Tuesday, 25 April 2017

ToroDev carried out a Needs assessment Baseline survey on the status of health centres in Kyegegwa district

As a way of improving the health sector in the 4 sampled districts of Rwenzori sub region, ToroDev in partnership with the initiated advocacy forums to monitor and advocate for improved health services in the Rwenzori region. ToroDev will in April 2017 build capacity of health unit management committees in Kyegegwa district but before conducting the training it carried out a needs assessment baseline survey to understand the situation of these health centers and also find out the challenges affecting effective performance in order to forge a way for improving the health sector in the district.
The interaction with health officials and health center in-charges plus chairpersons of health unit management committees was done at Kyegegwa health center IV, Wekomire HC 111, and Kakabara HC111.
ToroDev team  interacting with chairperson Health Unit Management Committee Mr. Magezi Ernest during the baseline survey in Kyegegwa district

During the baseline survey the main concerns raised by health department officials & health center In-charges was the need to train health center management committees since there are new members on the committees hence need to orient them on their roles and responsibilities. It was also found out that, Health Center Management committees play vital role which includes supervision during visits to provide feedback and solve problems affecting the health centers, planning, making decisions, monitoring, reporting, lobbying and advocating for quality improvement in health services among others hence need to carry out the induction/capacity building training of these committees.

Kakabara HC III in Kyegegwa district
 ToroDev team with the In-Charge Kakabara HC III  Ronald  Mugabe during the Baseline Survey

The baseline survey was done with an objective of training 150 members of Health Center Management Committees (HCMCs) in sampled poorly performing districts as far as health sector is concerned in the Rwenzori sub-region, western Uganda and after the training we expect to see 150 capable members of HCMCs in HCIV’s & III’s actively participating in planning, budgeting, monitoring performance and advocating for improved healthcare service delivery systems both offline & online, 150  HCMCs  aware of their roles, rights & responsibilities, 150  HCMCs aware of  health  act and Health code of conduct for health workers, Improved Lobbying   and advocacy for the  HCIII by the HCMCs, poor service delivery issues affecting health centres/units addressed by leaders as a result of HCMCs interventions and also service delivery issues raised by the HCMCs aimed at improving health services in their health centres/units.

We thank all our development partners SIDA, SPIDER, NED, ICT4DEM & CIPESA for the financial & technical support to have these projects.

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