Wednesday 10 December 2014

Ugandan Local Government Minister Responds to Tracfm Poll Data [question] on Improving Energy Service Delivery in Rwenzori sub-region, Western Uganda

The Uganda Minister of Local Government and also MP representing Bunyangabu County, Kabarole District, Hon. Adolf Mwesige has indicated that electricity will be extended to all the rural areas without access to electricity in the near future. “The first thing I did when I was elected to parliament [MP representing Bunyangabu County, Kabarole District] I made a plan of areas in need of electricity in Bunyangabu County.” Said Hon. Adolf.

He adds, “We started connecting trading centres with power lines and trading centres like Buheesi, Kibiito, Kabale, Kasunga Nyanja, Rubona, Kicuucu, etc are now fully connected with electricity because they are connecting centres where many businesses in need of electricity are located.” Said Minister Adolf.

Hon. Adolf Mwesige
We are now through with trading centres in Bunyangabu County, and we are now looking at ensuring the hinterland is also connected to electricity. We have started with Katebwa, Mukubwe, etc. We shall also extend to Kibata and Kanyegaramire among other areas in the hinterland of Bunyangabu.

While appearing on Orukurato live radio program on Hits FM on 6th December 2014 to respond/give feedback on local citizens concerns about need for government's investment in rural electrification, the minister of local government appealed for citizens patience and also indicated that the government of Uganda has currently embarked on investing in the rural electrification program. “We have got money from the government of France for rural electrification program which cabinet has already passed and we are waiting for parliament approval and through this support many places located in Kabarole district will benefit like Kabahango, Kisomoro, Karambi and Rwengaju.” Said Minister Adolf.

Hon. Adolf Mwesige was giving accountability and also responding to the tracfm poll question titled, “How can the government improve service delivery in the energy/electricity sector?”  This poll attracted over 1,000 responded, with majority citizens (over 80%) indicating that they are not satisfied with how the distribution of electricity services are managed in the country. This is a new initiative by ToroDev and partners to advance evidence-based advocacy for improved service delivery and poverty reduction through the ICT convergence approach. The polls combine opportunities provided by broadcast media, mobile phone technology and online applications/internet
The Orukurato live radio radio discussion which is supported by Toro Development Network (ToroDev) in partnership with Hits FM was also attended by Mr. Gowon Yaqub – a local citizen. Listeners also participate in the program through call-ins, SMS and online on the Orukurato facebook group.

For instance Macura Florence from Kibiito called-in and requested the minister of Local Government to work on Busamba Road which he promised to lobby for. Tumwine from Kabonero Sub County also called in requesting the minister to extend water to Kasogi which the minister also promised to do.

The Orukurato Live radio discussions & Tracfm Poll Data Initiative is supported by SIDA/CIPESA, NED & Development Initiatives through DRT - Uganda. The live radio discussions to assess poll data collected through the ICT convergence approach is moderated by Kasigazi William Donanto