Friday, 26 September 2014

Myeri – Kinogero Road affects agriculture in Katooke Sub County

Road transport plays an important role in agriculture development. This is because it is the major used means of transporting agricultural produce from farmers to the markets as well as to various urban centers. However this is contrary to the issue of Myeri – Kinogero road. 

Pupils of Kijugo Primary School use the poor road
Myeri – Kinogero Road was constructed in April 2014, however, the road did not last long before it developed pot holes. The road becomes impassable whenever it rains due to the many and deep pot holes, besides turning muddy and slippery. “The bad condition of Myeri – Kinogero Road has highly affected the cost of transportation on agricultural produce which in turn affects the rural farmers’ income”, said Bwambale James, a member of Katooke People’s Forum in Katooke Sub County, Kyenjojo District.

James also adds that the poor condition of the road has also affected the education system. “The impassable roads have also affected the education sector in Myeri because pupils and students miss school most times whenever it rains. They fail to pass through the muddy and slippery road, and even those who are able to reach school reach late. This problem is highly affecting the academic performance because even teachers have failed to access schools to teach whenever it rains. This problem has however opened our eyes to vote wisely next time, since our leaders have not done much to lobby for better services like roads”.

The advocacy forums are supported by SIDA/CIPESA on a project aimed at using appropriate ICT tools to promote democratic engagement in the Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda.

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