Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Civic education skits played on ToroDev Sponsored three radio talk shows

The civic education skits are played  on ToroDev’ three supported programs, Orukurato’ on Hits FM, Listener’ forum on Jubilee radio and Manya Abugabe Bwawe on KRC FM and listeners participate through calling in and SMS sharing the Information learnt from the skit.

The moderator guides the discussion by showing the need for such skits which have educative information on people’ rights, political parties, Voters rights, importance of participating in voting exercises. “As per now voters are viewing the applications of candidates and it is upon them to make informed decisions having got a chance to listen to such programs on different radio stations, they can make an informed discussion and vote wisely”. Said Mr. Kasigazi Donanto the moderator of ‘Orukurato’ program at Hits fm.

                                                         It's your right to vote

The skit runs for 25 minutes and the other hours are given to the callers to share what they have learnt from the skits.

 ‘’We should stop campaigns based on tribes, religion and other sectarian backgrounds because they will not build our nation and communities’’. Said Daniel a caller from Harugongo in Kabarole district,

‘’We need to vote candidates with manifestos that touch the needs of community members like health, education, roads, etc other than voting based on tiny gifts given by candidates’’. Said Abdullah, a caller from Kyegegwa district,
‘’ The skits of this type  is helping  voters  especially in villages to know what is  required before voting, its guiding people to know their rights and to be part of the voting , we thank ToroDev for the work well done on educating us on things to do with elections’’. Said Joyce Kamanyire, a caller from Kagote in Kabarole district,


                                                 Participate in Voting for your  right leader

‘’The ballot is done by  secret and I advise people creating violence in  their homes and villages  to stop doing that , especially those  supporting different candidates, keeping silent is the best option because   when it comes to election day  you vote alones’’. Said Hon. Kabobo a caller from Kamwenge district.
“There is life after elections so peace is needed before and after election, I urgue everyone to vote and keep peace”.  Said Mukonyezi Winfred the moderator of Listeners forum talk show on Jubilee Fm

 For all the three talkshows a total number of 75 people both male and female called in and around 15 people sent sms on Hits FM.  .

We are grateful to our partners SIDA, SPIDER, NED, DRT, ICT4DEM & WOUGNET, for the financial & technical support.

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