Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Kakabara Development advocacy forum defends the rights of Local citizens in Kyegegwa district.

ToroDev works closely with 15 advocacy forums located in 7 districts of the Rwenzori region. Advocacy forums are locally organized community groups that we partner with to advance the issues of public accountability at the sub-county level.

They are initiated with a number of objectives among them are; to defend the rights of the local citizens, be a voice to the voiceless and defend the properties of the minority.  Kakabara development advocacy forum has worked hand in hand with duty bearers and local citizens of Kikyendo village Migongwe parish Kakabara sub-county in Kyegegwa district to solve the issue of land which has been in court for over 14 years.

The forum   organized a meeting with duty bearers local citizens and the two complainants who had a case of land grabbing and  had wasted time in court for 14 years, the meeting was to bring the two complainants together to see how the case can be withdrawn from courts of law because the case had taken much of the complainants  time and it was getting so costly and no final decision was made. 

“As a forum we have organized this meeting to find a way of asking the two people who complained about the land and to ask them to handle issues outside court, am happy they accepted my call, all were positive”. Said Mr. Aheebwa Williams the forum coordinator.

The case was dismissed by the chief magistrates on 1st July 2011, due to lack of evidence from the complainants but Mr. Tibamwenda Suleiman decided to appeal against the magistrates ruling, but still there was no help, so I urge you to withdraw the case from court and solve the issues here with the help of the forum members and LCI”. Said Mr. Nkoojo Nyanduru a resident of Kikyedo village.

After this meeting a resolution was made and on 3rd January 2016, the two parties agreed to have 2 people from the meeting to escort them to the high court to close the file and make peace with everyone”. Said Mr.Tibamwenda John the complainant

 “ The two complainants were able to end the case and each complaint got back the land he was supposed to get in a peaceful way .We thank you people for the reconciliation, live at peace, know your boundaries, solve land issues peacefully , it is life and peace that matters as we live as human beings”. Said Mr. Rusoke Moses the chairperson LCI Kabale village.

The work of Advocacy forum is highly appreciated and I thank ToroDev  for supporting the initiation and activities of advocacy forums, they have made the case much easier and we are at peace, keep the good work”. Said Mr.Tibamwenda John the complaint.

We are grateful to our partners for the support.

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