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ToroDev Held rural radio Magazine / Debate in Kibuku town council Ntoroko district on 11th/ 4/2017

The main aim of Rural Debates/Magazines is to capture the voices of rural women and youth in hard to reach communities and later played on radio for the attention of duty bearers to respond.

On 11th,April,2017 ToroDev listeners forum talkshow moderator Mr.Mukonyezi Wilfred together with the M&E team at ToroDev visited  Kibuku sub county,Ntoroko district to get views from women and youth  on the status of service delivery in Health, education,water and economic development sectors.

Our reason of being here today is to give a chance to our women and youths to share their views on service delivery,we are considering women and youths from hard to reach areas because it is sometimes very hard for them to come live on radio and speak due to their busy schedules, lack of transport and  sometimes fear. As ToroDev we want duty bearers to hear the concerns of women and react to them according”. Said Amanya Sheila M&E officer ToroDev, during the rural radio debate in Kibuku Sub Count.  
Some community members from Kibuuku town council Ntoroko district during the Rural Radio Magazine
The rural debate attracted 28 women, 15 youth and 3 duty bearers who reacted on the issues raised by women and youth during the Rural radio magazine  and these are some of the issues raised.
 “In Kibuku health centre III there is a big problem of shortage of drugs because of a big number of population served, there is also few  health workers,to attend to the big number of patients and no ambulance  for emergencies , we request our leaders to lobby for us and improve infrastructures in the health centers”. Said Nyamala Jane Baguma from Kibuku Sub County.

Our education is still is lacking especially at the secondary school levels,we don’t have secondary schools nearby and the only one we have the performance and this has affected many of our children and has increased high dropout in our district at high school level”.  Said Janet Kasaija
Duty bearers have failed to support women groups with entrepreneurship skills capacity buildings and trainings to get more skills in tailoring, hand craft, financial literacy and many other, we kindly request our woman MP to lobby for us from NGOs to come and train women in hand work skills”. Said Mary Kadande Kakoga.
A woman in Kibuuku sub county Ntoroko district sharing her concerns with Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred during the rural radio magazine
Mary added there is an increased school dropout due to poor performance at national exams especially among the girls, who finally resort to cattle keeping, so I urge the police and LCI to help us to monitor these youths.

We don’t have clean water in our area and this has forced young girls and boys to miss classes to go fetch water very far and walk long distances”. Said Kobugabe Elizabeth
 “Our children walk long distances from Kisungu II to Kibuku to access education, many miss classes and those who make it reach late. Our kids join school at 9-10 years because we don’t have  nursery schools nearby, as parents we call upon the government to build for us primary schools in different sub counties schools health centers to outcome such problems”.Said Enid Kiiza from Kisozi II parish, Kibuku Sub County.
 “Operation wealth creation has  not fully fulfilled people’ concerns, they supply limited seeds which are of bad quality, and in Ntoroko we have infertile land so they just bring seeds for the sake of bringing which does not work for us.Therefore we call upon the program coordinators to improve and give us at least high breeds of cattle”. Said Muhumuza Charles.

 “District health inspector and district health officer should carry effective supervision on health centers and hygiene in families to improve health situation in Kibuku and Ntoroko at large this will help to improve health systems”.  Said Mr. Mugenyi , the LCI Kibuku Sub county.

He further added that school dropouts has increased in our area because parents are not concerned with education and they send their children in fishing and mining projects but as government we need and we are fighting against this

In Kisungu II Kibuku west we don’t have water the borehole we had is down; people are drinking un safe and unclean water which is putting their lives at a big, we ask the leaders to lobby for us and as a leader I plan to mobilizes my community members to mobilize funds from families to work on the borehole”. Said Mr.Agaba John, LC1 chairperson Kisugu 11

The people’s issues were run on Jubilee radio on 16th April 2017 during the ‘Listeners Forum’ program on Sunday 8:00-10:00pm.

We take a great opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA  for the financial support

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