Thursday, 11 May 2017

Women and Youths reached during a rural radio magazine/ debate in Nyabagahya village, Migongwe Parish Kakabara Sub County- Kyegegwa district on 10th May 2017.

The rural debate was attended by 57 people (33 women, 21youths and 3 duty bearers (Youth, women councilors and LCI of the village).  Rural debate is a platform mainly for women, youth and duty bearers from hard to reach areas to speak their concerns and engage leaders in demanding for accountability for improved services in Health, education, water, road sector,etc
Our  target is 70% women, 20% youths, 10% duty bearers and men to give them a chance to speak and express their concerns, which are amplified live on radio, accountability meetings and social media for duty bearers to provide solution.
Women attending the Rural Radio Magazine/Debate in Migongwe Kyegegwa district
“Our roads are in a sorry state, slippery and with many dangerous potholes especially the one that connects Migongwe to Nyabagahya, people have  fallen  in deep potholes with stagnant water  and recently we almost lost an old woman who fell off the motor cycle, as women  who practice farming as a source of income we suffer during rainy season to carry food on our heads for about 15 kilometers”. Said Kyalisima Anna from Nyabagahya village Migongwe sub county Kyegegwa district.

Anna further said we suffer losses during transporting our crops, we are charged much costs to transport our produce. We request Kakabara sub county duty bearers to mobilize the community members to look for funds that can work on this road if the government has no fund.
“In this village we have never tested clean water, all we know is water from the swamp, duty bearers just make promises but don’t fulfill theses pledges. As women we request the government to construct for us at least one shallow well and one borehole in two villages”. Said Tusime Kyamanywa from Nyabagahya village Kakabara sub county Kyegwgwa district.
A woman expressing her concerns to ToroDev staff during the Rural Radio Magazine/Debate field exercise
“The only secondary school we have is in Kakabara sub county, 20 kilometers from where this village is, parents with children in high school hire motorcycles to take their children to school which is very costly and unaffordable, we call upon the government to construct a secondary school in our area  to solve a challenge of high dropouts especially among the girl child”. Said Jovat Kaffero from Nyabagahya village.

“We request the government to at least construct one vocational institution in Kyegegwa district to give a chance to youth to acquire vocation skills”. Said Jessica Tinyebwa

“We don’t have any health center in Nyabaghya we walk long distances to access drugs from Kakabara health center III we request the government and duty bearers lobby for a health center II at least in the next financial year”. Abia Kalyamaraki from Nyabagahya.
Participants of the Rural Radio Magazine/debate at Migongwe in a group photo with ToroDev staff 
“I encourage youths to form groups if they are to benefit  from the  youth livelihood programs I promise to work with the organized groups to see that they are suppoted with trainings, seeds and loans”   Said Ahebwa councilor Nyabagahy and secretary finance at sub county level

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for the financial support


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