Friday, 12 August 2016

Media urged to sensitize people on mind set

The south division chairperson Mr. Mugisa Herbert has called upon the media through their cooperate social responsibility obligation to sensitize the populace on mindset. Mr. Mugisa said some people do not care even when they see things going wrong and they forget that they have an obligation to change the way we live, behave, think, act, etc. He said this while appearing live in the studios of KRC FM on ToroDev supported ‘’Manya omwebembezi wawe’’ program that is aired live every Wednesday 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The chairperson was hosted by Mr. Kaahwa Kansengerwa the moderator of the program to share his plans for the people of South division in the next 5 years (2016-2021). He said his council is built on Unity, teamwork & service delivery as core principle that will guide them to improve service delivery in the division.

Mr. Herbert Mugisa Chairperson South Division, Fort Portal Municipality
Mr. Mugisa said on addition to what was done in the last term of office, they will increase access to safe & clean water by constructing water sources like modern wells in Kasusu A village, Kidukuru & Kihembo, Construct Harukoto-MT road, Nyanduhi-Kasese road, Abudullaman Road & murruming pot holes to improve the road sector in the division, Construct Kiculeta market which is at the design stage now, Organize street food vendors to be professional in their work hence providing better services. Also in this term of office the chairperson promised to build South division headquarters, enter into an agreement with a tenderer to do garbage collection to improve hygiene & sanitation in the division, lighting the town using solar lights which shall be got through donations & proposal writing, Initiating a campaign to grow fruity trees in gazetted areas of the town, Sensitizing people to embrace the healthy care system in place to fight HIV/AIDS, Anti-natal care, infant mortality rate, etc, Conducting regular meetings especially with parents who have children in schools to sensitize them on their roles & responsibilities in supporting their children’s education and giving bursary to needy children in the division.

‘’Iam calling upon all people those who supported us or not to build their trust in us, be united, reconcile where there is need & work as a team as the only way to achieve our target of improved service delivery in the division’’, said Mr. Mugisa Herbert, chairperson South division Fort Portal municipality. He further requested electorates to prevail an enabling environment good enough to facilitate improved service delivery.

The two hours live discussion was joined by listeners through call- ins and Sms; ‘’we are suffering with garbage here in Nsoro village and we have not yet seen garbage collection vehicles, what plans is the chairperson having? Asked Beatrice Asaba a caller from Kasusu in South division, ‘’we have had people talking about the city, but let them tell citizens both the good and bad things that come with a city status’’, said Brandon a caller from Kicwamba in Kabarole district, ‘’ we were promised a well due to the challenges we are facing to access safe & clean water here in Kasusu B by the chairperson during campaigns but I have not had anything to do with it in his 5 years plans, can he please clarify that’’, said Asaba Joshua a caller from Kasusu.

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