Monday, 11 January 2016

The power of your vote and being part of the voting exercise

On 30th /December 2015 duty bearers from Ntoroko district were hosted live on KRC Fm Manya Ekiragiro Kyawe  talkshow which is aired out every Wednesday from (08:00 to 10:00). The main topic of the day was; The Power of your Vote and being part of Voting.

The two hours talkshow was attended by Mr. Kabagambe Ahebwa Josephat NRM general secretary, Ntoroko District and Kakwezi Geoffrey special president advisor Rwenzori Region. 
Voting in elections is an inherent element of every form of democracy. Widespread participation of citizens in political processes is the cornerstone of democracy. Therefore, voting should be regarded as a privilege, which involves a certain degree of responsibility”. Said Kansengerwa Kaahwa, moderator of the talkshow.

Kaahwa added when we are voting we have an influence on every aspect of our lives from free access to education to homeland security and economic stability. By voting we are making our voices heard and expressing our opinion on how we think the governments should operate.
Voting is important and it has power to change something many argue that their vote does not really count. Some say that they do not know enough about the issues and therefore they should not vote. Others still say that they do not know where or how to vote or how to register even. The truth is that every vote counts! In order to make democracy effective we must be an active group of participants, not simply observers”. Kabagambe Ahebwa  Josephat NRM general secretary, Ntoroko District  said during the radio talkshow.

“The one who does not vote does not have the right to complain. Voting is one of the most fundamental civil duties. Even if none of the political parties running in elections or candidates represent our views comprehensively, we can always vote for a party or candidate who is the closest to our political perspective.”. Said Kakwezi Geoffrey special presidential advisor, Rwenzori Region. 
It is vital to vote in all elections starting from local election and national, then to general elections; nobody will impose any restriction on your choice in voting.  Voting is always a better form of expression of ourselves than not voting and constantly criticizing the current state of affairs”. Gamukama Waswa Abwooli  a caller from Kibuku sub county  Ntoroko District.

Voting not only represents your individual power as a constituent, but it highlights the power of your local community, city and state let us exercise our right and vote”. Kalvin Basemere caller from Ntoroko District.  
So, my fellow registered voters, go ahead and vote, do your research on the candidates, spread the word to encourage others to vote! This is our opportunity as Ugandans to come out in numbers to make a difference, which therefore will put a lot of pressure on the elected officials to step their game up to the maximum, let’s go out and vote”.  Kasaija a caller from Rwebisengo, Ntoroko District during the talkshow.  

Your voice does make a difference; for your quick 1 minute of action can affect the future of your city, state and nation. The choice is yours” Said  Kaahwa, the moderator of the talkshow.

During the program over 8 people called in to contribute on the talkshow. We are grateful to our partners, SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, WOUGNET, ICT4Dem, KRC Fm and SPIDER for the financial & technical support.

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