Wednesday, 10 February 2016

ToroDev & Governance Cluster Partners organize a political debate

Participating in election process is exercising ones democratic right. In all elections, there ought to be legitimacy and integrity especially with in the electoral processes of that particular country. 
When electorates do not take time to seize their leaders especially before voting them into elective offices they might be challenged more so when that leader does not address the needs of his/her electorates. It is therefore; vital that before electing your leader you get chance to hear what plans he/she is having for your community so that your vote can benefit you in terms of improved service delivery.

 ToroDev in partnership with other governance cluster of Rwenzori region are organizing a candidates’ debate slated for February 12, 2016 at Kagote SDA hall in Fort Portal where Members of parliament contesting for the Fort Portal municipality seat and women candidates for the Kabarole district will share their manifestos with the citizens.

It is your right to vote
Candidates will be required to present their leadership credentials and commitments to issues of regional & national importance including; legislation, representation, appropriation, budgeting & lobbying vis-viz governance.

The debate is aimed at candidates explaining to the voters their development agenda/manifestos, providing a platform to citizens & leaders to engage on political, development & social economic issues and also giving opportunity to the electorate to understand their candidates fully hence making an informed decision when it comes to voting for their choice of candidate(s).

We are thankful to all our partners.

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