Thursday, 28 September 2017

ToroDev Held Three (3) Rural Radio Magazines in Kakabara Sub county Kyegegwa District to give a chance to women and youths from hard to reach area to hear their say on the status of service delivery in health, education and entrepreneurship development.

Rural magazine/debate concept was birthed after realizing a smaller number of women were participating in live radio talkshows and their issues were not presented to their duty bearers.The limited number of women and youth from hard to reach areas forced ToroDev to come up with a convenient way of reaching out to them and have their voices recorded. 

On 27th/9/ 2017 ToroDev team moved to three villages located in Kakabara sub county in Kyegegwa District to mainly capture issues from rural women, youths and Duty bearers from hard to reach areas of Mwibaale, Mukuba villages and Kakabara  trading center in kakabara sub county Kyegegwa district.
Participants of the Rural Radio Magazine/debate at Mukuba in a group photo
“The focus areas are mainly very remote areas with poor essential service delivery.Participants selected were mainly 40% rural women 40% youth and 20% technical leaders (head teachers of government schools, in-charge of health centers, OCs of police stations, & local leaders are also involved in the debate”. Said Amanya Sheila ToroDev during the rural radio debate in Mwibale Parish Kakabara Sub County. 
Sheila added key issues collected from the three debates will be presented to the duty bearers from Kyegegwa District to take action,the recorded voices will be amplified live on Jubilee and duty bearers invited to give their comments on what was amplified. Documentation will be done on listener’s forum face book page, ToroDev facebook page, website and blog to create more awareness and to attract leader’s attention. Furthermore key leaders from Kyegegwa will receive copies on their emails.
Issues captured will be amplified live on Jubilee radio on 22nd/29th October & 5th November 2017 during the ‘Listeners Forum’ program that is aired live every Sunday starting from 8:00-10:00pm for the duty bearers’ intervention.
A woman giving out her views to program moderator during the Rural Radio Magazine/Debate field exercise
During the 3 rural radio debates/ magazines 98 women and 40 youths from hard to reach areas showed their outcry over the poor service delivery in health centers, education, roads sectors and entrepreneurship development and asked for support from their leaders. 

Detailed articles will be published immediately after the voices are amplified live on radio talkshow and listener’s comments will be included.

The rural radio debates/magazines are supported by NED, ICT4Dem and SIDA/CIPESA on a project aimed at using radio and social media to improve the participation of marginalized population groups of rural youths and women in governance issues in the Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda.

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