Friday, 16 June 2017

Kabarole District Chairperson gave accountability for 2016/16 & plans for 2017/18 financial year.

On 10th June 2017, the district chairperson Kabarole Hon. Rwabuhinga Richard was hosted live in the studios of Hits Fm in Fort Portal to give accountability for the 2016/2017 financial year ending June 30th 2017. The district chairperson shared with listeners what has been done in the fiscal year 2016/2017 and the plans for 2017/2018 financial year.

Hon. Rwabuhinga said, the district has done a lot especially in the health sector where Kabarole is on 10th position in the whole country according to the performance report from the ministry of health for 2016/17. ‘’ As a district we have partnered with other development partners to construct a maternity ward at Bukuuku Health Center IV with running water, electricity & an Incubator, constructed  a maternity ward at Nyabuswa HC III,  equipped 19 health centers with solar panels & computers to improve on record keeping in those health centers.
Kabarole District Chairperson Hon. Rwabuhinga Richard
On the education sector, the district chairperson said the district has constructed classrooms at Kasura & Nyabwina primary schools, constructed a staff house at Kiburara primary school, equipped science laboratories at St. Joseph Karangura & Nyakasura secondary schools all aimed at improving on performance of science subjects among the learners.

‘’ We have constructed Kicwamba-Kiburara, Kasusu-Kabahango, Buhesi-Mitandi-Kinyankende roads and constructed Kicuucu-Karambi-Nyabihuka bridge & Kanyegaramire-Mujunju-Nyamugoro bridge to improve on the transportation of people and goods in these areas’’, said Hon. Rwabuhinga Richard. He further said piped water has been connected to places like Kahangi, Nyabusenyi in Busoro Sub County and Buhesi gravity water scheme extended to other villages also Karangura gravity scheme extended to areas of Mugusu, Mweri among others so that our people can access safe and clean water to prevent water borne diseases.

While appearing on ToroDev supported weekly program, ‘Orukurato’ that is aired live every Saturday 8-10pm on Hits Fm, the district chairperson said his council has committed to improve  on service delivery projects for the financial year 2017/2018 by; improving on communication and information dissemination where an ICT specialist/officer will be recruited, construction of Kabegira-Kirere, Butebe-Mugusu, Buhesi-Kataba & Buhesi-Kinyankende roads, extending safe and clean water from Karangura gravity scheme to other villages in Karangura, Kasenda and Kicwamba areas, building Mayombo memorial SEED school in Kijura town council, Construction of Katugunda vocational school in Katebwa sub county and construction of Bishop Balya Technical school in Bunyonyi, Hakibale sub county all aimed at improving education standards in the district.

Hon. Rwabuhinga acknowledged that much as plans to implement the proposed projects are in place, the district is debilitated to build capacity of it’s worker’s in many areas and thanked CSO’s that have helped government fill the gap, filling vacant positions existing in different sectors especially health department, the district has few government aided teachers which has contributed to poor performance in schools and also late release of funds by government which most often affects planning as a district resulting into shoddy work because work is implemented within a limited time frame because funds need to be accounted for within a short period.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all other development partners we work with for the financial and technical support to run these programs that keep our people informed.

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