Wednesday, 31 May 2017

ToroDev Held Rural Radio Debate/Magazine in Nyantaboma parish Harugongo Sub County Kabarole District to record voices of women, youth and leaders focusing mainly on Health,Water,Education and Economic Development.

On 30th, May, 2017 ToroDev held rural radio magazine/debate in Nyantaboma parish  Harugongo sub county Kabarole districts to capture issues and concerns of rural women, youths and Duty bearers from hard to reach areas of Kyemengo,Bulyambuzi,Nyabukara,Nyabira and other villages surrounding Harugongo sub county Kabarole district
The main objective of holding rural radio magazine/debates is to capture the voices of rural women and youth in hard to reach communities and later their voices/ concerns to be amplified on jubilee radio for the attention of duty bearers to respond.
Concerns from 58 people 38 women, 18 youths and 2 duty bearers were recorded by talkshow moderator Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred and their voices will be amplified live on 4th June 2017 on Jubilee Fm during listener’s forum program that is sponsored by ToroDev that starts from 8:00-10:00pm every Sunday.
Shiela Amanya of ToroDev talking to Women before the start of the Rural Radio Magazine/debate in Nyantabooma
“We don’t have government aided primary school in Nyantaboma the one we have is at the sub county which is like 7 kilometers from Nyantaboma and its serving the whole sub county. We request the government to support education sector in Nyantaboma by constructing one secondary school and primary school because we can’t afford to pay school frees in privet schools. Said Aliganyira Jane from Nyantaboma Harugongo sub county Kabarole district.

Jane added that in Nyantaboma we lack water, people are drinking dirty water which is unhealthy to their lives and we have one borehole serving all villages around Nyantaboma which is a weakness in district water department. We request water Engineer to work on this issue of water that is affecting people especially women and children.

“The roads are in bad conditions especially from Nyantaboma to Harugongo and Nyantaboma to Nyabukara because of the lorries that come for lime stones which makes them impassable especially during rainy season and they develop potholes and this makes children suffer when accessing schools while using motorcycles and even accessing  health centres and also marketing of our produce. Said Katusabe Safinah, Kyemengo Harugongo Sub County.

“In Nyantaboma health centre III nurses report late and leave early and they don’t attend to patients and yet they stay around and we also have a problem of shortage of drugs and water which is affecting health services in our area, We request our leaders to lobby and improve infrastructures in the health centers more especially water which can help in women ward, “said Nyangoma Robina.
Participants during the rural radio magazine in Nyantabooma sharing with Jubilee radio moderator, Wilfred Mukonyezi 
“We have failed to benefit in operation wealth creation programs they release seeds late and people are not informed on time to pick them at the sub county and this affects famers who plant them and end up not benefiting. We request program coordinators at sub county levels to inform people on time when these seeds are released if people are to benefit’’, said Generous Twesige from Nyantaboma.

“We have limited school facilities such as desks, text books at Harugongo primary school compared to the number of children in the school. We request Kabarole district education department to lobby for school materials so that our children can get good education facilities especially those in government aided schools,” Said Sofia Kabahweza from Nyantaboma.

“There is lack of an ambulance at Nyantaboma health centre III for emergency especially to transport women who get complications   during labor time and this puts women at risk in most cases we always have to call to send for us an ambulance to take us to regional referral hospital .The government should help and support this health centre if they are to improve services,” Said Happy Beatrice.

“We have a challenge with water in Kyemengo village, boreholes we have been using are no longer working and this has affected children. There is increased dropout rate from school in this area where children loiter in markets and gardens during school days. We request the government to work on these bore holes so that we can be able to get water in Kyemengo’’, said Birungi Jane from Kyemengo Nyantaboma.

“We suffer losses during transporting our crops due to impassable roads and we are charged high costs to transport our produce to Harugongo market and this affects us a lot especially us who deal in agriculture as our main activity. We request Harugongo sub county duty bearers to lobby and work on Nyantaboma -Harugongo road,” Said Rose Marry Kisembo.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for financial support

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