Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Advocacy Forums continue to lobby for better services.

Advocacy Forums have continued to lobby for better service delivery in their Sub Counties. The advocacy forums were formed by the 120 rural monitors who were trained by ToroDev in online advocacy, monitoring service delivery using on line social media/ICT tools like Ushahidi platform for on line documentation, visualization and mapping. Members of the advocacy forums also use FM Radio Broadcasting as an ICT tool for convergence since it is the most accessed media channel in the Rwenzori Region.

Rural monitors of Bufunjo Sub County, Kyenjojo District have used radio programs on Better FM to lobby for better NAADS program. “The NAADS sector was performing poorly in Bufunjo Sub County in 2012 due to poor information sharing. But when we complained and started sharing our issues on radio programs, there has been better services from the NAADS coordinators who took our issues serious”, said Rwakifuka Amos, a member of Bufunjo People’s Forum in Bufunjo Sub County, Kyenjojo District.

Members of Bufunjo People's Forum monitoring one of the banana plantations that benefited from the NAADS program.
Constant monitoring and Radio discussions have also helped improve the education sector in Bufunjo Sub County. “As members of advocacy forums, we have gone ahead to monitor the schools in the sub county and see that the education sector is improved. We visit different schools and get issues that are raised by teachers and forward them to the concerned leaders for their intervention”, said Tusiime Patrick, a member of Bufunjo People’s Forum.

Rural monitors of Bufunjo People's Forum in Bufunjo Sub County, Kyenjojo District monitoring the education sector at Bufunjo Primary School in September 2013.
Rural monitors of Rwebisengo Sub County in Ntoroko District are also monitoring the poor services delivered in their sub county and following up the concerned local leaders. “Government cars that are meant to run the daily duties of development in the district are being misused by the Chairman LC III of the district. The District LC III was given a new car and a driver, but he turned down the offer of the driver and decided to drive himself. He knocked down the car and it got spoilt as we talk. We are taking the issue to the District Chief administrative Officer to see that the work is worked on and well maintained”, said Byaruhanga Amos, the Chairman of Citizen Concern Forum in Ntoroko District.

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