forum in Mugusu Sub-County, Kabarole District. This account demonstrates the strength of and relevance of organized citizens’ groups in the community. Currently, ToroDev has supported the initiation of 15 groups spread with the 7 districts of the Rwenzori sub-region, Western Uganda. This was been achieved through funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), SPIDER, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and many other partner.