Friday, 21 April 2017

ToroDev Held Rural Radio Magazine/Debate in Kyarusozi Sub county Kyenjojo district on 8th April 2017.

Issues of 20 women and 10 youths from hard to reach area were captured and amplified on Jubilee FM on 9th April 2017 from 8:10 pm. Here are some of the issues raised during the Rural radio magazine / debate.

We have only one government aided secondary school in our area and that’s Kyarusozi S.S, it doesn’t have A level which has increased number of students not to continue after their O level and parents don’t have money to support them in other privet schools”. Said Kabahenda Margret from Kyarusozi Sub County, Kyenjojo district.

We have only one health center in Kyarusozi that has no, beds, limited drugs, no mattress, and there is limited health workers, we request our leaders to remember us and plan for improvement of these health centers”. Said Hellen Burungi
Hellen Birungi  sharing her concerns with Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred during the rural radio magazine
The roads are impassable with so many potholes, this has made transport a big problem we ask the government especially our leaders to keep their promises made during campaigns.” Said Peace Zahura

“Kyamugenyi health center is not in good condition due to limited beds,  no ward for women and drugs are in adequate , same times we are forced  to buy drugs  from private  clinics which is costly, we have informed our leaders but they are not taking any action, thanks to ToroDev for thinking about us , hopefully our leaders will take action”. Said  Omuhereza  Kyakyo Tibenda.
Community members from Kyarusozi sub county sharing their concerns.
The government should support our community with an institution to help our children who complete secondary education to get a certificate or a diploma to help them in finding a better job.” Said Mary Zinabu
We call upon the district health inspector and district health officer to help in improving their supervision and monitoring of the health centers and lobby for more  drugs supply  more beds, water  and other infrastructure”. Said Kabasinguzi Betty from Buhaza Kyamugenyi Kyenjojo district.

We thank ToroDev for giving us this opportunity, we request our leadears to respond to our cries positively, and we trusted them with our votes,now it’s their turn to pay us well with improving services in health and education sector”. Said Balinda Ronie. 

“It’s hard for women to truly participate in radio talk shows because of their busy schedules but we thank ToroDev for this chance given to us women and we promise to listen to the talk show and comment where necessary”.  Said Rosemary Bagumire
We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA  for  the financial support.

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