Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Candidates and their campaign agents urged to stop destroying posters of their opponents

Mr. Ssenyonjo Mukwano, the chairperson of Peoples Rights and forum for development based in Mugusu Sub County Kabarole district has reminded the campaigning agent of some candidates who destroy the opponents’ posters from public places to desist from the practice because in so doing one commits an offence & if caught, one will be charged in the courts of laws. Mr. Ssenyonjo said this while appearing on ToroDev supported live radio discussion that is aired live on Jubilee radio every Sunday 8:00pm – 10pm. ‘’The Electoral commission Act; advises any person destroying the candidates’ posters that it is an offence and that if a poster is in a wrong place, one can use the correct procedure to relocate them’’, said Mr. Ssenyonjo Mukwano

Mr. Ssenyonjo said, if one has decided to vote candidate x, even when a poster is destroyed it won’t change the choice of his/her candidate. He requested for fair laws to allow people support a party or a candidate of his/her choice since we are in multiparty system and urged candidates and their agents to  avoid using abusive language while looking for votes  so that we can remain brothers & sisters even after the elections have ended.

Meanwhile Mr. Mpoza Joseph the Democratic Party (DP) spokesperson for Kabarole district condemned the actions of the police that they sometimes get information of people removing and destroying other candidate’s posters but fail to act which makes voters think that they might be supporting the actions of these groups of people.
The 2 hours live radio discussion was joined by number of listeners through Sms, facebook and call-ins;
‘’ Some candidates agents remove posters to create for a sympathy vote to the people they support, I strongly condemn it’’, said Annet Birungi a caller from Rwengoma in Fort Portal, ‘’ when my candidates’ posters are destroyed, that does not change my choice of a candidate’’, said Gorreti Mucwankwanzi a caller from Bugunda, Hakibale Sub County Kabarole district.

We are grateful to our development partners; SIDA, NED, DRT, ICT4DEM, & SPIDER for the financial & technical support.

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