Monday, 26 October 2015

‘’Our leaders want to be popular not by providing services’’

Our leaders  today want to be popular not by providing services to citizens but by offering things that do not solve peoples issues/needs in communities, said Mrs Linda Irine Mugisa  the woman aspirant for the Kabarole District LCV seat during the Kabarole district NRM candidates 2015-2021 Barometer. The event was organized by Kabarole Research and Resource Centre, ToroDev & Ride Africa at Kabarole district public library grounds on 20th October 2015. Linda promised to promote the voice of the marginalized groups in the district, support youth & women empowerment & emphasized on promoting youth talents as a way of fighting youth unemployment.

Mrs. Linda Irine Mugisa speaking  during the Debate

ToroDev executive director Mr. Baguma Johnstone Kumaraki while speaking on behalf of organizers told the voters that had gathered for the political debate that civil society organizations aim at getting good leadership for all. ‘’We organize such platforms for people to hear from the manifestos of all the aspiring candidates and then make an informed decision for the next 5 years. It is not all about meeting with the leader but asking what one feels is important’’, said Mr. Baguma Jonstone. He urged the people not to be diverted by the small gifts (tokens) offered by candidates but focus on the candidates’ manifestos that articulates issues so that the next 5 years people do not regret.

The Executive director ToroDev Mr. Baguma Johnstone speaking during the political debate

The deputy director KRC Mr. Muzinduki said such a platform is organized because we are in elections period & as citizens we are tasked to elect from the many candidates and yet we cannot cast our votes right without hearing from the many aspiring candidates. Mr. Muzinduki said we should remember that we are in the multiparty politics; we need to accommodate all people from all parties and look at them as Ugandans.

Meanwhile the Fort portal municipality incubate Hon. Alex Ruhunda asked people to elect leaders that look thousands of kilometers far, ‘’as a leader you need to be looking far as you plan for your people, whatever I think of doing I think 100 years ahead’’ said Hon Alex Ruhunda. He urged the people of fort portal municipality to identify talents from their leaders other than just trying them in elective offices and after they have served one term they are voted out of those offices.

Hon. Alex Ruhunda speaking during the political debate in fort portal
The event had participation of voters, aspiring members of parliament from different constituents in the district and the aspiring LCV chairperson candidates for Kabarole district seat.

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