Thursday 12 October 2017

ToroDev in partnership with Jubilee radio and Ntoroko concerned citizens Forum held a rural radio debate/magazine targeting women, youth & duty bearers from hard to reach areas in Ntoroko district.

 On 25th September 2017 ToroDev team held a rural radio debate/magazine in Kakoga cell Rwebisengo in Ntoroko District focusing on the state of service delivery including education, health, water, roads and economic development. The views were recorded by Wilfred Mukonyezi who moderates ToroDev’s supported ‘Listeners’’ Forum’ program that is aired live every Sunday 8-10 pm on Jubilee radio.
The issues gathered during the rural debate were amplified live on 8th October, 2017 on Jubilee radio for duty bearers’ interventions and listener’s contributions. The area councilor of Kakoga cell in Ntoroko district where the rural debate was carried was hosted live to respond to some of the issues raised by the citizens. 

These are some of the issues raised by community members;

We request the government to fully supply ARVs on time in Rwebisengo health center IV and improve hygiene in and around the health center. Also increase health workers so that people can access improved health services. Said Muhammad Birungi during the rural radio debate.  Muhamad added that, we have failed to fully engage in operation wealth creation due to poor coordination and late release of seeds. We request the coordinators of the program both at the district and sub county levels to come on ground and solve that issue so that farmers can benefit.
women and youth during the rural radio magazine in Kakoga Ntoroko district.
“We request the government to fully equip Rwebisengo health centre IV with enough drugs that can fully handle the population and solve the problem of staff absenteeism so that health services can be improved,” Said Katusabe Jolly during rural radio debate. Jolly added that, we have registered our group such that we can benefit from operation wealth creation but we have never received seeds and in most cases those who receive them they come late and in small quantities which are not beneficial to farmers.
 A woman in Kakoga sharing her concerns with Mr.Mukonyezi during the rural radio magazine.
“We have applied for youth funds and registered our group at sub county level  but we have failed to be considered, we request leaders to guide us on how we can qualify  and benefit on these funds ,” Said Katusime Nester.
“We don’t have water in Kakoga cell, we request mayor Rwebisengo and Ntoroko district water department to also consider our area especially with borehole so that we can stop spending heavily on water’’, Said Katusabe Grace. Grace added, leaders should increase on monitoring activities especially in  health centers and schools  this will help to solve the problems of absenteeism of teachers ,health workers  and limited drugs  at health centers levels to improve services delivery.

“Leaders pledged to improve on health centres, roads, schools and water during campaign periods  since then they have failed to fulfill their pledges and they have never come back  on ground,” Said Kabasebeni  Beatrice.
We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA & all our partners for the financial and technical support.

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