Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Education stakeholders called upon to play their roles in order to improve the sector

The Kabarole district woman member of parliament Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo has urged education stakeholders to play their roles right in order to improve the sector in the country. She said parents, teachers, duty bearers, and education departments in the districts need to work as a team especially in supervising the day today running of schools. Hon. Sylvia called upon parents to change their attitude towards education and urged them to support their children other than living the responsibility to government.

While appearing on ToroDev’s supported weekly program ‘Orukurato’ that is aired live every Saturday 8-10pm on Hits Fm to discuss education policy and plans within the sector, Hon. Sylvia called upon school administrators to work hand in hand with duty bearers especially in hard to reach areas to do the supervisory and monitoring roles to improve performance in their schools.

Hon. Sylvia acknowledged the existing challenges affecting the sector like; lack of enough infrastructure in some schools, furniture, lack of lunch for learners, understaffing, absenteeism of teachers and learners, drop-outs,etc. she said if such challenges are addressed the sector would realize positive changes.
Kabarole district woman M.P Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo
The Kabarole district woman member of parliament said, as government they have taken steps to address the challenges within the sector like limited infrastructure, intensifying in monitoring and supervision, provision of lunch, etc all aimed at improving the education standards in the country.
Mr. Mugisha Willy the director Rwimi Parents Nursery & Primary school in Kabarole district who was co-hosted with Hon. Sylvia said the education sector in Uganda faces many challenges but the most factors include; poverty in families, increased drop-out rates, lack of regular supervision by education team at the district, negative attitude of some parents towards education, etc all have affected performance in schools.

Hon. Sylvia said parents cannot support their children when they do not have income, same as children cannot concentrate in class when they are hungry. She said government under the ministry of agriculture has imported pest sides to deal with the army warm disease that has affected farmers in over 40 districts in Uganda. She informed listeners that government has plans of supporting farmers with tractors and irrigation machines in every sub county such that citizens can increase their incomes through the use of improved farming methods (mechanization of agriculture) hence increasing food production in the country. Hon. Sylvia urged education department at the district level to improve on school inspections and also advised them to work with school management committees and PTA’s  to mobilize more stakeholders within the sector all aimed at improving performance of learners.

 The two hours live radio discussion had participation of listeners through call-inns and Sms platforms; over 40 people got chance to call in but due to limited time allocated to the callers many listeners were still calling in to engage with their leader. ”The government should supply pest side in all parts of the country because pests have affected farmers crops in the whole country”, said Baguma Moses  a caller from Kabarole district, ‘’ Private schools have also played a role in improving education sector in the country they should also be helped by the government where they face challenges especially on the existing policies’’, said Tusiime Denis a caller from Rwenkuba ,Bunyangabu county in Kabarole district, “there should be a policy in all schools for administrators to provide lunch for learners while at school, this will improve performance in addition to supervision and regular meetings’’, said Samuel Bweyale a caller from  Kabarole district.

 We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA who have supported us financially to run these programs.

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