Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Kabarole District NAADS coordinator gives accountability on HITS FM.

The District NAADS coordinator of Kabarole District Kazigati Grace appeared on HITS FM on 26th October 2013 to give accountability of the NAADS program in the district. This was during ToroDev’s supported accountability program called “The Orukurato Program”.  “NAADS stands for National Agricultural Advisory services. The program was passed by parliament in 2001 and it has extended to sub county, parish and house hold levels. All the 16 sub counties in Kabarole district have benefited from this program and out of 75,000 (seventy five thousand) households in the district, 59,000 (fifty nine) are surviving from farming and grazing and have benefited from NAADS directly through community based facilitators”

Kazigati also went ahead to explain how the NAADS funds have been used in the district. “We have received a total of 13 billion from the central government since the first phase. 70% of this money has gone to the local people either directly or indirectly. 613 (six hundred and thirteen) cattle have been given out to farmers, 3900(three thousand and nine hundred) goats were given to the community in the first phase and 14600 (fourteen thousand six hundred) goats were also given to the community in the second phase. Coffee (Arabic and Robusta) covering up 541 (five hundred and forty one) hectares has been supplied to farmers and also much emphasis has been put on banana plantations so that people can improve their skills and harvest in high yields”.
A cow that was received from NAADS in Mugusu Sub County
The live radio discussion which discusses issues of accountability was also attended by Hon Jorum Bitamazire, the Chair Person of the Farmers Forum in Kabarole District and Mr. Mukwano Ssenyonjo the Chairperson of Peoples Rights and Forum for Development in Mugusu Sub County, Kabarole District.

Meanwhile, Hon Jorum indicated the challenges that they face in delivering NAADS services to the local people. “People do not turn up for meetings when called upon by service providers to get skills, farmers still lack technology due to the little funds received from the central government, poultry investment has been minimum due to failure to get standard feeds, and farmers also have a problem of recovery which makes us follow them up through the RDC (Resident District Commissioner) to return recovery”.

“NAADS has helped in increasing people’s financial incomes and the trainings have also taught the local people how to work hard. However, the youths have wasted time in un productive activities like gambling instead of embracing the program”, said Mr. Mukwano Ssenyonjo

 Local listeners who participated in the live radio discussion through call ins were able to raise their issues and concerns. “The NAADS program has helped the rich especially and left out the poor”, said Bosco from Mbarara District, “Most youths have been given coffee yet they lack land”, said Joseph from Rwimi Trading Center Kabarole District, “The sunny weather has affected our food security which will make recovery difficult”, said Kamugisha from Kasenda Sub County in Kabarole District.

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