Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Civic education Skits have increased participation of listeners on radios

 Elections are part of the democratization process and the ability to participate in free and fair elections is one of the ways we express our democracy. Citizens can appreciate electoral processes if legitimacy as a foundation of democratic process is realized for it promotes integrity.

Your vote has power....
As we get close to elections as a country, ToroDev has organized a number of messages through civic education skits to both political aspirants & voters on information about the roles of different political aspirants, information on multiparty system of governance, effects of voter bribery, power of citizens/voters, messages encouraging peace before & after voting, etc as a way of educating the electorates so that they are able to make an informed decision when it comes to voting for their individual candidates. This is done in order to clear the doubt that citizens may have on the efficiency of the electoral processes which eventually may call for dispute of election results and loss of public resources in case of luck of satisfaction.
The recorded skits are played on the ToroDev sponsored talkshows and listeners are given enough time to participate by calling-inn or using sms platforms especially facebook to participate by giving out their contribution/ideas being guided by a moderator from the radio station.

For example on Jubilee radio on 31st, January, 2016 we realized an increased participation of about 30 people calling in live and about 15 people sending inn messages via facebook page from about 15 people who would call inn before the skits.

The skits are aired out 30 minutes every Sunday on Jubilee radio 8:00-10pm and is moderated by Mr. Mukonyezi Winfred Abooki

Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred Abooki, Moderator of Listeners forum Talk show on Jubilee radio 
‘’There are candidates giving voters money for exchange of a voter but I encourage my fellow women to vote for candidates with manifestos that have our community needs that will lead our communities/country to improved service delivery’’, said Ms Nabulya Caroline a caller from Kyenjojo district, ‘’It is as if we lost our votes in the last five years because at community level our leaders have not done what they promised when they were looking for votes, I urge all voters especially women to realize the power their votes have & use their vote to elect leaders with ideas so that we do not regret after the five (5) years term they will serve’’, said Mrs Tumuhairwe Oliver a caller from Mugusu Sub county in Kabarole district, ‘’ It is a bad practice for candidates to bribe voters with money because it indicates that they will not work for us instead they will be in those offices to look for their money back’’, said Mr. Tofa a caller from Kyegegwa district, ‘’receiving money in exchange for a vote is selling ones country, we should coordinate and work together in order to yield results by voting capable leaders for our constituencies’’, said Mrs Atuhairwe a caller from Kabarole district, ‘’people need enough time for civic education before elections especially to know the power of their votes and the roles of different political aspirants right from national level to local levels’’, said Mr. Chance Reuben through a facebook sms.

We are grateful to our partners; SIDA, SPIDER, NED DRT, ICT4DEM & WOUGNET for the technical and financial support.

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