Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Women and Youths in Kiguma Parish, Bukuku Sub county,Kabarole District reached for Rural radio Debate/Magazine on 20th May 2017.

 With continuous financial support from our donors National Endowment for Democracy ( NED) and SIDA, ToroDev  has continuously reached a number of women and youths in hard to each villages to capture their issues and present them to the duty bearers to take action and  to inform them to plan and make decisions  basing  on the facts gathered  from a big number of women and youths during these debates . 
In Bukuku sub county 35 women, 13 youths and 2 duty bearers (Youth Councilor) were reached and responded to issues regarding to health, education, water, road and economic development sectors, their voices were recorded by talkshow moderator Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred and their voices were amplified live on 28th May 2017 on Jubilee Fm during listener’s forum program which is sponsored by ToroDev that starts from 8:00Pm- 10:00 Pm every Sunday.    

The participant’s selection was mainly 70% women, 20% youth and 10% others including duty bearers and men. The following issues were raised and ToroDev Team will take another step of sharing a copy of these issues to different duty bearers in the first week of June.
“In Kiguma health center II, nurses are available but drugs are inadequate which is a challenge to people without money who are referred to private clinics to get the drugs in this case we request health management committee members to work hand in hand with RDC, duty bearers  and DHO in Kabarole to look into this issue seriously”. Said Ruhuna Grace from Kyaruhamira,Kiguma parish Bukuku sub county Kabarole district.
Women attending a Rural radio magazine/debate in Kiguma
Grace added another challenge is impassable roads that have caused accidents each day especially the road from Butebe to Kiguma and Butebe to Nyakahungu, Butebe to Mugusu the roads are impassable especially during rainy seasons they develop a lot of potholes which is challenge to the community especially those that deal in agriculture activity it lowers the price of the products.

“We have failed to benefit from operation wealth creation because we don’t know how it does its work since it was changed we need to be sensitized about this program and be educated on how it operates”. Said Kajumba Florence   

“Youth livelihood programs is not at its best in Kiguma parish , because we have failed to fully benefit in  the  program we have formed groups but they have failed to consider our groups at sub county levels , we request the sub county leaders to give us the procedure of getting these funds”.  Said Monday Joseph from Kiguma.

“We have limited school facilities in Kiguma such as laboratory equipments and text books for classes in Bukuku secondary school, we request Kabarole district education department to work with district duty bearers to lobby and solve these problem which are affecting our schools”. Said Kisembo John
Mr. Mukonyezi the moderator of Listeners forum program on Jubillee radio recording citizens voices
“We don’t have clean water in kiguma the tap they put in place are not working and all villages in kiguma parish are suffering with the problem of water such as Kabunyansaigi, Nyakahungu, Nyaruhamira Kihunge, women wake up when it’s still dark to look for water . We call upon the duty bearers to work on shallow wells, bore holes and Kiguma gravity water flow this will help to solve water problems in our area”. Said Harriet Kaberi from Kiguma.  

“In Bunyansaigi village we don’t have water the bore holes are no longer working and this has affected our children and women in the area who move long distances looking for water even at night which has increased insecurities in families. We request district duty bearers and sub county leaders to work on water issue which has become a problem for the last 2-3 years.” Said Nyangoma Suzan from Kiguma

“We don’t have electricity in Kiguma  and district leaders  have been promising  us  over and over  but nothing has been done for years now, kindly we call upon the duty bearers to fulfill their pledges because we trusted them with our votes, we need to see a change this term”.  Said Kugonza Sam from Kiguma.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for financial support

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