Monday, 10 April 2017

Effective land use management a responsibility for all stakeholders

Given the background of Uganda being a back bone of Agriculture, it is said that over 80% of the citizens in this country practice agriculture as an income venture. Of recent there have been issues with land management where we see evictions, encroachment of wetlands, etc imparting more on the environment yet the concerned authorities who would be helping in sensitizing the masses on sustainable land management are the culprits in land mismanagement.

Toro Development network through our weekly radio talk shows have tried to sensitize the masses on issues that concern them and those that affect service delivery to have views from citizens on what needs to be done before calling the attention of the duty bearers.

 On 2nd April, 2017 through our weekly talk show (Listeners’ forum) on Jubilee radio that is aired every Sunday 8-10pm we hosted Mr. Nyemera Trevor the vice chairperson for Kiguma parish in Bukuuku sub county Kabarole district where he urged duty bearers to take serious land issues for they are affecting economic development in the community. The issue of land is pertinent for it facilitates livelihood, production, economic transformation, etc hence we need to work as a team as leaders in communities to solve the issues on land if we are to accelerate development in our communities. 

‘’Land is increasingly becoming an important governance issue in our country due to the increased population in Uganda and it has resulted into conflicts in the region since some investors and other  individuals  are taking peoples land something that has increased land wrangles in our areas especially people who are not compensated when for example government is setting projects like roads, schools, factories, etc, this has increased poverty & instabilities’’, said Mr. Nyemera Trevor.
Trevor said duty bearers need to commit themselves in solving land issues by looking into the structures so that the issue of ownership and compensation are addressed. He said this will help in land governance & rights issues that protect individuals hence improving the economic status and increased house hold income.

The two hours live discussion was joined by listeners from Rwenzori region and more than 30 people called in and 12 sent Sms; “What is happening now in Uganda is about massive land grabbing  by different  class of people over small farmers  and poor people, government should come up with laws that favor land owners to help the common person’’,  said Charles from Kibito Kabarole district,” land wrangles have increased insecurities in Uganda and in our region at large but members of parliament should first come on ground and get views from the electorates before they pass land laws’’, said Isazi lyabato from Kahangi  in Kabarole district , ”Duty bearers should protect their people since they represent them at different levels especially at parliament because they play a big role in discussing & passing laws that govern the country’’, said Akiiki Mary from Kyenjojo district, “The government should come up with strict laws and technical reforms restructured with ideas from people on ground, this will help both land owners and investors both from private and government sectors,” Said Bagonza Dickluck   a caller from Kyenjojo district.

We thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all other development partners for the financial and technical support to run these programs.

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