Thursday, 12 October 2017

ToroDev held a Rural Radio Debate/Magazine in central cell Rwebisengo town council Ntoroko District to capture Women, youth and leaders views on the state of health, education, water, roads and economic development

Women, youth and leaders from central cell Rwebisengo town council Ntoroko District showed their concern over the poor service delivery in their district at both town council and village levels. This was during the rural radio debate conducted by Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred the moderator ‘Listeners’ Forum’ program on Jubilee radio and ToroDev’s M&E officer Amanya Sheila on 26th September 2017.
The main objective of holding rural debates is mainly to capture the concerns of rural women and youth from hard to reach communities who are also unable to appear live on FM radio platforms for talk shows which are always aired late in the evenings yet women have other responsibilities in their homes that makes them not to actively raise their issues concerning the state of service delivery in their respective places.

People’s views from central cell in Rwebisengo town council were amplified live on Jubilee radio on 1st October 2017 during the ‘Listeners Forum" program for leaders ’intervention and listener’s contributions. During the rural radio debate the following concerns were raised by women that need duty bearers’ intervention; 

We have few medical workers, inadequate drugs, and limited water at Rwebisengo health centre IV, we request our duty bearers especially the LC5 to lobby for more health workers to come on board”. Said Dorothy Basemera during the rural debate.
Participants sharing their views with Mr. Mukonyezi the Listeners Forum Program moderator on Jubilee radio during a Rural Radio Magazine/Debate in central cell Rwebisengo town council.
 We request duty bearers and DHO of Ntoroko to work hand in hand and improve health services in   the HC1V of Rwebisengo Town Council”. Said Mary Anne during the Rural radio Debate.
“We don’t have any ambulance in Rwebisengo health centre IV for any emergency especially to transport women with complications during that critical time of delivery has put women and other patients at risk. We request duty bearers to lobby for an ambulance to improve health services in our district”.  Said Daniel Steady Karwana chairman Rwebisengo town council during the rural debate.

“Makondo and Rwebisengo roads are impassable due to potholes, its very risky during rainy seasons and this makes transport to be costly especially to access market places” Said Bonabana Victoria during the rural radio debate in Ntoroko district.

“Operation wealth creation is not at its best and we have failed to benefit from the program especially on the way how seeds are supplied they come late and they are of poor quality which  affects farmers and they end up not benefiting. We request the coordinators of the program to always supply seeds on time so that people can plan early for the season. Said Joyce Kagole from central cell Ntoroko district during the rural debate.
A woman in central cell Rwebisengo Town council sharing her concerns during the rural radio magazine
“Most UPE Schools don’t have enough text books and enough desks some learners end up sitting on the dusty floor, this has resulted into congestion, confusion and indiscipline amongst the learners.In this case we request district inspector of schools to work hand in hand with district education officer to lobby for scholastic materials,” said Zahura Marry during the rural debate.

“Our schools are not doing well as far as education is concerned they keep increasing fees to be paid by parents yet they are government aided schools and pupils are supposed to study freely .we request duty bearers to come and explain why the money increases every term? Said Gambuza Henry during the rural radio debate.

“We have managed to form women group but we have failed to benefit in operation wealth creation program .We request program coordinators to come on ground and teach us more about the program so that we can also benefit .Said Aisha Kebirungi during the rural radio debate in Ntoroko

“The town council has failed to work on roads in central cell and they are impassable especially during rainy periods, we call up the mayor and his team to work on them,” said Kisembo Wilson from central cell Rwebisengo town council.

“Wilson added that we don’t have a public toilet in Rwebisengo town council and this is a problem to people in our community and in the town council , we are afraid anytime there can be an outbreak of diseases. We call upon the mayor and clerk to work on that problem which is likely to result into a big problem.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for the financial support.


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