Tuesday, 29 October 2013

“Radio programs have awakened local leaders” Muhango Daniel

On 27th October 2013, the District Councilor of Rwentuha Sub County in Kyegegwa District indicated how radio programs have awakened local leaders to provide better services to the community. “I thank radio programs that have done a great work in awakening leaders to provide better services to the local community. People have got better roads, water, health centers and schools through these radio programs”. The councilor was discussing on ToroDev supported live radio discussion on Better FM called “The Listeners Forum” on 27th October 2013. The 2 hour weekly radio program discusses issues of accountability every Sunday (08:00 – 10:00pm).

The councilor went ahead to indicated the status of service delivery in Kyegegwa District. “Kasule, Kakabara and Hapuyo Sub Counties have got water. But, Rwentuha, Ruyonza and Kyegegwa Town Council have a low percentage of water that ranges from 16 - 17%. Roads are still so poor because they are constructed badly, such roads include Kamwenge - Mpara road and Migongwe-Kakabara-Rwentuha road".

Mpara road in Kyegegwa District during its construction

Other panelists who discussed in the live radio discussion included Yahaya Bakari, a local citizen from Karugutu Town Council in Ntoroko District, Adruf Asiimwe a local listener from Kyabaranga Sub County in Kyenjojo District and Rwaheru Gilbert, the coordinator of Kicwamba Forum for Development and Service Delivery in Kicwamba Sub County, Kabarole District.

Mr. Yahaya Bakari discussed how corruption among the local leaders of Ntoroko District had affected service delivery. “The office of the Public Service Commission is so corrupt, jobs at the district are only reserved for the rich who have the money to pay for the available vacancies. There is also misuse of public funds by the District Chairperson LC V who is never in his office and who does not also attend our accountability meetings when called upon, he only turns up when the meetings are ending”.

Yahaya also highlighted how the local leaders in Ntoroko District do not deliver people’s priority needs. “The NAADS program has guidelines but the NAADS personals do not follow them, Community Based Facilitators (CBF) are used to procure NAADS equipment yet they don’t have enough experience. The local people asked for goats but they were forced coffee and cotton which was not their priority".

The Listeners Forum Live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred.

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