Thursday, 15 June 2017

ToroDev held capacity building to orient Health Unit Management Committees in Kabarole district and promote MML e-participation system

On 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th & 14th June 2017 ToroDev held orientation training of health centre management committees from Bukuku HC IV, Kicwamba HC III, Nyantabooma HC III, Nyabuswa HC III, Karambi HC III, Mugusu HC III, Mucwa HC III, Kasusu HC III, Kataraka HC IV, Kaswa HC III, Kidubuli HC III, Kagote HC III, Katoojo HC III, others are Kabende HC III, Kijura HC III, Kasenda HC III and Rutete HC III. The training focused on HC III’s from Burahya county and Fort portal municipality the fact that government is putting emphasis on strengthening HC III’s for effective health service delivery in the country.

The orientation training was facilitated by Dr. Tumwebaze Mathias & Dr. Tonny Mugisa from the DHO’s office.
Dr. Tonny Mugisa facilitating at Kataraka HC IV during HUMC orientation training

‘’We carried out the 5 days orientation training of HUMC members in Kabarole with an aim of transferring knowledge to HUMC members in matters of health service delivery policies, advocacy using ICT’s, drug requisition & monitoring effective use, providing knowledge and competencies on the roles and responsibilities of HUMC and explaining to the HUMC on the current health care delivery system and existing policies under health sector in the district, work plans & budget preparation processes,etc.’’, said David Kugonza who coordinated the training on the side of ToroDev. He further commented about the online e-participation system(MML) initiated by ToroDev where citizens report service delivery issues from their communities using a prepaid Sms platform (6115) among other means before doing a system demonstration. David on behalf of ToroDev requested participants to share the information with other community members to use and promote the system in order to improve service delivery in the community especially in the 3 key sectors of health, education and economic development.

David Kugonza ToroDev staff sharing with participants at Rutete HC III 
 Topics focused further on good governance in health, health unit management committees’ guidelines, roles & responsibilities of Health Unit Management Committees, composition & structure of HUMC, conducting meeting, management of medicines & supplies, etc.
One twenty seven (127) participants from 17 HC III’s of Burahya & Fort Portal municipality in Kabarole district attended the training that was conducted from 5 training zones and out of 127 participants, 54 were women while 73 were males.

Before the training ToroDev team carried out a baseline survey where there was interaction with district health officers, chairpersons health unit management committees and health unit In-charges to ascertain the challenges that were affecting HUMC members from performing their roles well where it was discovered that some members on the committee were serving for the very first time and did not know their roles and responsibilities. We aim at seeing improved lobbying and advocacy skills, HUMC members capable of engaging citizens in identifying their priority in health service delivery needs, capable to follow health policies that promote improvement of health service delivery, well streamlined HUMC roles and responsibilities, capacity to conduct meetings for improving performance and health service delivery, etc
A facilitator sharing with participants at Kijura HC III
 “We thank Torodev as a department of health in the district for the initiative, we are very much aware the importance of inducting HUMC members in their roles and responsibilities but we had failed to do it as a district due to budget constraints. We need a deliberate step of inducting HUMC members with in the first month of their term of office’’, said Dr. Tumwebaze Mathias a facilitator while sharing the objectives of the training in one of the training venues.

‘’ Iam serving my second term (5th year) as chairperson HUMC but have never seen a training of the sort where we are imparted with knowledge and skills to do our work effectively, am sure things are going to change because we know what to do exactly’’, said George Turanzomwe chairperson HUMC Kidubuli HC III in Busoro Sub county.

‘’ For me i have not been knowing what to do exactly on my roles and responsibilities, we have been stepping on each other’s toes, iam thanking God & the organizers for thinking about us and pledge that we are going to change for the better from the way we have been working especially on our roles as HUMC members’’, said Joyce Catherine, member HUMC Kataraka HC IV in Fort Portal municipality.
The Sub County Chief Rutete Stephen Birungi giving closing remarks during the training
‘’The training has equipped us with knowledge and skills towards our roles and responsibilities. We request ToroDev to always refresh HUMC members so that they can play their roles effectively in their respective health units’’, said Tom Ngasirwa chairperson Harugongo health centre III.
“It is over 6 years now since we had a similar training and this has been a big challenge to new members especially on what they are supposed to do, we thank ToroDev for giving us such an opportunity which will improve our work and we pledge to share knowledge and skills so that we can improve health services delivery issues in our district’’, said Ms Kabarangira Rosette HUMC member Karambi HC III.

 “With this training we pledge to improve on monitoring health services especially on requisition of drugs, absenteeism of health workers, lobbying & advocating for improved health services using ICT tools, etc now that we have learnt that all fall under our mandate. We request ToroDev to work hand in hand with the district to also train nurses so that they can  also play their roles effectively’’, said  Sam Muzoora  HUMC  chairperson Kagote HC III.

During the orientation trainings action points were reached including; health management committee members pledging to avail themselves  to  inspect drug delivery at their respective health centre’s, working as a team with health In-charges and other duty bearers, checking absenteeism of health workers including reporting & leaving time (hours), Bridging the gap between  the community and the facility by providing the right information using ICT tools, Filling vacant positions of HUMC members to make a complete working committee, Forming HUMC whatsapp group page for Kabarole district to discuss health service delivery issues, etc
Participants pose for a group photo after the training at Kataraka HC IV

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all our partners who have supported us financially and for the technical advice to keep our people informed.

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