Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sixty two (62) Women and Youth from Hapuyo Sub county, Kyegegwa District Attend a Rural radio Debate/Magazine.

Under SIDA Project objective 2; fostering transparency and accountability through interactive engagements between citizens and leaders using a mix of ICT tools and traditional media  and under  NED Project activity of  engaging  70% of women  in the democratic discussions their contribution for following up newly elected leaders to improve essential service delivery in Uganda, ToroDev has  continuously been  holding  rural  radio magazines/ debates with an aim of  Increasing participation of marginalized groups (women & youth) from hard to reach areas and collect their views/concerns on the state of public service delivery, reach duty bearers and seek their response.

On 9th May 2017 ToroDev held another rural radio debate/magazine in Hapuyo sub county in  Kyegegwa district to capture women and youth concerns on the status of Health, Education, water, roads etc. The magazine/debate was conducted by Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred, the moderator of Listeners’ Forum’ on Jubilee Fm and ToroDev staff.
Mr. Mukonyezi the Listeners Forum Program moderator on Jubilee radio gathering peoples' issues on service delivery during a Rural Radio Magazine/Debate in Hapuyo Sub County
The views from 38 women, 21 youths and 3 duty bearers (Youth councilor, parish chief, and local council1) were recorded by listener’s forum program moderator Mr.Mukonyezi Wilfred and their voices will be amplified live on Jubilee Fm during Listeners forum talk show on 14th May, 2017.

“We request our duty bearers to lobby for the staff quarters and dormitories at Hapuyo secondary school to allow teachers and candidate students stay within the school premises  and this will be the only way to solve the issue of late coming of teachers and candidate students and hopefully improve their level of concentration in class”. Said Imelda  Rwaheru during the rural debate.  

“We have limited school facilities such as laboratory equipments, textbooks and limited number of Teachers at Hapuyo secondary school and yet it’s the only government aided school that is serving the whole sub county this has even resulted into the scraping off of “A” level section. We request duty bearers to lobby and solve this problem if we are to improve education sector in this area.” Said Kabonesa Rose from Hapuyo Sub County, Kyegegwa district

“In Kitalesa village the bore holes are no longer working and this has affected our children who move long distances looking for water and it has resulted into school dropouts and increased diseases like typhoid since we share water with animals we request water department in our district to work on our boreholes so that we can access clean and safe water and thanks to ToroDev for thinking about us, women”. Said Stella .B Hapuyo sub county Kwegegwa district

“As Government we need to protect our girls who walk long distances to access education, girls wake up very early and trek to school and go back home very late because of the distance between home and school, many of the girls have been taken advantage of by the Boda boda Men  who defile them and make the pregnant at the end of the day they drop out, I request fellow duty bearers to work hand in hand with the community so that we can  set up a community school.” said Rosemary Kaseregenyu LCI chairperson Kitalesa, Hapuyo sub county.
Rosemary also commented on operation wealth creation that community members have not fully benefited from it due  to poor quality seeds supplied after the season has ended and in small quantities which does not benefit the farmers much because whatever is harvested is consumed at household level, no income got.

“At Hapuyo health center III there is insufficient drug supply which gets finished within two weeks,  no clean  water source and other challenges, as women we request duty bearers to lobby for water source and more drugs  to serve all the people in need”. Said Nakacwa Silvia from Busege village Hapuyo sub county Kyegegwa district.

A woman sharing her views during the Rural Radio Debate in Hapuyo Sub County in Kyegegwa district
The roads are impassable with many potholes especially  Kidongo I  and Kidongo II, these roads are deadly during rainy season and this has  affected farming  and increased transport costs , we call up duty bearers to work hand in hand with district engineer to improve these roads in the next financial year”. Said Omuhereza Steven in Hapuyo Sub County.

Steven appreciated ToroDev for reaching to them especially the women and youth and challenges the leaders to plan according to these issues in their next planning meetings, I request ToroDev not to stop from playing our voices but also to invite the duty bearers live and address our issues on radio.

In the next financial year we request the government to supply more ARVs in Hapuyo health center111 and construct more health centers in the district to help people access health services. I appreciate ToroDev for giving us the chance to speak live on radio, I know leaders will soon hear our issues and they will act accordingly and hopefully in their next planning meetings they will address some of these challenges”.  Said Omuhereza Katusabe from Hapuyo sub county Kyegegwa district.

“We appreciate the roles played by ICT tools especially phones and radio, from the radio talkshows hosted on various radios we have learnt a lot, I have many times contributed through call ins on radios to question leaders hosted, ToroDev we request you to start an accountability talkshow on one of the radios here in Kyegegwa” said K. Lavey youth councilor Hapuyo sub county.

“As ToroDev we are working hand in hand with the duty bearers who are given copies of these issues  to address, we further invite them on radio to address them and present them to CSOs who present them during budget conferences and planning meetings to see services  are  delivered where needed”. Said Sheila Amanya ToroDev

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for the financial support.

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