Thursday, 14 September 2017

People should choose good enterprise in order to benefit from operation wealth creation program.

The Operation Wealth Creation was started in 2013 as NAADS program which is now being handled by UPDF to ensure government address the problem of 68% population of the country who are engaged in subsistence agriculture so that they can adopt commercial farming to add value and create more jobs as a way of increasing the household incomes.

These and more were words from Operation wealth creation chief coordinator Lt. Gen. Charles Angina and Ms Grace Kazigati a senior officer at NAADs secretariat. They were discussing about operation wealth creation, the challenges they are facing, and what are likely to be done to improve operation wealth creation program in the country .The debate was live on 9th September 2017 on ToroDev’s supported weekly radio program that is aired live every Saturday 8:00pm-10:00pm on Hits Fm.

The Deputy Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation Lt. Gen. Charles Angina said the program has succeeded in spreading to all parts of the country since its establishment in 2013 by President Yoweri Museveni. We started with Luweero, Rwenzori and Mt.Elgon sub regions and those areas can now receive services of Operation Wealth Creation with the aim of lifting Uganda to a middle income status by 2020,” said Lt. Gen. Charles Angina.
OPW chief coordinator Lt. Gen. Charles Angina.
According to Gen. Angina despite some challenges like drought, army warm that attacks crops before harvesting period, uncoordinated farmers and fake ago-chemical that are used by farmers. Operation Wealth Creation program has been able to supply seeds to make farmers around the country benefit from the program and this will help to raise household’s incomes for poverty eradication and sustainable wealth creation in our country.

He further added that the government is working hard to overcome the challenges that are affecting the program to yield. “We have managed to come up with a task force under the ministry of agriculture that will use biological approach and non biological solutions to end army warm and also increase on sensitization and mobilization of farmers.

During the two hours live discussion more than 30 listeners called in and gave out their views.”The tools that we are using in agriculture are now expensive, highly priced and taxed by the government which is a problem to farmers, The prices of agriculture products are low compared to the labor and time used, “said Kisembo from Nyabuswa,"when giving out cows they give them to people who are rich instead of the poor when will the poor increase their income status? “Said Tadeo from Kibito in Bunyangabu district,"Operation wealth creation supply in adequate and they give out poor seeds in spite of late deliveries when the planting season is almost ending, there is need to improve the whole process in order to help farmers,” said Byamukama from Kibale district. 

We thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for financial and technical support.

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