Friday, 2 September 2016

District chairperson gives accountability for 100 days in office

The district chairperson Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga while appearing on ToroDev’s supported ‘Orukurato’ program that is aired live every Saturday 8:00pm-10:00pm on Hits Fm said together with his council, he has embarked on looking for donors to support the merger funds in the district to support different sectors in the district aimed at improving service delivery to the people of Kabarole district.

 Hon. Rwabuhinga on 27th August,2016 while on Hits Fm acknowledged that through his effort, Save the children has accepted to start a project titled ‘Youth in action’ that will focus more on school dropout especially children between the ages of 12 and 17 years. These children will be trained in vocational skills and after the training they will be supported with start- up capital to help them put the skills into practice through which they will earn a living.  The beneficiaries of the program will be got from 6 sub counties of Kabarole and training facilitators have already been secured.

Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga, District chairperson Kabarole
During the 2 hours discussion Hon Rwabuhinga further said that the district with support from METs a new health organization in the district has received solar panels & computers to help the health centers concentrate on case surveillance. The 19 computers & solar panels will benefit Kicwamba, Kabende, Nyabuswa & Kisomoro health centers and also Fort portal regional referral hospital.
He said the district is in talks with the same organization for a Nutrition project aimed at reducing the level of malnutrition in children that affects growth and performance of children in our communities. The project is aimed at supporting 100 schools including St. Peters and Paul primary school, Ngombe Primary school, Kinyamasika Primary School, etc. This will help to improve the standards of the people in the region, and it will help to put in place school gardening in schools for children & care givers to get diet in their meals.

The district chairperson further gave the plans the district is working on in these 100 days of office for example; extension of water sources to Kiko town council in parts of Kanyambeho, Muhonde, etc and the engineers are now surveying where the pipes will pass & building town council offices, the two projects will cost 2.4 billion shillings. UNICEF has also promised to fund water projects in Kanyanswiga & Kasenda sub counties, we are going to construct Kitarasa-Kiburara bridge, electricity poles are already in areas of Kitarasa, Karago & Karambi, we hope once we extend electricity there, people will set up income generating businesses to help them improve their livelihoods, said Hon. Rwabuhinga Richard, the district chairperson Kabarole.

Listeners were given chance to participate in the live program through call-ins & Sms; About 50 people called in and others sent Sms ‘’The chairperson has not included Rubona Sub county in the plans for water extension and yet we are lacking safe & clean water, let him think about us also’’, said Margret Timbigamba a caller from Rubona, Kabarole district,  ‘’Thank you ToroDev for the programs where leaders are giving accountability regularly, this will improve efficiency & service delivery in our communities’’, said Musa Alinaitwe a caller from Kyegegwa district, ‘’our roads have improved due to the programs on that radio station, for example in Harugongo we hard shoddy work and when we appeared on that radio things changed for the better, thank you management and ToroDev for the support’’, said Apollo from Harugongo in Kabarole district through an Sms.

We are grateful to all our partners SIDA, NED, SPIDER, CIPESA, ICT4DEM and HITS FM for the financial & technical support.

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