Friday, 22 September 2017

Rural radio Debates/ Magazines & Community Accountability Meetings play avital role in improving service delivery.

On 9th/9/2017 a team from Rwenzori Rural and Urban Development organization (RUDO UGANDA) was hosted to share the outcomes of the accountability meeting that was held on 5th 7/ 2017 and Rural debate held  in June 2017 to give highlights on the status of service delivery in Karangura and Karago sub counties during and after the rural debates were held and  accountability meeting

RUDO operates in 7 sub counties of Bukuku, Kichwamba, Katebwa, Kabonera , Harugongo, Karago, and  Karangura with a network of 2- member organizations  spread in the 7 mentioned sub counties focusing on Human rights,good governance, education, health and economic development as key focus areas. 

RUDO was represented by Mr. Kule Vincent the chairperson of the forum who had a live debate with Hon.Byakutaga Muhindo district councilor for Karangura sub-county and Kahuzo Erikana chairperson LCIII Karangura sub county.

Duty bearers were also hosted to react on the key issues raised during the previous rural radio debate held by ToroDev in Karangura Sub County and to comment on the key results achieved from citizen leader’s engagement meeting that was held on 5/07/2017.

Nyakitokoli HC11 staff absenteeism has been a threat for years where citizens have not been fully accessing health services. After  the rural debate and citizen public meeting at Hamabale Karangura sub county change of staff was done and we are happy that we have new staff willing to serve all the patients and we give the credit to the role played by radio discussions, advocacy forum and the meeting organized”. Said Kule Vincent a coordinator for RUDO Uganda during the live radio discussion.

Kule further commented duty bearers who  heard the voices  of women  during the rural debate and those who attended the accountability meeting decided to transfer all health workers at Nyakitokoli health centre II and as we speak there are improved health services. We thank Kabarole district leadership for the work done towards improving health services in our sub county. 
Furthermore he added services are still bad in the five governments aided primary schools and 1 secondary school especially poor performance in final examinations. I call upon SMS and PTA members to give an upper hand to do monitoring and supervisory role to see teachers are in school and learners are studying under a good environment

“As duty bearers we are still following up a serious need of constructing Hamabale road which is in a sorry state and needs urgency, we are in-touch with Karago town council and the town clerk as we lobby for funds to construct this road”. Said Kahuzo Erikana LCIII during the radio discussion
“Water challenge is being handled in Karangura sub county whereby in this financial year we have received 96 million to put up one gravity water flow to supply water in three villages of Katuru,Kabago,Nyabuhikiro. We have signed a contract with other partner’s called JTKX to build water at Mahyoro primary school and it will cost 56 million. Kabarole district gave us money to renovate Busonde water system. We are pleased that our people will soon start accessing safe and clean water”. Said Byakutaga Muhindo district councilor Karangura Sub County.

The problem of poor hygiene in the sub county is being handled by local administrative units and parish chiefs who are carrying out sensitization messages to encourage citizens to build latrines, rubbish pits and drink boiled water as the only way to control diseases.   

“We appreciate the role played by the rural debates, we are happy to see services are being improved due to much pressure put on leaders from women who attended the  rural radio debate, thanks to ToroDev for allowing us talk to our leaders". Said Mary Zianabu

 "As leaders were are following up people who illegal  carry  out illegal services of water connections  which  reduces water pressure and decrease water supply in all parts  of the sub county and as leaders we are trying our best to reduce that through  holding meeting with sub county leaders, local administrative units to monitor homes and arrest the culprit”,Said Byakutaga Muhindo district councilor representing Karangura Sub County during the live radio discussion

During the two hours live discussion more than 35 listeners called in sent SMs to give out their views

Every head of the family without toilet should be arrested; leaders should do this without fear or favour”. Said Isazi Lyabato a caller from Kahangi Kabarole district.

“Our sub county leaders have failed to do their work such as following government aided project”. Said David Ruhweza a caller from Kiguma Kabarole district.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for financial support.



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