Tuesday, 1 October 2013

“Radio discussions have helped us to give accountability to the local people”, Speakers of Bweramule Sub County in Ntoroko District.

Speakers of Bweramule Sub County in Ntoroko District have indicated how radio discussions have done a big impact in bringing leaders on board to give accountability. While appearing on ToroDev supported accountability live radio discussion on Better FM called the “Listener’s Forum" on 29th September 2013, the speakers thanked ToroDev for the accountability radio discussion.  

“I thank ToroDev for the Listener’s Forum that has engaged leaders to give accountability on radio. As local leaders, we would not have afforded to buy time on radio and give accountability, but due to this support, we are able to come on board and give accountability to our local people”, said Hon Muntu K Willy, the speaker of Bweramule Sub County, Ntoroko District. 

Listener's Forum Face Book page
 Hon Willy went ahead and discussed how the radio programs had created awareness among the local people who lacked information access. “People of Bweramule Sub County and Ntoroko District have got awareness about the sub county leadership. We recently had an accounting officer who was corrupt, but when we came on radio and discussed the issue, the local people helped us to approach the District Chief Administrative Officer about the issue. A new accounting officer was recruited to the sub county and now proper procedures are being used when handling sub county funds”.

Meanwhile, Hon Mugisa Kassim, the deputy speaker of Bweramule Sub County in Ntoroko District also participated in the live radio discussion by appealing to the local people to always monitor the services delivered in their sub county. “I appeal to the local citizens to always monitor any substandard work done in Bweramule Sub County so as to have value for the tax payer’s money. I thank Ntoroko Citizens Concern Advocacy Forum that has really done great work in monitoring services and demanding accountability from the local leaders”.

During the discussion, the speakers also discussed the challenges that they face in bringing better services to the local people. “Most of our local leaders are corrupt. They do not give accountability on taxes collected from markets and funds allocated for road maintaninance yet the roads are very poor. Even the money that we get from the central government is not enough because it is sent in intervals”, said Hon Mugisa Kassim, the deputy speaker of Bweramule Sub County, Ntoroko District.

The live radio discussion was moderated by Mukonyezi Wilfred.

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