Thursday, 7 January 2016

The District Chairperson Kabarole Gives responds to questions raised through Tracfm and Presents Report For 2015

The district chairperson Kabarole district Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga on 26th/12/2015 appeared on Hits Fm Orukurato Talkshow to share a report on the district performance 2015 hinting on various sectors including; health, education and roads.
 “ I appreciate ICT platforms like Tracfm  which has given us enough information and evidenced data to use for planning and Budgeting for the  people of Kabarole but as a district council we have tried to do our best with the limited funds available. We have worked on a number of roads although much needs to be done especially in the sub counties where funds for road improvement is limited, for example 1 kilometer of first class road costs between 35-40 million yet our sub counties receive 6 million for road improvement in a quarter and sometimes in a year this has made our work difficult as Kabarole District.” Said Hon Richard Rwabuhinga the District LCV Kabarole District

Hon. Richard added  as Kabarole District we have  worked on Nyabukara-Harugongo road, Harugongo-Nyantaboma, Mukagera-Kyamukube and other roads in the sub counties of Rutete, Kibiito, Rwimi, Bukuku, etc,  the roads being improved are  7 meters wide and those that are not yet completed  are expected to be ready  by 31st March 2016.

Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga
 Furthermore Hon. Rwabuhinga apologized to the people of Kabarole due to bad roads in some areas but promised to lobby through members of parliament and the president to increase funds for roads in the sub counties. Hon. Rwabuhinga reminded the listeners that the President had earlier pledged to tarmac Fort Portal –Kijura road, Fort Portal Saaka road & Rwimi ,Kadindimo-Kyanga roads that he only needs to be reminded and it will be done when he comes to campaign this January 2016.

 Hon. Rwabuhinga hinted also on the education sector, in 2014 Kabarole district got 1971 first grades & 36000 second grades at primary level which was great improvement compared to 2013 this improvement is as a result of planned monthly exams for pupils, extra time teaching, involvement of parents in their children’s education, timely salary payments of teachers & teachers confidence instilled in their work.  More still the studying environment where classrooms have been constructed and text books in libraries provided have also contributed to improved performance.

On the Health Sector a number of maternity wards have been completed including Kidubuli maternity ward, Nyabuswa maternity ward, Bukuuku health centre IV and  provision of  functional ambulances to help in health centers in different sub counties .  Health workers in the district are at least available and committed to work although there are some who are not yet serious with their work but requested to change when i personally had a meeting with them. It’s great that Kabarole district emerged 3rd among the well performing districts in the whole country from the 31st position in 2014 to 3rd position in 2015 in terms of health.

During the discussion about 25 listeners participated live through call-ins & sms platforms & those who had questions directed to the chairperson were answered.

I appreciate the good work the Hon has done to improve service delivery, but we request him to work with our leaders to lobby for us electricity in Kaina parish, Rwimi sub county, Kabarole District”. Said Kusasira a caller from Rwimi Sub County, Kabarole District.
Thank you Hon for the good work you have done but please next year consider Kitini- Buhesi road which has a lot of pot holes and this is affecting the transport in that area”. Said Byaruhanga.

 We are grateful to our partners, SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, WOUGNET, ICT4Dem, HITS Fm and SPIDER for the financial & technical support.

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