Thursday, 29 June 2017

Three (3) rural radio debates /magazines held in Mugusu, Migongwe & Bubukwanga sub counties in Kabarole, Kyegegwa and Bundibugyo districts.

ToroDev appreciates NED and SIDA for the financial support to continue holding rural radio debates /magazines to capture the voices of women and youth from hard to reach areas and amplify the voices live on radio for duty bearers to pay attention.

Three (3) rural radio magazines/debates were successfully held in 3 sub counties of 3 districts. ToroDev facilitated one journalist to go and record these voices. The  3  debates were  held on  26th May 2017 in Mugusu sub county Kabarole district, 20th /06/2017 in Migongwe parish Kakabara sub county Kyegegwa and 9th / 6/2017 Bugukwanga  sub county, Bundibugyo District
The issues discussed were recorded and broadcast live on KRC radio during the ‘Manya Ekiragiro Kyawe’ program on Wednesday 8:00-10:00pm for the duty bearer’s intervention.

The main objective of holding these debates is give a chance to women and youths from remotest villages to participate in the democratic discussions and also contribute in following up newly elected duty bearers to improve essential service delivery in their sub counties. Women are given the first priority due to the challenges they face while participating in open democratic discussions.

A total number of 60 women and 40 men both youth and adult attended the 3 debates, each debate could be attended by community members between 25-35 people. ToroDev worked hand in hand with advocacy forums leaders with interest in these villages to mobilize women and youth to attend the debates, follow up issues raised during the rural debates and present them to leaders during community meetings/ Barazas. One member from Rwenzori Journalists forum was facilitated to reach to villages to record the concerns of women and youth, amplify them live on radio talk shows and invite concerned leaders live on radio talk shows to respond on issues raised.
Participants in one of the Rural radio debate/magazine at Bubukwanga Sub County in Bundibugyo district
For the last five months we have not had water because of the pipes which are small and can’t fully supply water to every part of Mugusu and our shallow well cannot supply water to all villages in Mugusu Sub County. I this case I request water department at Sub County and district level to handle”. Said Edward Itoote from Kiboha village Sub County. .  

“Our water is on and off in Bukuku especially in Ibonde village and this is affecting our people, we request our sub county leaders to lobby for more bore holes and shallow wells in our area so that we can end the problem of inadequate water services in our area” Said Ivan from Ibonde village Mugusu sub county Kabarole district.

“We don’t have water in Kiko town council we request Kabarole district water department to also consider us in this financial year”. Said Irumba Assonance a caller from Kiko town council.

 “In Kakabara,HCIII  the  facility is not well facilitated  with enough infrastructure, beds and staff quarters  this has been causing a lot of congestion in wards and at the health facility, we request the duty bearers to make a change this financial year”. Said Mugume James from Migogwe parish Kakabara Sub County.
“The state of our health centers is still alarming in Kabarara. For example the  government built one health centre II in Migongwe trading center its now 5 years  without opening it and it has become a house for thieves,  leaders are aware but doing nothing, we want  to see this building turned into a health facility”. Said Twikirize”,Sarah from Migogwe parish Kakabara sub county Kyegegwa district.
Women & Youth attending a rural radio debate/magazine in Kakabara, Kyegegwa district
“Our leaders are not playing their  monitoring role, I request them to start moving on the ground  to monitor what goes on in the health centers may be this can motivate the health workers in one way or the other”. Said Mboijana Patrick from Migongwe parish Kakabara sub county Kyegegwa district.

Parents have failed to play their roles well they send students at school without scholastic materials such as pencils, books, uniform, packed lunch, etc and they expect good results from them which difficult. We request the government to work hand in hand with district education department SMCs and PTA members to increase on school inspection so that we can raise education standards in our district”. Said Kabasinguzi Grace from Bubukwanga sub county Bundibugyo district.
“Our children go to school late due to the long distance to access these  schools, they walk for hours to reach to these UPE schools which is a big problem here and the main challenge in most schools here is that teachers are very reluctant when it comes to teaching and coming early to school. In this case I request the inspector of schools to always do supervision especially in poor performing schools”.  Said Kabakunje Ann from Bundibugyo.

 We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all our partners for the financial and technical support. 

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