Tuesday, 26 September 2017

ToroDev held three (3) rural radio debates /magazines in Kakoga Cell , South ward & Central Cell in Rwebisengo Town council and Nanyamukura village,Harukora parish Rwebisengo sub county Ntoroko District on 26th / 9/2017.

With financial support from NED and SIDA ToroDev has been able to carry out 3 rural radio debates /magazines to capture the voices of women and youth from hard to reach areas and amplify the voices live on radio for duty bearers to pay attention.

The main objective of holding these debates is to provide chance to women and youths from the remotest villages to participate in the democratic engagements of their country and also contribute in following up newly elected duty bearers to improve essential service delivery in their sub counties.Women are given the first priority due to the challenges they face while participating in open democratic discussions” Said Amanya Sheila M&E officer ToroDev during the Rural radio. 

The  three (3)  debates were  held on  25th September  2017 in Kakoga Cell, South ward and Central Cell in Rwebisego Town council and Nanyamukura village, Harukoba Parish Rwebisengo sub county Ntoroko district.The issues discussed were recorded and will be broadcast live on Jubilee radio during the "Listeners forum" program on Sundays of 1st, 8th & 15th October, 2017 starting from 8:00-10:00pm for the duty bearer’s intervention.
Participants attending a rural debate in Ntoroko district
A total number of  48  participants attended the debate  in Kakoga Cell, where 30 were women, 10 were youth male  and 8  male and duty bearers including the LCI, district Youth councilor, the chairman youth network , the chairman NRM party, and the religious leaders. In Central cell, 40 people attended where 30 were women and others male youths and in Nanyamukura Village  32 people attended where 15 were women and others youth male. 

ToroDev worked hand in hand with Ntoroko Citizens concern forum to mobilize women and youth to attend these debates. Issues raised during the rural debates will be presented to concerned duty bearers in Ntoroko District in written form and some will be hosted live on radio to react on the key issues.

“Our greatest problem in central Kakoga cell is lack of clean and safe water, which has been a problem for many years. Our leaders are aware but no efforts taken”. Said Jane Resident of Kakoga Cell in Rwebisiengo Town Council.

Listener's forum programe moderator Mr Mukonyezi during the rural debate in Kakoga cell

“At Rwebisengo HC III the facility is not well facilitated with enough infrastructure, beds and staff quarters this is causing a lot of congestion in wards and at the health facility”. Said Dan from Nanyamukura village,Harukoba parish Rwebisengo sub county  Ntoroko  District.

“A jerrican of Water from a tap is 200/= and if you have a bigger family life becomes hard to have clean water for domestic use, so in most cases  we  end up  going for any water from the dirty swamp for the sake of surviving. I call upon our duty bearers to construct for this village one shallow”. Said Mary form Kakoga Cell.

The final issues gathered from the 3 rural radio debates/ Magazines will be published on blog; facebook and website immediately after the voices are broadcast live on Jubilee radio 

We thank all our development partners NED, SPIDER, SIDA, ICT4DEM, Advocacy forums,etc for the financial and technical support.



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