Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The presidential visit to Kabarole District

On 27th September 2014, the District Chairperson LCV of Kabarole District Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard appeared on HITS FM to discuss President Y.K Museveni’s visit to Kabarole District. “We welcomed the president and hosted him in Karambi Sub County where we presented to him our district memorandum. We showed him what we had achieved as a district and also the challenges that are hindering us from delivering better services to our people”. Hon Rwabuhinga was discussing on ToroDev’s live radio discussion called ‘Orukurato Program’, a live radio discussion that discusses issues of accountability every Saturday (08:00-10:00) pm.

President Y K Museveni
During the program, Hon Rwabuhinga indicated how he showed the performance of the education sector in Kabarole District to the president. “I informed the president how Kabarole District was improving and performing well in education. I showed him schools that were under construction like Kitumba, Kahinju, Ibaale, Kibiito, Ruteete, among other secondary schools. I also showed him the challenges that we were facing like lack of enough class rooms and staff houses in most schools”.

Hon Rwabuhinga went ahead to indicate how the Youths Livelihood program has benefited youths of Kabarole District. “Ninety four youths groups have been supported in Kabarole District, under different schemes. Fifty four million shillings has been given to youths under the Youths Livelihood Support scheme, thirty seven million shillings given to youths under the Skills Development, and forty six million shillings given to youths under the Institutional Support. Youths are using this money to improve their incomes at house hold level. We also requested the president to build for us pol-technical institutions like Katugunda Vocational, Bishop Balya polytechnic, Uganda Martyrs polytechnic, among others”.

Meanwhile, Hon Rwabuhinga also indicated how he thanked the president for the tarmacked main roads. “I thanked the president for tarmacking most of our roads that connect to different districts surrounding us like Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road, Fort Portal- Kasese road, Fort Portal -Kamwenge road that is being worked on and Fort Portal Kampala Road. I requested him to also construct some of the roads that were doing bad like Fort Portal –Kijura road, Fort Portal Rweihamba road, among others, and he promised to work on them”.

Local listeners also participated in the live radio discussion through call ins to raise their issues and concerns. “We also want to start growing tea”, said a caller from Rwimi Town Council, “We have a problem of lack of electricity in Kicwamba Sub County”, said  Steven from Kicwamba Sub County, “We thank the Chairperson for giving us accountability”, said Asiimwe from Kabonero, “Our road is so poor”, said Justus from Kabonero in Kibiito Sub County, “Our health center has no electricity”, said Wilson from Kabahango Sub County.

The live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Kasigazi Willy Donanto and is supported by SIDA/CIPESA and SPIDER/Stockholm University on a project aimed at using appropriate ICT tools to promote democratic engagement in the Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda.

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