Monday, 25 January 2016

ToroDev supported radio talk shows promoting Civic education through Skits

 Elections are an essential part of the democratization process and the ability to participate in free and fair elections is one of the cardinal pillars of a democratic and just society. For any electoral process to bring meaning to the citizens there must be a level of satisfaction as afar as legitimacy is concerned because it is the foundation for democratic governance and promotion of integrity in any electoral process.

However, when citizens doubt the efficiency of any electoral process or its quality, then it sets a foundation and pattern for dispute of election results and loss of billions of public resources. Should these challenges consistently remain unanswered, it can build a disgruntled citizenry and result in serious consequences leading to riots, destruction of property and loss of lives as witnessed in some countries like Sudan, Kenya, etc. It’s against this background that ToroDev has come up this skits that carry information on civic education as we are nearing to election

ToroDev has recorded a number of skits carrying  information on civic education and are aired out on ToroDev sponsored talkshows on Hits Fm, KRC FM, Jubilee Fm, the skits  comprises information, about democratic governance, voters rights, political parties and encouraging peace before and after voting. 

The skits are aired out 15 minutes every Wednesday on KRC Fm at 8:00 pm, every Saturday on Hits Fm at 8:00pm and every Sunday on Jubilee Fm at 8:00pm, local citizens actively participated through call–ins and sending SMS during the play of skits to give comments.  
Family and money issues should not be involved in determining who to vote, since it’s a secret ballot we know what to do, voters should not bring chaos in families but keep argue less as longer as know what. The head of family, should not decide for his family members on whom to vote”. Said Kisembo Lawrence, caller from Fort-portal

We are grateful to our partners; SIDA, SPIDER, NED DRT, ICT4DEM & WOUGNET for the technical and financial support.

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