Friday, 8 January 2016

We need committed duty bearers not a king in Ntoroko district.

On 6th January, 2016 duty bearers and concerned citizens from Ntoroko district were hosted live on KRC Fm  Manya Ekiragiro Kyawe  talkshow which is aired out every  Wednesday from (08:00 to 10:00). The main topic of the day was to share with citizens of Ntoroko about issue of having a King in their district, is it what aspirants especially MPs have to use to win votes, do people of Ntoroko really need a king, is it a priority?, do aspirants need to speak lies to win votes? What can be done to have committed duty bearers? 

The two hour talkshow was attended by Hon. Bale Zaidi the district councilor Nombe  Sub county, Ntoroko District, Kabagambe Ahebwa NRM general secretary, Ntoroko District and Muntu Willy Member of Ntoroko concerned citizen advocacy forum.

This is the campaign season and leaders are saying whatever they want in order to excite voters and win votes, as leaders we should not abuse, all we need is present and share our manifestos with our people and promise to improve service delivery”. Said Hon Bale Zaidi the district councilor Nombe Sub County, Ntoroko District.

 Hon Bale added; for any district to have a king this is something that the members of parliament have to discuss in parliament, it must be discussed fully, agreed on and passed by the parliament, the MPs have to sit down and discuss with clan members and see if they really support the idea of having a king, so when all is done and the parliament agrees it is passed, then a king is selected, it’s not a joking matter that anyone can come and make himself a king in a given community.

“I have fought against the idea of having a King in Ntoroko District, we don’t need a king but we need good leaders who will lobby for the people of Ntoroko and as people of Ntoroko the issue of the king is one of the lie that the aspirants are using to confuse the voters but we shall not agree to be fooled we need leaders who are capable to work for the people of Ntoroko”. Said Muntu Willy member of Ntoroko concerned citizen advocacy forum.

Willy added there is nothing to benefit from Kingship and there is nothing economic local citizens can get, so we shall not accept aspirants to confuse voters promising them to get them a king. There are better things to focus on than wasting funds and resources on kingship.

I appreciate the work done by ToroDev to allow us debate with duty bearers, to me, I urge leaders to speak the truth during this period of campaigns, what hurt me is leaders are speaking things which can’t happen just because they want to win people hearts, leaders should let people understand their manifestos, they should not use the issue of kingship to lie to people of Ntoroko”. Said Karuhanga Amos  Caller and the Coordinator of Ntoroko concerned citizen advocacy forum.

Amos added all we need is a leader who is ready to cause a change in service delivery, who will lobby for us, work hand in hand with the citizens to bring a change in all sectors we don’t need a king but capable duty bearers to cause a change in Ntoroko

 “We appreciate the leaders who have tried to lobby for us, like in Kanara we have safe & clean water and people no longer walk  miles looking for water”. Said Tom Kasade Harutoba a caller from Kanara Sub County, Ntoroko District

We need to monitor our leaders after voting them so that they will fulfill the issues they put in their manifestos if we want a change in service delivery”. Said Kasaija Patrick a caller from Rwebisengo town council, Ntoroko district.

During the program 10 people called in to contribute on the talkshow. We are grateful to our partners, SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, WOUGNET, ICT4Dem, KRC Fm and SPIDER for the financial & technical support.

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