Thursday, 25 August 2016

We should advocate for better health services not new cars for members of parliament

The Democratic Party (DP) spokesperson in Kabarole district Mr. Mpoza Joseph on 21st August 2016 was hosted alongside Mr. Kiwalabye Chris, a local citizen on Jubilee radio on an issue in parliament of buying new cars for members of parliament.  

One hundred and fifty million shillings (150m) is to be spent to purchase a single car for a member of parliament, but truthfully is a car a priority now? Asked Mr. Mpoza Joseph. He said the  money can do something else like improving services in education, health, agriculture, creating jobs for the youths, more construction of roads,etc, he said it is unfair for members of parliament to get such sums of money yet our health facilities still luck key machines which are not too expensive even.
 Joseph added that, we have seen how the health sector is sinking when you take a look at our health centers in the country for example Nakaseke hospital has no X-ray and this has been on-going for the last 4 years yet they require only  four million shillings (4m) to repair the x-ray machine and save lives of citizens. Let the money be used to improve the health sector in the country.

The weekly discussion program of Sundays 8:00pm-10:00pm on Jubilee radio was joined by Mr. Kiwalabye Kulaisi, a local citizen who said; ‘’The problem in the country is that we elect leaders who are not ready to serve the citizens and just aim at making themselves rich instead of advocating for improved services in communities. Why can’t the cars they bought for members of the 9th parliament serve the purpose after all some members lost in the recent concluded elections, why can’t they return the cars to save on the planned expenditure to the government?’’ Said Mr. Kiwalabye Kulaisi.

Kulaisi added that most roads that were constructed and those being constructed in Uganda today are funded by big loans borrowed from different banks, how then the government can secure those big sums of money to buy new cars for members of parliament. Let members of parliament use their own money to buy the cars they want because they earn a lot of money.

 During the 2 hours discussion listeners were given time to participate through call- ins and Sms, about 30 people called in and 15 sent sms; “Members of parliament should be given medium cars which consume less fuel other than those proposed posh cars that are imparting on the taxpayers money and use the remaining balance to buy drugs and construct roads”. Said Hon. Muntu K. Willy a caller from Ntoroko district, ’’the Government should buy for them cheap cars and use the remaining money to buy cancer machines in our health centers in different  districts”. Said Jane Karungi, a caller from Bugaki Sub County in Kyenjojo district,  “Members of parliament should stop being greedy what they need to do is to first see the economy of the country before they request for expensive cars”, Said Mugume through SMS.

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