Wednesday, 14 October 2015

ToroDev’s Communication & Documentation officer urges CSOs/NGOs operating in Kyegegwa district to strengthen collaboration

ToroDev’s communication & Documentation officer David Kugonza has urged civil society organizations operating in Kyegegwa district to boost their coordination & networking with the district so that peoples’ needs in communities can be tackled as a team. David Kugonza was highlighting on the objectives of the one day workshop on strengthening collaboration amongst CSOs & district local government of Kyegegwa on 29th September 2015 at Kyegegwa district council hall.
‘’ As CSOs/NGOs when we share information, share available opportunities, plans, budgets & account together, we shall be harmonizing our work by focusing  on areas which need  interventions than congesting our services in one particular place.

ToroDev's Communication & Documentation officer David Kugonza sharing the objectives of the meeting 
The one day workshop was attended by 40 people including women, youth & men; amongst them was the district planner, head of community based services, District community development officer representative, heads of district line departments and NGOs & CBOs operating in Kyegegwa district.

Members of District Local government & those from NGOs/CBOs attending the meeting
In his communication, the district planner Mr.Musinguzi Daniel thanked the NGOs fraternity for collaborating with the district especially at this time when the district is implementing its planning cycle ( DDP phase 11).
 Mr.Musinguzi Daniel highlighted the major challenges they face as a district in accessing & documenting information from CSOs like reports, strategic plans, and budgets. He encouraged NGOs to bring to the office of the district planner their strategic plans & budgets so that the district can know what they do and in what particular area which in the long run solves the problem of congesting services in a particular area.

 Mr. Daniel further encouraged NGOs to involve themselves in the district budget conferences that it is through such meetings that the district develop their budgets.

Kyegegwa District acting District Planner Mr. Musinguzi Daniel presenting his communication 
Meanwhile the district probation officer who represented the district community development officer Mr. Nyakabwa Augustine encouraged NGOs to improve on their reporting and asked them to at least report quarterly to the office of the community based services so that their activities can be capture in the district reports. He said when reports are submitted, as a district they can know how to help especially the CBOs and they will be getting feedback on how the NGOs fraternity has helped the district. Mr. Nyakabwa said we need to share information, work plans, budgets & increase our collaboration so as to avoid duplication of services.

The head of Community Based Services Mr. Nyakabwa Augustine presenting his report 
The one day workshop was organized by ToroDev in partnership with Kyegegwa district NGOs forum.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, SPIDER & ICT4DEM for the technical & financial support.

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